A lazy day today for me. All I did was just lay in bed the whole day. The lazy self is out and I hope it will go away immediately. Our family was invited for a lunch at Buguey, Cagayan but because I’m too lazy to get up on bed, and I’m feeling a bit weak I was not able to go. Just my parents who went. I missed the chance of meeting some family members that’s been very long time that I didn’t see them. I also missed the opportunity to eat freshly harversted sea foods.



The picture of blotter sent by one of my colleagues. I can’t understand some and can’t decide if I will encode them or not because of the vagueness of its content.


My tenth entry for the Sunday Currently. I am also trying to sort my thoughts because I wanted to write them in a systematic way but it tends to not come out.


To the Boyce Avenue interview at MYX. I was not able to watch it because I am also busy writing this entry. They are talking about their inspiration in making their  covers and their original songs of course. I love their song Broken Angel. I can relate to the message I think.


Of the coming monthly reports. I wasn’t finished to some of them yet. I am also thinking of ways to stretch my financial gain and thinking of having a business venture. Finger’s crossed.


the crab my parents brought from Buguey. Pigging out with this freshly harvested crabs. OMyG!


to meet someone that God has planned to be with me in my lifetime. Naks! Lalim ng hugot.


that we have a smooth sailing week ahead in the family and at work


My best smile to the people I meet today. I want them to smile also as they see me.


the fried rice I cooked awhile ago. I ate alone but I ate with happiness. I may be alone but I am not lonely. Naks! Hugot ulit. I also love the spiced salt dip of my green mango. Sarap weekend.


to eat fruits and vegetables lately but the viand that my mother cooks doesn’t allow me. She is the best cook so I am gaining weight again.


some inspirations for the design and decoration of my bedroom.


lazy as what I have said. I am also feeling weak. I hope that it will immediately vanish so that I can have another energy for the week ahead.

Have a great week ahead!!! My love A is at home and I am still waiting for my other love to come home. I am so excited for the coming days because they will be complete attendance in my favorite program. Alams na! Masaya na ulit ako. Sana maging masaya din kayo!

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Annoying Kuya vs Bully Girlfriend


I’m just expressing my child – like self
I’m comfortable being with you
I tend to be annoying
So I can protect you from harm & anything

Anything I say and do
You allow my child – like self too
I always mess-up your being OC
And I tend to be a bully

I can play hard when your around
I am being transported to your heart
Even though my jokes are corny
You never made me feel uneasy.

I tease you all the time
To a point of you, feel being bullied
But contrary to that gesture
I just want to express my sweetness in other ways

You can do anything to me
Tease me, be playful, bully me
You amazed me with your charm
I can’t help but keep you on my sight.

Thank you for your tender care
You always treat me as your queen
I’m sorry for all the tease
With you I feel at ease.

To my bully girl
You make my life swirl
You’re for keeps
You’re my leap of faith.

To my annoyed kuya
You teach me to live life to the fullest
You’re for keeps
You’re my leap of faith?


We may be currently from different place
But as the night is young,
We look above and gaze
To the same bright lights of the stars and moon.

I’m loving the moment of just staring at the night sky
Lying on the lawn with you by my side
Enjoying the beautiful constellation
That heaven’s sent that we take delight.

We may be apart and miles away,
In my heart you always remain
We are staring under the moonlight
Wishing to the shooting star that we’re together forever and always.

Our stars and moon have finally aligned
But your eyes defeat their brightness and sparkle the most
It shines my shadowed life
I am dazzled by your beautiful soul.


When you’re surrounded by positive people then, your life will be positive.

When you wash away those negative thoughts,  then, your life will be positive.

When you stay away with pessimistic minded people, then, your life will be positive.

When the change of outlook in life is from within, then, your life will be positive.

When you don’t lose that hope, then, your life will be positive.

When you allow yourself to meet positive people and stay away with negative ones, wash away the negative thoughts and look forward to a brighter future, and the hope is from within, then, you invite positivity, then you may not notice that life is as bright as the sun.




So it is Sunday. It’s been a long time since my last entry. Been busy lately because of work. But C’est La Vie. I need to comply to the things that will improve my work performance. Because AlDub is in Italy, I am also learning new Italian phrase but my most loved group of Italian words would be, “Insieme per sempre” hahaha try to look for the translation and you’ll also love it.



The things to be encoded for tomorrow. It’s for work. That’s how dedicated I am for my work because I want to do things with passion and dedication especially that it helps my family in our daily living. I need to love my job so that my job will also love me. Do you agree to that?


