It’s your prerogative You need that decisiveness Living in your own freewill Being carefree and maintaining your chill   It’s how you perceive you And trust life too Along the way you may stumble But you’ll soar high being humble   It’s how you go up when you’re at your lowest It’s how you live … More CHOICE


You can’t recognize The mind you see To the mind that hides inside It’s a different story It’s a beautiful scenery If only You’ll understand Where it’s coming from It’s a new world That the mind only holds. You cannot see But you can envision the unseen.


A balloon you hold in your hands Is there to stay and stand Are you willing to hold it for the rest of your life Until that air vanish and just die. If I will let it slip in my fingers I’ll lost it forever Staring as it slowly become small And not be seen … More FLOATING


You surprised me with your love That happiness sparkle in your eyes Then suddenly I can’t find you You vanished easily Missing you The updates about you What’s with that silence? Why the sudden absence? We enjoyed a whale shark of fun The big waves are easily confronted But the unbeatable team is gone The … More MISSING YOU


Ethereal Imagination is magical Between you and me To forever and eternity Sweet serendipity An angel  that I see A glitter in the air Happiness in your stare Residing in our own world Gleaming to your STARDUST. annjerusalem


realizing the things you have done realizing what you are doing realizing what you did not do what should you do? what happened to you? what will happen tomorrow for you Lord help me decipher what your plans for me I’m LOST for real thanks to GOD I’m somewhat into myself now NOW I HAVE … More REALIZATION


have you felt that you did something for someone to be happy but what’s inside you may not what you’re doing now. you entered into something that you don’t know where or how to exit you decided for something chosen by others don’t know how to tell no one to confide just….LOST annjerusalem