It’s your prerogative

You need that decisiveness

Living in your own freewill

Being carefree and maintaining your chill


It’s how you perceive you

And trust life too

Along the way you may stumble

But you’ll soar high being humble


It’s how you go up when you’re at your lowest

It’s how you live through your choices.



Happy Easter everyone! So many things to be thankful for to our Saviour Jesus Christ. Rejoice for Christ is risen! Whohoo!

How’s your long vacation be like? Have you experienced Easter Egg Hunting today? Or went out with either your family and friends? Whatever you’re doing right now as long as you feel the happiness from within then go for it, appreciate and savor the moment.



The blog of about her Bora Escapade entry. It’s my fourth time reading it and I still get kilig (giggling) about it. Every word on it makes you experience different levels of happiness. Even in the tampo portion makes you feel ah there’s deeper feelings going on between these two.


The Sunday Currently volume 5. I will also try making entries of my thoughts in poetry way…haha magpaka-poet konti…charaught!


to Youth by Troye Sivan…hahaha it’s been stuck in my mind for almost two weeks now aside from the fact that it’s used in the video blog of Maine’s Bora adventure with Alden. Super in love with this song. I’m also having LSS with the Secret Love Song of Little Mix feat. Jason Derulo.


Of buying a laptop.  I really really need one now…any suggestions of a good buy…the efficient,  usable and of course affordable ha…


Nothing… oh no! Clogged nose then I’m enjoying this iced yakult… yes it’s my favorite especially the, as hard as ice one. I’m such a pasaway!


An empowering and less stressful seminar for the coming week… hehehe But seriously I want to put in action the learning and realization that this Holy Week try to impart.


That my next long vacay will be to have a getaway by myself. I hope I get to experience an independent life, travel alone, do soul searching. I’ve been wanting this kind of trip ever since I could remember but the pessimist me is trying to avoid the idea. But on the other hand, I really hope that the optimistic me will plan such trip so that it will push through.


My blue striped tank top and layered with my navy blue sweat shirt. Blue on blue this ice cold blue weather. Hahaha naipilit lang. The weather is very inviting. Inviting in the sense of staying in bed all day.


This time of the year wherein we get to bond with the whole family. We’re complete as of the moment. I love how we share the same food, sound tripping, and enjoy chikahan and more jokes.


To sleep more but due to my enjoyment in updating my blog and social media sites then I’m here very sleep deprived and puyat pa more. I’ve been very productive this long vacay that I forget to take a rest. I also want to set my priorities now. Hahaha…less virtual and more personal presence. Let’s hope if I can manage staying away from internet.


Some silence in terms of family discussion. There are times that voices are raised and confrontations are often done. Less of it please!


Renewed with the reflections that this season brings. Many learning about how our Jesus Christ saved us from our sins. I’m also feeling agitated in terms of the upcoming seminar. Is it in me that I sometimes tend to be flustered to the things I have no knowledge of. No more slacking off and it’s time to be serious at work for now. I’m also furious when the month is ending because it’s telling monthly reports again but it’s okay. It’s part of my job.

So how’s your week? Hope it was a meaningful week for you. A well spent time with your loved ones. A well spent time with yourself. A well spent time with the Lord. As for me? It’s a blast and reflective time. Happy Easter Sunday everyone!


A balloon you hold in your hands
Is there to stay and stand
Are you willing to hold it for the rest of your life
Until that air vanish and just die.

If I will let it slip in my fingers
I’ll lost it forever
Staring as it slowly become small
And not be seen at all

Whatever you wanted to choose
To stick with it or let loose
At least that’s your choice
You’re listening to your inside voice

I wanted to fly soar high
But as I am up in the sky
My mind is floating in the air
With you I wanted to stay

Floating alone is never easy
It’s not just me rather it’s we
Let’s float together if you may
Let’s take that chance and trail same way.



You surprised me with your love
That happiness sparkle in your eyes
Then suddenly I can’t find you
You vanished easily
Missing you
The updates about you
What’s with that silence?
Why the sudden absence?
We enjoyed a whale shark of fun
The big waves are easily confronted
But the unbeatable team is gone
The love is changed into hatred.
You entered into my life in a snap
But you were nowhere to be found
You left a big hole in my heart
Oh I’m really missing you



This is the time of the year wherein you are in serious atonement, reflect about life and about yourself. My Semana Santa 2016 will be the same as what we’ve been doing for the past years. I am not that person who goes out of town, swim in the beach or anything grand for that matter. It will still be a chill, relaxed staycation.


The start of the Holy Week. Blessing of the Palaspas. This day is somewhat commemorating the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. The blessed Palaspas will be hanged in the windows or doors because it is said that it will Ward off evil spirits if you do so.

This day, I stayed at home. It’s my rest day so to speak. I spent this day sleeping because of the sleep deprivation that I experienced earlier this month, I really am having trouble making my sleep time in a regular basis. Just a personal prayer for the coming days.


