When You Wanted To Say Something


Thoughts that are popping in my mind
The things I can’t left behind
But how can you tell or say?
There’s doubt and restriction anyway.

Used to being alone
After work you’re at home
Afraid of being attached
And be left from that touch

I wanted to tell what’s on my head
But but but, there’s so many buts
The battle between what if I said it
To being just the way it is.

The words that are coming out
Are not the exact words on my brain
The agony of expressing your feelings
And being rejected with expressing.

I wanted to say something
I wanted to be the voice of my feelings
But I’d rather be introvert of my own thoughts
Than be an extrovert of hurt.

You say what you want to say
But ask yourself if it’s the right way
The decision of how to voice
Just think a million choice

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