New Year’s Adventure of Ann


It’s the first stop of our travel going to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. We were able to buy special bibingka which is a delicacy of Cagayan as our pasalubong to our family in Ilocos. We had a very tight time so, we were not able to buy other pasalubong especially from our town Lal-lo, Cagayan. I will make mention the products that we are most proud of. We have the famous Lal-lo Milk Candy with a high class export quality flavor and packaging. The clams that is mostly be found in our place which is called  Cabibe. By the way, we also celebrate Cabibe Festival annually,  every August.  We also have products like the lubeg and bugnay wine. We also produce mushroom chips and many more products. #toomanytomention so #VisitLallo. #SorryNotSorryForPromotingLallo #ProudLalloqueno


I will be spending New Year’s in Laoag City as it’s an annual tradition in the Jerusalem family already.  I’m a bit sick due to week old cough and been wet by rain in Cagayan.

After touching down to Laoag City, I went to the Cathedral to pay respect and talk to our Lord God. A moment with Him is the most important time.  But in a surprising chance,  I have witnessed two lovers tying a knot. As I described that moment in my instagram account “Perks of strolling alone – hearing the word of God and witnessing the union of two in love individuals” (naks! Hindi ko kakilala yung kinasal so I blur the photo.) I came to realize the importance of getting the guidance of our Lord most especially to the two people who are ready to spend their time together forever. A promise that they have to live in and stand by, by  hook or by crook because it’s a promise that they have told or made to the Lord Almighty.  “Ang basbas ng Panginoong Diyos ang magpapatibay ng samahan ng nagmamahalan at pinagsama ng pagmamahal” (Not my personal experience ha. I’m still single, ready to mingle, still optimistic and happy )


What’s the essence of being in Ilocos region if you don’t try their Ilocos Empanada. The savory taste of mixed ingredients of sprouted mongo, papaya atsara (preserved with vinegar and pepper), egg and their equally famous Ilocos longganisa (garlicky flavored sausage) plus the hard work and love that the seller put into. What more can you ask for? It’s a complete meal boiled into wrapped orange gluten.  It may be oily because it’s a fried empanada but  it’s a once in a while thing. It’s a to die for munching! You don’t want to miss such delicacy. There had been a debate of which of these two is a better partner of empanada? It’s between the famous also Ilocos vinegar or catsup. I tried them both and I must say that it’s a tie between them. It’s equally delicious still whichever you want to choose to partner your empanada. But because you insists, I would choose the Ilocos vinegar. Why? Because I like the sourness and the smell of it. It’s really a made in heaven compliment of flavors. So that’s it! I made my choice. Tell me your thoughts of it if you we’re given the chance to taste it or have already tried it.


As a Filipino, we’re always fond of sale, or on a tight budget shopping.  This tarpaulin struck me because it says “Baratilyo sa Kapitolyo 2015.” Because of the very thrifty me, I immediately checked what’s inside the establishment. And in my dismay, it’s the same goods and clothes you usually see in a baratilyo. And as I got closer, I noticed that it’s been there for over a month now, so there’s nothing to buy and a not so interesting products to buy.

This was just a one day New Year adventure of Ann. It may be a short amount of time. Actually it’s just a few hours of adventure. But this is a moment to keep and treasure. Why? Because I get to spend the day in my favorite place wherein I was able to have my own ME time. I want to spend it in the simpliest way. Just strolling in the park. Go for a simple church visit to thank Him for all the blessings and even challenges He showered upon us. Plus a bonus of actually witnessing a union of love in front of our Lord Almighty. Eating what you have been craving for like the Ilocos empanada with Ilocos vinegar is the best way to end the few hours of a worry-free, chill, relaxed Ann. Self realization and self actualization for ending the year and starting a new thing. Hello 2016!!!




Hindi lang panlasa
Hindi lang ampalaya
Inuugali din pala
Katauhan mo na din ata

Paborito ko ang ampalaya
Lalo na kung ito ay ginigisa
Nakalimutan mo yata
Kung gaano ito kasustansya

Paggising mo almusal ay pag-aaway
Tanghalian ang pagiging pasaway
Hapunan ay pagsasaway
Hindi ka pa ba nauumay?