I still have work as a government employee so, I still need to wake up early, do some household chores and head up to work…


Officially I’m off to work!  I’ll be staying in my own little haven and do what I do best. Be alone, reflect for myself, ask for forgiveness to all my sins and more prayers.

Washing of the feet and the last supper of Jesus Christ. These were little reminders for us to always keep our feet on the ground. Be humble. Show humility and service to others.


©tto Time to reflect to the Seven Last Words of our Lord Jesus Christ and try to emulate His teachings and the sacrifice of giving His life to save us from our sins

Here’s the seven words of Jesus Christ:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”Gospel of Luke 23:34

I ask forgiveness to our Lord Almighty for so many reasons. I know that I’m always failing Him because of things that I do. I am frustrated of myself because every time I ask forgiveness,  I also end up doing the same over and over again. I’m like a blackboard that when you write on it and you misspelled something there’s an eraser that would correct it change for the right one and if you fail again then erase it again. It’s like a routine that when you sinned, you ask forgiveness and sin again then ask again. I’m like, I’m not learning so that’s what I’m asking for forgiveness to Him. I also ask for His guidance to make me stronger to fight for the wrongdoings that I always make to not do it again.

“Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”Gospel of Luke 23:43

I work in the PNP and from time to time, I encounter people who commit crimes. The second word of Jesus Christ for me is also about forgiveness just like the first word. As long as you ask forgiveness with all your heart and soul, learn from our mistakes, then our Lord Jesus Christ is willing to open us in His paradise.

“Jesus said to his mother: “Woman, this is your son.” 
Then he said to the disciple: “This is your mother.”Gospel of John 19:26-27

A relationship between mother and her child. Mothers are known to giving or showing unconditional love to her children.  My mama and I don’t have the best relationship but I know how unconditional her love towards us with my sibling.  I tend to disappoint her sometimes but I know in my heart and how grateful I am to have a mother as her that is willing to sacrifice even her life just to provide for us. That I am also thankful for it.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34

The humane God. Thank you for your divine love. For me, the fourth word tells us that it’s okay to question, feel burdened or alone but don’t meddle long about it because you may end up miserable. We sometimes go through trials or challenges in life and feel like we are forsaken but the truth is, God make you feel such not to test your faith but because He has fate in you and that you’re strong enough to battle the adversities in life. From the word of Jesus Christ to quote,  “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me!” You may ask that question a lot of time, during the times you’re down, you battle from sickness, you lost someone but you need to trust the Lord above because He gives all the answer, the comfort, the love.

“I thirst.”Gospel of John 19:28

When you thirst, what do we do? We drink water, we quench to refresen us.  But the thirst that Jesus is mentioning in the fifth word for me is about His thirst for love and salvation of us. He thirsts for us to realize our actions, for showing unconditional love to your loved ones and compassion to human race. I myself thirst for love. Who wouldn’t want to be love ye? But the beginning of being loved by others is through loving yourself first. How can you give love if you don’t know what love is. Just simply love.

They put a sponge soaked in wine on a sprig of hyssop and put it up to his mouth. 
When Jesus had received the wine, he said, “It is finished;” 
and he bowed his head and handed over the spirit.Gospel of John 19:29-30

It is finished. Something has ended but that doesn’t mean that you will be stuck in that ending. It also connotes a new beginning to be alive, to live again. Behind the dark clouds is a sun ready to shine whenever you want. The ending may serve as a start of a brand new you. We may have encountered darkness but it also shows us that through darkness is a light that enlightens our life. It is finished also tells us that we accomplished something.  The start of my March is somewhat very frustrating, tiresome, sleep deprived, etc.. But after seeing the book, the finished product of those sleepless nights is somewhat an accomplishment. A pat on the back Ann.

Jesus cried out in a loud voice, 
“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”Gospel of Luke 23:46

My favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 “For God so love the world, that He gave His only begotten son. For whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life.”

His LOVE for us is immeasurable and cannot be surpassed but if we show respect, love towards His beloved people and being faithful to His words then we are giving back the love He always bestows upon us.


The day before the Easter. It’s the time where all of us in the family is of complete attendance. Bonding with the family, hearing God’s words and reflecting about it.


The best day to sum-up the Lenten season. We will try to celebrate the rebirth of our Jesus Christ through hearing a mass, cooking celebratory foods and more kwentuhan and chikahan.

My Semana Santa 2016 in the simplest way commemorating our Saviour Jesus Christ and reflection of yourself. That’s it. Enjoy the rest of the Holy Week hoping a meaningful and blessed Lenten the same as mine.



realizing the things you have done

realizing what you are doing

realizing what you did not do

what should you do?

what happened to you?

what will happen tomorrow for you

Lord help me decipher what your plans for me

I’m LOST for real

thanks to GOD I’m somewhat into myself now




have you felt that you did something for someone to be happy but what’s inside you may not what you’re doing now.

you entered into something that you don’t know where or how to exit

you decided for something chosen by others

don’t know how to tell

no one to confide