Me, Myself and I

imageDescribing myself is such an emotional and hard time for me even though they say that the only person who knows you is only you. In many circumstances,  it’s really hard for me to elaborate who the real me because I thought it’s a part of my weakness and that is being aloof of opening Me, Myself and I to everyone.

In an unexpected surprise I will try to tell a bit of me and hoping that they will understand why I’m like that to people.

First is my bioprofile. I’m Ann M——- L. Jerusalem. I was born on August 1, 1987 in the middle of a drum and lyre exhibition because it’s an opening salvo for the upcoming Patronal Town Fiesta of our Municipality. Now you know that I was born three days before our actual town fiesta. The meaning of my name is ‘blessed pearl’ and I have a conclusion or I assume that maybe my parents chose my name as such because I’m a blessed Pearl that they treasure or cherish in their life. I don’t know where they got my first name but I think they wanted a name for their child with letter A as the first letter of her name. But my second name was named after the first name of the first lady Prime Minister of Great Britain. Now you can search what  my second name now. My parents are Daniel a farmer and Sally a teacher. I have a not so little brother named Darwin because he’s taller and bigger than me now. Hahaha.  I’m a registered Nurse that does not practice my profession because I’m currently a Non-Uniformed Personnel of the Philippine National Police.

On a personal note.  I don’t really know how to describe me really describes who I am. Confusing? I think that’s the best description I could hint you. I’m a confused person. NOW YOU KNOW.

I don’t really open up myself easily to everyone not because I don’t trust people but I don’t want others to know my vulnerable side. Yes I don’t like being the center of attraction. I am also a shy type person but oftentimes being misinterpreted as being snobbish and boastful. I’m a person that only talk to someone if they greet me first. That kind of shyness may put a raised eyebrow to some who knows me because whenever I get comfortable with your company, I get so attached that I can crack jokes on you to the point of I’m being misinterpreted as being bully. How ironic isn’t it?

I was raised in a happy sometimes, chaotic sometimes but complete family.  My parents raised me in a kinda silver platter way. We are not that rich family but my parents see to it that we can eat three times a day. I was also raised to be contented with what I have. I am a brat daughter in terms of not doing the household chores but they made me realize on my own the act of volunteerism. It is innate in me to help others in the best way I could help and not just watch them doing it for me.



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