Oh it’s the 50th Weeksary of AlDub which means that I’m already fangirling for 50 weeks now. It’s the GOLDEN week for all of us and our love for them is as significant and precious as a gold. Everyday became extra special for the past 50 weeks and I’m grateful for that. My lonely days … More 50

My Latest Thoughts to Her Newest Update on Blog

Hello Menggay! Many will be happy that you’re able to update again your blog. And yes we would love to read your thoughts about your trip and shooting in Italy.  But no pressure.  As what you’ve said that you cannot write in detail what really happened there for you’ve forgotten your planner is just alright … More My Latest Thoughts to Her Newest Update on Blog


She’s my territory He’s my territory I want to hold her hands tightly I want him to hold my hands firmly The way I look at you seems like I’m looking at the shining moon and the stars The way you stare at me makes me feel secured and loved I promise a genuine intention … More 49


Certain I’m in an uncertain world But when I’m by your side My world become certain Certified Many doubts from the outside world But it’s you that’s certified in my life You make love mark in my heart Smile In a world where there are many reasons to get frown You still manage to widen … More 47

Who Would Have Thought?

It started when we’re strangers meeting in unconventional I can’t imagine and never intentional That this will happen and become phenomenal From different world, collided, became a force even without seeing in physical Who would have thought That from split screen We will be seen in the big screen Who would have thought We started … More Who Would Have Thought?