Do You Want to be the Best Person in the World?

(I wrote this on November 14, 2015, the natal day of my mother. This date is one of the best dates in our family because it’s a day wherein we get to celebrate the birthday of the most important person in our life. She serves as the light of our humble abode. We may not express such a lot and we are not that expressive in our thoughts with each other but I know for a fact how important us into her life and how she shows us her love that is unconditional.)

Many of us tries to become perfect. We all want to please everyone to a point that we even lost our own self. My thoughts of being the best person in the WORLD….

In my eyes, the epitome of the best person in the world is my MOTHER.

She is the best FRIEND anyone could have. She will listen to anything you will tell. She will give advice if you needed one. She is a shoulder to cry on. She’s always there just call her name and she’ll be there.

She is the best COLLEAGUE. She knows how to cooperate. She’s a team player. She will lend a helping hand especially work-related. She is always up to challenges she face. The work she love is when she was asked to.

She is the best TEACHER. I have a mother and a teacher at the same time. What I know is a big reason is her. She is a moulder of the future of our nation – the youth. She is also loved by her pupils and be seen of how many people concern.

She is the best SISTER. Laging siya ang umiintindi sa kanila. Siya ang palaging nagpapakumbaba. Pinagbibigyan niya palagi sila. Her genuine heart is so admirable that I am the one who is more hurt than her because of some circumstances within the family. Alam na nila siguro yun.

She is the best WIFE to Papa. We all know that my papa always drinks alcohol and let’s admit it. He’s an alcoholic. Sweet naman si Papa e, he’s the house husband of sort and I appreciate that. The patience is so high that she always forgive my Papa. Whatever happens I proved within my two eyes how they care and love one another.

She is the best MOTHER.  I am the living proof of how the best Mother she is. (Actually both of us of my sibling) she gives us unconditional love and I feel that everyday. Whenever I’m sad, sick or whatever challenges I’m facing, I know for a fact that I have one person that would stand up and fight back for me. I know na pasaway ako, masungit at tamad pero tanggap niya ako, iniintindi niya ako, pinapahalagahan ako at hindi nagsasawang mahalin ako. I’m forever grateful to God for giving me a mother who is very understanding when nagiging loka-loka ako. Who is always patient during my tantrums.  She’s very lovable all the way.

She is the best PERSON in the world.  She always care for others to a point that kahit siya ang nasasaktan na. To the best friend, colleague, sister, wife and mother, Happy NATAL Day! Thank you God for this best person!  Ikaw na! Grabe siya! Whoo (regine tone) Nag-iisa ka lang! Ipagpatuloy mo yan!



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