Aside from my ninth entry of the Sunday Currently, I’m also writing, no drawing rather. I’m giving doodle a try. It may consume so much time from me but I don’t care because of the relaxation it provides my mind. It’s kind of a meditation from the whole week of tiring work.


To the first interview of the presumptive President of the Philippines. It gives me chills whenever I hear from him that “CHANGE IS COMING.” Many will be having contradictory opinions with regards to change. Some may embrace it wholeheartedly, but some may raise their brows and having different opinions. But whatever outcome this change would be, I do hope that it will give us HOPE that bettement of our nation is coming our way. And the process of this hope will not solely be the burden/ lies on the shoulder of one person but also within us.


Of the two-day seminar this coming week. I hope it will enlighten us to the things that give us doubt of. I am also thinking of ways to accumulate funds for the business in my mind. Yes! I am  now thinking of putting up a business. This is for a brighter future of myself and my family.


The Tinola that my mother is cooking. Which means that our dinner would be sumptuous. My stomach will be full again. Our foods are made with love careof my loving mother.


of a better life, better investment of my savings. I also wish that my father will stop from his alcohol vice. It ruins my day everytime  I see him drunk. I really do pray and wish that he realize the negative effects of drinking liquor not only from his body but also to our family.


That the business venture that I am thinking will push through and will become successful. Whatchathink? I am also hoping that tomorrow will be a brighter day. Alam na ni Lord yun.


My pink tank top. I changed many times for different occassions today. I went to different places and I changed outfits to such. One for visiting my Titas and cousins,  then going to my workplace, then strolling to the north and now I am on my pambahay outfit.


to do things beyond my limits. But there were times that my pessimistic self do come in the way but I am now trying to conquer such.


I’ve been craving for green tea kitkat and because of that want, I was obliged to buy some…hahaha delish indeed. I need to satisfy my cravings you know.


Enough sleep as always. But there’s a saying that “Mas mabuti nang walang tulog, kesa walang gising.” I also need to be certain with my decisions because I tend to easily change my mind whenever I need to decide for something.


happy because of the daily updates regarding MaiChard. They are my happiness you know! I am also a bit nervous because of the upcoming seminar tomorrow and the next day. The feeling or my fear of the unknown. It tends to get in a way for my nervousness. Anobe!!!

Have a great week ahead!!! If you’re going to work or school or just in your house, I hope that all of us have a brighter and positive outlook ahead of us. Ciao! Buona notte!

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The way you look at me
As if I am transported into your mind
The way you hold my hands
As if I am held firmly in my heart
The way you give me importance
As if I am the king or queen of your heart
The way you show your love
Is a reminder of our forever.

A moment with you will always be treasured
A care that you tenderly give is very indispensable
A stronger bond that weathered many storms
A surprising love between us was born.

Memories of you are the happiest
Making all things fall in line
My prayers were answered when you entered in my life
Melodies in my head keep mentioning your name.

I am forever grateful for the way you love
I am forever thankful for experiencing love
You’re the best thing that came into my life
You’re the love I prayed for the longest time.

We Never Forget Our First

You brightens up my day
You always makes me gay
You surprise me in many ways
All I want now is for you to stay

I’m somewhat confused with my feelings
You change my life completely
Is this love that I’m feeling?
Or is the feeling mutual?

You make me do the things I never imagine doing
You make me laugh at the top of my lungs
You choke me when you’re in my front
You’re astonishingly wonderful person

You are my first love
You are my first surprise
You are my first unexpected
I will not forget you my first
We never forget our first

C’est La Vie

You want something but can’t have it?
There are walls in front of you?
Is your life stormy now?
Are you feeling down?
You can’t have it all
In front of you stands many wall
It may be stormy now
But it does not rain everyday
It may be hard to climb the mountain
You encounter many strains
But your journey in reaching the summit
The view is very worth it.
You may be feeling down now
But the sun always cheers you up
You can’t help but frown
But there will always be ways to brighten you up.
C’est la vie 
You may be feeling blue
But there will always be red that will keep you stronger 
There will always be yellow that lightens your day.


As I am looking at the stars above
You are sunkissed by the sun
We are miles apart from each other
But our bond stays together

You’re on a journey of knowing
Your eyes are glowing 
A perfect picture of happiness
Even though we’re faraway it transcend

When we see that kind of smile
When your together, your aura is different
You give us satisfaction to be a team contented and satisfied 
Our only firm grip for the realization of your forever.

Despite the feeling of melancholy towards your being away
We miss your presence in our day
But I understand why we’re oceans apart
It will turned out to be the best present us will receive.

A perfect moment of imagining you and me
Building forever between you two