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Oh it’s the 50th Weeksary of AlDub which means that I’m already fangirling for 50 weeks now. It’s the GOLDEN week for all of us and our love for them is as significant and precious as a gold. Everyday became extra special for the past 50 weeks and I’m grateful for that. My lonely days are gone. My uninspired life changed into being energized. They ignited a spark within me. They allowed me to be more expressive of my feelings towards the important people in my life.
I was trying to collate my thoughts and make another poem in time for their 50th Weeksary but I’m having trouble uniting my brain cells but I’ll try my best. I hope that the next texts you’re about to read is not as bad as what’s in my head right now.

I imagined

I dreamt

I believed

It came true

This is reality

This is what living the dream is all about

I imagined to meet you

And you came unexpectedly

You caught me off guard

You captured my eyes

I dreamt about this

And never imagine this will turn into reality


You inspire

You are a testament of being true to oneself

You tried to conquer all your fears

You manage to succeed to every battles

You came out victorious to all those fights

You may be different

You are unique

And You  put everyone in delight


Me, myself and I

Always like that for the past years

Until you came around

The me became we

I am by myself until it became ourselves

The I is not just a one letter now

Because you changed I to us.

Happy #ALDUBGoldenWeeksary everyone!

My Latest Thoughts to Her Newest Update on Blog


Hello Menggay! Many will be happy that you’re able to update again your blog. And yes we would love to read your thoughts about your trip and shooting in Italy.  But no pressure.  As what you’ve said that you cannot write in detail what really happened there for you’ve forgotten your planner is just alright because now we get to read your fond memories in the said place. Just write what you’re heart and mind says in the said trip.

I too stayed late last night but I don’t regret it because it’s what my heart, mind and body wants to do. From there I allow my entirety to do what makes me happy. You only live once so do whatever you like just know your limitations. And I imbibe positivity too. Thanks also for constantly reminding me about always being positive whatever comes your way. YOU manage to inspire me to strive harder, be professional, love work and be hardworking, enjoy what life has to offer and imbibe positivity.

Thanks for this little but meaningful update of your blog. It’s an inspiration for this week’s workload. I’m just happy you have your time for yourself on a weekend to freshen you up from the busy schedule on a weekdays.

As you’ve said, C’est La Vie.  You’re now enjoying what life, fame offers you and staying grounded, staying as you are is such an inspiration.

Keep on Menggay! Always believe in yourself for I know the feeling of being pessimist at times even though you know in yourself that you can do it.

By the way, I also love your poem of Imagine You and Me. It does not only fit as the theme song of your movie but I also get a hint of how important Alden este Richard in your life. I love the line now that you’re here, I don’t think I could lose you. You’re giving us a pinch of your feelings towards A as what you’ve said in KS that you dedicate the song to him. I’m not giving pressure for you to jump into something you’re pressured of even with A no pressure but if that special time will come or if that special time already came but you’re still not allowed to reveal it yet is just fine with me. What I see in front is already enough happiness and if that God’s right time comes then double or triple happiness, or no it’s a joy to every AlDub/Maichard fan. Insert, include me in the front row of clapping with standing ovation if that happens.

Don’t regret into something you’ve done and made you happy, instead allow yourself to be lost into the bewildering life even for just a few moments.

Have a great week ahead to all of us Menggay!



She’s my territory
He’s my territory

I want to hold her hands tightly
I want him to hold my hands firmly

The way I look at you seems like I’m looking at the shining moon and the stars
The way you stare at me makes me feel secured and loved

I promise a genuine intention
I can feel your gentleness and compassion

I am the happiest when I’m with you
I am happy that I make you happy too

I want to show you how much I care
Those simple gestures are highly appreciated

I feel at home when I’m by your side
These feelings I cannot hide
You are my home
Because with you I’m not and don’t feel alone

I can be myself and not care to what others say whenever you’re in my arms
I feel protected and away from harm whenever I’m beside you.

A grateful heart for giving me you
A grateful heart for showing me what love is through you.

