God Gave Me AlDub/MaiChard

I’m listing my reasons for why I want to thank God for His divine intervention of AlDub/MaiChard. GOD gave me them at the same time they are for each other.

1. Believing in Love, Destiny and Forever yes, AD/MC opened my feelings towards believing in love again. Who would have thought that you’ll again meet the stranger from five years ago in an unconventional way. Their love story is so magical/whimsical. They radiate, show and emanate love. They made the meaning of love to a whole new level. They may say that they are not there yet but I can feel their love towards each other. Believing in LOVE again is a milestone for me. I may be in my late 20s now, but I’m still a novice in terms of love. There’s nothing to tell a story about because there’s none really.  My only references are the stories of my parents, cousins, friends, the people surrounding me, the stories on the books that I read, the movies or the teleseries that I watch. Nothing personal experience that I could share. Believing in destiny. Hmmm! I think I have not found my destiny yet but AD/MC made me believe that it truly exist.  They may deny their destiny but not in my eyes. Many were asking, “Meron bang forever?” I always say yes not because I believe in it but because the word have been coined and there’s a meaning of it in a dictionary so, this means forever do exist. But when AD/MC happened, they changed my perspective about it. You just felt it and nothing to explain about. Love, destiny and forever has been emphasized by the AD/MC loveteam for me.

2. Life’s Lessons – this is credited to the writers, staffs and crews of Kalyeserye. I’m a fanatic of stories that emphasizes life’s lessons. Aside from the love and kilig that EatBulaga stresses, the one that hooked me or lit my interest on the AD /MC love story is the lessons learned in the plywood scene. It targeted me straight from the heart the lessons of being true and faithful to your words. Do not underestimate the word of honor because it can break you big time. There we’re many life’s lesson that I learned from their love story and I’m forever grateful about it.

3. Family Bonding – pre- AD/MC story, I have been watching EatBulaga ever since I’ve been born. Hahaha. Yes, our family is a fan of Pinoy Henyo, Bulagaan, LMP, SuperSireyna to name a few. But our family has changed when we watched KS together. We are more open now towards each other. KS made our family bond stronger than ever. Now I believe that the family that laughs together, stays forever. Our weekend has been happier especially during lunch time because we’re watching KS.

4. Chivalry is not dead – KS always emphasizes the importance of Filipino Tradition. And one of the highlight of it is ‘Ang pag-ibig ay pinaghihirapan.’ If you’re an avid viewer of KS,  you’ll know and understand what I’m trying to say. But that’s not the only way of showing being chivalrous. Alden being genuinely gentleman towards Maine is a sign of how chivalry is not dead for him. San ba makakahanap ng isang A para sa akin. Hahaha.

5. God’s perfect timing – Alden’s story of being a showbiz personality is a perfect example of God’s perfect timing. Another one is the lovestory of AD/MC that they have crossed paths already five years ago and found each other again and made each other a better person. Through these stories, I am now a believer of how patience and timing through God’s divine intervention works. You just have to believe in it.

6. Savoring the moment – the existence of now/ presently. Enjoying the moment is one of ADMC story taught me. Living one day at a time, living the moment, enjoying the now.

7. Gratitude or grateful heart – ADMC always thanks the ADN but I think it’s  the other way around. I should be thankful for the kilig, happiness, lessons learned, and many more that they showered upon me and extended to the people that surround me.

8. Being vocal with your own feelingsmas lalo akong open expressing my feelings. I tend to keep my feelings to myself. I am sort of timid but because of the success story of Maine battling her being an introvert, if she can then I can.

9. Being a fanatic – who would have thought that in my late 20s, I’ll be obsessed with ADMC. NO one will believe even myself I’m shocked that I can do what I do now because of admiring an unexpected story of love. From reel to one at a time getting real.

10. Stay grounded despite the success or Humility – they radiate humility.  Both ADMC stay grounded despite their humongous success. Nothing to question that about them.

11. Genuine – I haven’t met them personally but they imbibe genuineness. They show what they truly feel. To Alden, being so sweet and affectionate towards the people he meets. He doesn’t need to be vocal of the good deeds he do, just base them to the stories of the people he meets that you’ll know how genuine his heart is. To Maine, she’s very captivating and what you see is what you get. She’s also genuinely true to her feelings and kebs lang to the people doubting her/them.

12. Patient /patience – I’ve watched the true to life story of  Alden in MKM and he pretty much experienced rejections, failures and trials in life. But despite those experiences, he manage to be where he is now because of him being patient. The success he has now was not just simply handed to him. He worked hard for it and now,  he’s harvesting the fruits of what he planted. With lots of patience, he went to the top.

13. Kilig – even the simplest things they do, I get so kilig and they are just the only people I’ve not yet met but I super love them. That’s a first for me ha. The way they look at each other, whenever they do their dubsmashes / banat/ jokes, when they hold hands, A being her Rogelio is soooo kilig. My meter of kilig explodes when I see them together.

15. Kung gusto maraming paraan, Kung ayaw madaming dahilan – from the word of Alden. His efforts to surprise his Maine girl is explicitly romantic and being showy of what he really feels towards her is making way to their own reality. Just enjoy the ride and no pressure MaiChard.

16. Hardworking – they have been very busy for the past months. Aside from their everyday KS, those sleepless nights of back-to-back-to-back shootings, pictorials, mall shows. They just imbibe the word hardworking. Sana lang they will be rewarded with a vacation for a rebreather so that they will not be worn out.

17. Puyat and SOCO – if AD/MC have been very hardworking,  we including me ha, also have sleepless nights. I have been team puyat, team SOCO sometimes because I don’t want to missed out updates about them. My ka-ADN would relate.

18. Quirky/ Wacky/ Jolly – ang napakagandang  babaeng malikot ang mukha from the description of Tito Sotto. To the cellphone wallpaper of Vic Sotto. I really admire their sense of humor. They are my stress reliever and my source of happiness.

19. Happiness – salamat sa kaligayahang dulot ninyong dalawa. Thank you for making my life colorful and happy.

20. Good Vibes. Many were commenting negatively. They have so many bashers. There were write -ups that degrades them or make you doubt about them but I never believed any of them because of the good vibes they illumine. My admiration about them is firmer and stronger day by day. Just continue the good vibes moment and ignore those few. Haha.

21. Blogging my thoughts – thanks Menggay that I’m more open of my thoughts now and expressing my own feelings through blogging.  I’m enjoying this kind of ride. I hope to continue this until I can.





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