The way you look at me As if I am transported into your mind The way you hold my hands As if I am held firmly in my heart The way you give me importance As if I am the king or queen of your heart The way you show your love Is a reminder … More 44

C’est La Vie

You want something but can’t have it? There are walls in front of you? Is your life stormy now? Are you feeling down? You can’t have it all In front of you stands many wall It may be stormy now But it does not rain everyday It may be hard to climb the mountain You … More C’est La Vie


As I am looking at the stars above You are sunkissed by the sun We are miles apart from each other But our bond stays together You’re on a journey of knowing Your eyes are glowing  A perfect picture of happiness Even though we’re faraway it transcend When we see that kind of smile When … More 43