Teased Kiss When everyone we’re cheering you to kiss her Your mind and heart were discussing To go for it or I will reserve it But that kiss came so quick. You needed everyone to boost you Because you wanted that kiss to be special Thankfully that you went for it Because deep inside she … More KISS

Caught Off Guard

It is nice sometimes to be caught off guard so that your moment of blackout will turn into a beautiful relationship. You’re inaction will turn into happy hugs. Your numbness will let you experience true love. When you’re in a caught off guard moment, be free to express whatever you want to express. Be it yes or no or none at all. What’s important is, you’re happy, contented and following what God has planned for you. … More Caught Off Guard


It’s true it’s within you after all. Happiness is a choice. If you’re miserable today or if you feel miserable because of the fast approaching V-day is because that’s the path you chose. You’re the decision-maker of your own emotion. It’s up to you to feel whatever you want to feel and you’re in that … More MOVING ON Stages

Went Too Far

Thursday this week off to a good start even though there’s no current for the whole day. I woke-up in time for work, my phone is fully charged to use it the whole day (even my powerbank is fully charged in case of low battery problem I got back up). There’s nothing unusual for the … More Went Too Far