Today is Mother’s Day but everyday for me feels like mother’s day because of the outpouring love and support you give us – me, ading and papa. I get to experience first hand how unconditional love should be felt, should be given, should be…

I may be your worst daughter to have because of my sillyness, hard-headedness, masungit, maldita at kung anu-ano pa..but because of your love, you always try to understand me, accept my flaws, and just love me…

I may not always say it in words, but I am always grateful of your tender love, care, and support, and having an open arms whenever I feel down, defeated or even when I am happy too. You are the first one to cry, when I am hurt. You are the proudest when I achieve or accomplish something. I can see it in your eyes the happiness whenever I appreciate the things that you have done for me.

I may not be vocal towards my love for you but I hope that the love I show to you transcends in your heart and mind. There are lots of time that we engage in misunderstandings because of my being maarte, mareklamo and I am very sorry about that. I may not say these things personally and I hope someday that I have the courage to tell you.

Mama thank you for showing what Motherly Love is. You did not only carried me for nine months in your belly but you always carry me for almost twenty-nine years now and counting.

Thank you for being masungit also because I know that it’s for me or for my sake too. These teachings make me keep my feet on the ground. It’s a reminder to always be humane to people that we encounter everyday, to love so that love will be given also unto you.

You always remind me to love my family in an enormous kind of love because this is what you also do to us.

I LOVE YOU MAMA! I always pray to God that He continues to give or shower you good health. I hope that we also make you happy and you feel the love we give to you. Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy the rest of the day…

love lots,



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