you’re home but your mind is in another place when all you just want to do is to bond with your pillows, your blanket your bed you lie down think of nothing do nothing for you’re consumed brain drain burnout tired  


Different experience of today Unexpected transformation in some way Didn’t even feel a single anxiety Having the courage helped me Speaking infront of many people Also gave me the chance to be hopeful I can manage this I can do this! I started my day a little bit stressful and somewhat argumentative. I rushed a report … More 41


There we’re times that you wanted to be invisible That you can do even the impossible That no one would notice the things you do That you can enjoy just being you. Your mind is as crystal clear You wash away your fear To what your heart’s desire, there’s no hesitation Because no one would … More Invisible


The heart is beating so fast You’re sweating profusely Your hands are trembling You can’t think straight Yes I’m worried whenever I hear your voice Yes I’m worried with your presence But I’d rather be worried around you Than be relaxed away from you.


When you have faith, When your heart wash away the hate Then there’s nothing to worry about Live, Laugh and Love we shout.


When you entered into a room, you brighten everyone’s world. Your eyes show your beautiful soul. You open your mouth with kindness. Your smile made us on hold. You entice us to listen to you. You breath genuineness in your heart. You ship us with your presence. Your beauty is beyond compare. Your existence changed … More FASCINATED


You can’t believe that your actually achieving more than you could ever give. You doubt something beyond your imagination. You underestimate you. Don’t doubt, don’t underestimate you, instead believe in what you can do and just be yourself.


N    – Nitty-gritty to all of us I    – Indispensable in our daily lives C    – Champions that cheer in our hearts O    – Opportune to make people happy and gay M    – Magnificent and magical in everything you display A    – Ascending and never descending support for you I    – Imperative love we give … More MAICHARD