The Journey of Now



1st Month
You lay your eyes on me
You surprised me with your presence
And unexpectedly there’s a spark in my eyes
I was captivated with your bedimpled face
But we’re like Romeo and Juliet
Even though I want to hold you,
Even though I want to see your face
Even though I want to hear your voice
An evil grandmother won’t allow us
Instead she wanted me to give away
To a man I don’t even want to see
You introduced me to your pabebe wave
My black and white life
Were beginning to be painted with colors



2nd Month
Fate has gotten its way
What’s bound to happen will find its way
I wanted to see you
I wanted to protect you
From the biggest mistake that they wanted you to be
It’s against your will
And because of divine intervention
The stars didn’t want it to happen
We started to get to know each other
Our conversation may have started in an unconventional way
But what’s remarkable is that
It gave us the chance to speak from what’s within us
We were finally in one place
We’re breathing the same air
But we made a promise to not see each other for now
But because of the adrenaline that’s flowing in our blood
The excitement to see you
Became the priority
We broke our promise
Just like the fallen plywood
The trust that was given to us
In a split second
It suddenly fade away
From unknown men you we’re taken away
But I’m so thankful for that day
Because finally I was able to see your beautiful face
I also saw that unexplained smile
That even though you wanted to contain it
It came out naturally
Now I can sense that deep feelings I have for you
You’re one special person in my heart
You read a letter in front of many people
And that letter was fully dedicated for me
Hearing those words popped in my mind
The trials we’ve been through
Without me even noticing
A tear is shedding on my cheeks
I am touched on how sincere you are to me


3rd Month
Because of the change of hearts of your Lola
She allowed me to visit you in your house
I sang a special song for a wonderful girl
I received an unforgettable gift
The gift to cherish and for keeps in a lifetime
Because that letter allowed me to know you better
The first picture together
The first handshake of each other
Even the first putting of my arms into your shoulder
I am grateful too for the moment of expressing my feelings in a letter
The announcement of a surprise is on its way
A surprise that will change our lives forever




4th Month
The opportunity of a lifetime happened
We are now allowed to see, touch, hug each other freely
The Tamang Panahon finally arrived for us
It feels magical and ethereal
I still could not believe all those recordbreaking moment
It’s the person from up above
Whom we will be thankful for
For it is Him who put all this things into place
Even a simple celebration becomes special
Whenever I’m with you by my side


5th Month
The closer I get to you
A gravity is pulling us together
A heartstring is tying our hands towards each other
We became closer
We build a world that only us could understand


6th Month
The sweet serendipity is happening before our eyes
A deeper feelings
A deeper love
A deeper bond
I want you to be mine
I’m becoming more verbal of my feelings
Because I can’t contain this anymore


7th Month
Our first kiss on the cheeks happened
Our first roadtrip together happened
Our first Valentines date happened
Our first date outside work happened
The first poem I made for a special girl
Playing a musical instrument for you
All this for you
These memorable events of us getting closer


8th Month
The surprise surprise
The first misunderstanding
The symbols of your name
The first kiss on the lips
The meeting with the whole real family
The first surprise to pull
To travel miles away just to be with you
Witness a different real side of you
Sealed with a puca bracelet


9th Month
The revelation of a new chapter in our lives
One of a dream will eventually come true
The tighter the hug I give to you
The braver I become to fight for you
I don’t mind you being so clingy
Because I’m loving every minutes of it.


10th Month
Our first travel outside the country
To start the realization of our dream
We may be in a different place
But our feelings will never be different
For it will just strengthen our feelings towards each other
Braver from the odds that we faced
We became a little bit free in this country
The much needed freedom from a chaotic world
Everyday with you will be treasured forever




11th Month
Who would have thought that we’re still here after 11 months
We faced different trials that made our bond stronger than ever
We’re still finishing a dream come true project for both of us
You’re encouraging yourself to do the unexpected
Because you know that whatever you do
Many people will support you and got your back
New horizon to improve
Being a lyricist and a singer
Just believe in yourself that you can

Our 11 months of journey from then and now til a lifetime.


