Unexpected Moments

Who would expect that in my twenty eight years of existence that I would become part of a fandom of the most phenomenal love team of this millennial era. I will try to describe them and you’ll be the judge of how fanatic I am to this so-called AlDub marvel, sensation, wonder, rarity, nonpareil or whatever you call them. Phenomenal indeed.

This will explain why I had a silent adoration to Alden Richards since day one. … More Unexpected Moments


Listening: Below are my playlist songs with regards to waiting. These songs were stuck in my head and always playing in my phone in which I don’t know the reason why. Maybe because I first heard Maine Mendoza dubsmash this Tori Kelly song and I like AlDub (Alden & Maine Yaya Dub) that’s why I … More Waiting


May mga bagay na sadyang mahirap hagilapin Nasa malapit man ngunit mahirap abutin Nasa tabi man ngunit malayo ang tingin Parang narating mo na ngunit madami pang dapat lakbayin Dapat nga ba kitang hanapin? O hayaan na lang na ikaw ay dumating? Doble ang dulot na saya kapag ito’y pinaghirapan Ngunit kung ika’y ipaglalaban ay … More Mailap


You bring joy to my everyday  My smile is as big as miles away  You started to light my life  You have the spark that inspires.  There may be clouds that surrounds  You still brightens my ground  I may be in the dark  You bring out my best heart.  You keep me going  To another … More Sunshine


Why can’t I sleep?  Why are you in my dreams?  In my head you’re popping out  My mind is shouting your name out loud  Am I imagining you like me too  Or just preoccupied with the idea to be with you  The dream of happiness  Turned out to be a cold dark nightmares  Its already … More 02:18

Dreaming Others Dream

Children are born to be professional of the future  They become us as they mature  They are the reminder of us yesterday  Let’s make our future become the best way  We are the guardian of what life may become tomorrow  Let’s join hands and help each other grow  Sometimes we are dreaming other’s dream  Now … More Dreaming Others Dream

Starting Anew

Going out in a coccoon  Flowers that suddenly bloom  Coming out in your shell  A heart who knows how to dwell  Fire that is burning inside  Courage to fall in the slide  Unafraid to walk in the rain  Shielded with positive brain  Battling the long thrill of road  Ignoring the nays and focusing in good  … More Starting Anew


Everyday, we are all making decisions. Let God be our decision maker. Make it crystal clear that God spoke with us annjerusalem