Slept at Christmas Eve

So it’s twelve in the evening
It’s official! It’s Christmas day
Everyone is partying
Except me who fell asleep hours before the much awaited day.

So what we gonna do?
Even though I’ve missed the salubong of Christmas Eve
The night is still young
It’s not yet late to celebrate

I came to realize after this missed event
That Christmas is not only celebrated at Christmas night
It’s a celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ
A celebration of how unconditional love pours

That everyday should be a reminder of how great our God’s love for us
That we take our part by doing things according to His will
That loving, sharing and forgiving should be innate us
Because we were made by His likings.

This day is just the start to live by His example
To honour His love
To be merry and gay
To celebrate life itself

From me to you
God loves all of us. So let’s love the people He love.


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