Naranasan mong madurog
Puso mo ay nagkalasug-lasog
Kaya ka may pinaghuhugutan
Dahil sa hindi kaaya-ayang karanasan

Nakalimutang maging masaya
Laging may hugot ang mga salita
Kaaway ang turing sa lahat
Ayaw magtiwala sa nagtatapat



The rain is falling
Parallel to the tears dropping
You made me feel all the emotions
I’m in uncomfortable condition

I came into your life in unexpected way
Your the one that I always pray
You’re always pushing me away
As I wanted to be close into your life

It so happened that I’m not the one your dreaming
I’m the opposite of all you have been wanting
I can’t even be an inch of your fantasy
I cause your world in bandy

You treated me as your worst nightmare
You can’t even stand me to stare
You always give me that glare
Your like a fire that flare

You showered the fire burning inside me
With jets of water
You’re belittling my strength
By bragging my weaknesses

In an instantenous moment
You felt differently
Surprisingly gripped your heart
Still with hesitations but it made a mark

Your now doubting what you feel
Instead of showing me what’s real
You’re concealing the truth
Skeptical of the music coming out of your flute

You never failed to show your selfishness
You prevented me to enter into your life
You pushed me as if I’m a disease
I hated your heartless mind

Your love is like a rainfall
Always dropping me to nowhere
My tears for you is like a gazillion water
You demerit my feelings and yours too.


12:43 AM

Woke-up in the middle of the night
As if there’s a fight
The rain is falling down 
Trying to make me happy as a clown

As the rainfall drops
So many memories that pop
All the dreams that stopped
Suddenly wanted to burst and hop

Imagining someone going near me
Walking in a never ending trail
Doesn’t mind anything scary
Focused on the person in sight

Without noticing it
My eyes suddenly became blurry
Because of the tears that formed
Dropping in my cheeks

I can’t explain the feeling
All I know is I’m reeling
To that kind of blurry imagination
That needs waiting and contemplation

But as the night becomes so young
It is clearer as picturesque
You’re the one I have longed
I hope you’ll find where you belong

The dream just all of a sudden was gone
Because you’re nowhere to be found
I’m still waiting for you
To locate where your heart desires

I supposed your also finding
Hoping to end the searching
The soul that will complete
Your life incomplete

Serendipity wants to take place
I hope you don’t ignore
I’m just here waiting and ready to explore
Even in the middle of the night.





(The photo is not mine. CTTO. These were my thoughts on October 14, 2015. I don’t know what ’em I thinking about  but maybe I’m having an ambivalent feeling that wants to burst any moment)

I’m sad! I’m angry! I’m anxious! So…..PESSIMISTIC EMOTIONS!

No! I’m happy! I’m glad! I’m on top of the world!  So….. OPTIMISTIC EMOTIONS!

Lately, these are the emotions that are bursting in my so-called mind and heart this past days. Why? That’s also my question!

No one can tell but my own self. I’m sad or happy now. Because it’s my own choice to feel that way. We have our own choices. We are what we are now because it’s our decision to be like that.

No to negativity
Happy Thoughts!



Mulat sa katotohanan
Malayo pa ang lalakbayin
Gising ang kamalayan
Madami pa ang tatahakin

Dilat nga ang mata
Hirap naman makakita
Pinipili ang titingnan
Madami ang bulag-bulagan

Kayo na nakaupo
Mga bahay ay semento
Niluklok sa pedestal
Ngunit asenso ay napakabagal

Mahirap maging mulat
Dahil ikaw lang din ang magugulat
Pakitang tao sa iyo ibubungad
Ng kasakiman lamang ang hangad

Unti-unting namumulat
Ngunit subalit datapwat
Madaming kadahilanan
Kung bakit walang kaasensuhan

Malakas nga sila
Mahirap kalabanin
Diskarte ay kanya-kanya
Madaling basahin ngunit mahirap kontrahin

Hindi pa huli ang lahat
Mga mata ay imulat
Baguhin ang salungat
Ibigay sa tao ang nararapat

Huwag dapat makuntento
Sa kung ano ang magandang kwento
Hanapin ang makatotohanan
Sa mag-aangat ng kabuhayan.

Isasara ko ang puntong ito
Na naniniwala sa kung ano ang totoo
Mamili ng taong matapat
Ng magpapakita ng pagkamulat.


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(October 14, 2015 this is after I’ve delivered a reflection speech to a religious group)

I’ve been living for twenty eight years now but why ’em I still like this?