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I’m in an uncertain world
But when I’m by your side
My world become certain

Many doubts from the outside world
But it’s you that’s certified in my life
You make love mark in my heart

In a world where there are many reasons to get frown
You still manage to widen my mouth
And put me smile when I’m sad.

Who would have thought
Who would imagine
You came to my life unexpectedly just like a surprise

Who Would Have Thought?


It started when we’re strangers meeting in unconventional
I can’t imagine and never intentional
That this will happen and become phenomenal
From different world, collided, became a force even without seeing in physical

Who would have thought
That from split screen
We will be seen in the big screen

Who would have thought
We started as strangers
Now we know each other better

Who would have thought
From travelling alone
Now I’m beside to my most loved person

Who would have thought
That from ordinary rich girl
You changed the landscape of television world

Who would have thought
A prim and proper guy
Will become this giggly, kulit and kengkoy guy

Who would have thought
You both shine individually
But together you’re brighter than the sun

Who would have thought
That I got hooked with you both
And I’m staying until I can

Who would have thought
That I will love you both so dearly
That my wish now is to see you in person only

Who would have thought?
But I think that God gave you both to us
To be inspired and bring joy to all of us
To show that life will move in unexpected ways
You just be ready for what the day will bring.

First Day of the Month (vol. 4)


My fourth entry to the first day of the month which means that today is June 1, 2016. Today we commemorated the 40th day of the death of my Uncle. There is a simple gathering and simple kainan amongst us in the family. Kain pa more.


My day started early because we need to finish some monthly reports, our compliances to the higher headquarters. I already finished my reports yesterday but due to sometimes the inevitable circumstances of our work, we can’t avoid what will happen next but c’est la vie. We must learn to understand and appreciate what life has to offer. The first hour of the day is somewhat busy and afterwards, it became more relaxed and less stressful. I also did some decluttering from some of my files in the office and I’m loving the outcome of it. I also got to read a message about the project of the PNP about the one million lapis (pencil). This is in light with their civic program to help the less fortunate childrem that are willing to study but because of the scarcity of life, that they weren’t able to but school supplies and there came this project. I wanted to be incharge of this one because it is a fulfilling feeling to be of help. Sharing is caring isn’t it? And I know in my heart that I care of my fellows and if I can be of help then I will not hesitate in doing so.


My first day of the month started well. I digging the happy vibes. It started right because I need not to be in a hurry and mae ammends of my reports. Then during lunch time, I was able to watch my favorite show and see my favorite person in the world….Hulaan niyo kung sino siya… When I head back to the office, our internet connection ran smoothly and was able to watch live streaming and to my surprise my favorit It girl is back. Her happy disposition in life radiates towards me. It’s like her good vibes is very contagious that it also bring good vibes to you too. Basta today is a happy day. My mother also talked to me about renovating our house especially my room’s roof and the carpenter’s suggestion is looking good to me and it’s doable that’s why we agreed to the terms of it. I’m excited again because everytime new things happen, I feel like life is very light.

LISTENINGto the male and female version of You and Me. OST of the recently finished series Because of You. I have been longing to find this song since I heard it in the series but only now that I got the chance to find it. It is only when the series ended that I found this song. I love the song, the melody and the lyrics is somewhat telling you that there’s someone that will love, cherish and accept your imperfections. I also got to discover the song I Get to Love You by Ruelle. It like a wedding song hahaha….love songs pa more. This song has an impact to me as the song A Thousand Years. They give a good feel to love between couple. It descibes how they love conquers all and how it’s the best thing in the world.



I started this day happy and with good vibes so I want this scenario to continue for the rest of the month. I hope the renovation of my room will push through the soonest possible. I also wish that this month will give us lesser crimes and more apprehensions of criminals. If you know me really, I think you will understand what I am talking about or why such is my wish. This is in line with the work that I do that’s why. I also wanted to meet someone that will give good conversation to anything under the sun. God knows what I’m talking about already.

But this day also ended in a restful day. Have a good first day and better days to the rest of the month!