I get NATATARANTA when I get a feeling of talking in front of even the smallest crowd of ten.

I get NATATARANTA and cannot talk without reading what I’m going to say. “Kailangan pa din ng script ang Lola niyo! Huhuhu!” I can’t even express my own self.

I get NATATARANTA when someone  or a visitor knocks on our door.  This is the very aloof me.“Ayaw ng tao as bahay.”

I get NATATARANTA when I prepare something and doesn’t push through what I have prepared.  Does it make sense? “Ewan!  Kaya nga natataranta e.”

Yes I’m NATATARANTA always. Luckily,  I’ve overcame such TARANTA yesterday even though  there’s still that TARANTA, I’ve managed to be proper and calm. A pat on your shoulder, two thumbs up and a round of applause Ann!


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I made this poem on November  19, 2015 obviously in an early morning as the title tells. Maybe I realized something that needs to be awaken and move on.

You wake up in the morning
A new start of something
His guidance that we’re seeking
It’s a brand new beginning

Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely
You can also be happy
It’s the choice of your heart
Where it wants to place it’s mark

My lonely heart was awaken
Move on the feelings were fading
It’s a happy disposition
Due to that realization

You are born again
As if you’re flying
Reaching for that light
Now you know how to fight.

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(I made this poem on the night of  December 5, 2015 from 7:36 – 7:38 when I was bored that night and something crazy popped out in my mind. As you can see on the side note, I wrote that it is rushed and done in just two minutes. I also thought that some of it has no sense but this is me..)

I am fat and stout
My pimples are out
I tend to be pessimistic
The usual things I stick

With no direction
Full of hesitation
Gets easily distracted
No pun intended

A mind of negativity
A heart of hesitancy
You see all my flaws
But I’m not that shallow.

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“Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you’ll gonna get”– Forrest Gump

We only live once so, we should live life to the fullest. We don’t know what life wants us to go in the future, but it’s just up to us where our future unfold us.

Life is exciting! If only we take life with optimism. We have a choice of what direction our life should be experiencing. We just have to savor the moment. Appreciate even the smallest gift that life gives.

When I was younger, it’s a different story for me. It’s like when you’re  young, wild and free that you want to experience everything and be spontaneous, that you don’t have any inhibitions because of the fact of being a youth. It’s the other way around for me. I became mature minded at a very young age. I want everything to be prim and proper. (At an OC level) I want that when I go outside from the house that all the activities are done as planned. I tend to get nervous in an awkward and sudden moments. I don’t like being surprised. I hate surprises because of the fact of not knowing something ahead of time. I don’t like such experience when I was younger. When I was in high school where all my classmates wouldn’t care if they get dirty when playing jumping jacks, magbungisngis when one of my classmates crack a corny joke or gets a lot of friends just to say they have a lot of friends but not me. I was the serious person in the class. I don’t have a lot of friends because I tend to be antisocial. After school, you don’t get to see me lakwatsa. I straightly go home. Do my homework immediately, help my parents do the chores and that’s the continuous routine in my life. When I was in college,  I tried to change the boring person that I am. But I didn’t succeed because the more I tried to befriend people, the more they stay away from me. I don’t know but sometimes I tend to push people away from me. I must admit, I’m really suplada in person. If I don’t like you, I’ll make you feel such. I’ll snob you without knowing the real you. Back to when I was in college,  because of me thinking negatively to almost all situation that I don’t roam around at night. My everyday routine is boarding house-to-school and the same as when I was with my parents during my highschool days. I have really a mindset that I can live alone, that nothing is wrong with my routinely schedule, that when I get overly happy, something bad will happen next. That’s me when I was younger. Not your typical teenager that they know how to stay happy and live their young life to the fullest. I’m an epitome of a boring person that enjoys being alone,  the television is her friend and doesn’t know how to have fun.

As I get more mature, I came to realize that I should appreciate myself more. I have to savor every moment that life offers. I should know how to have fun without forgetting my values and being responsible with my own action. I now take life lightly. I already know how to enjoy things in the simpliest way.  I get used to the spontaneity of life. I am more mature to what surprise God in store for me. In everyday that I wake up, I tend to be excited to what the day offers. I am more appreciative to the experiences that the present render  or recommend. I still have that pessimist moment sometimes but I am more positive now. I know that tomorrow suggests an exciting life. Let’s make our everyday life exciting! Yes to an exciting Ann!

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