“Love is patient.  Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast.” -1st Corinthians 13: 4-7 Love is patient A virtue You endure You wait That doesn’t cost a thing But your most priced possession Love is kind Being selfless A benevolence You understand You give but does not wait for anything in … More 59


As if you can’t breath Inhaling that pessimism Disgusted with how you treat You’re full of egoism You swollen my pride To a point of congesting my emotions You hindered my motions You clogged me.                                         … More Clogged

Perfect Strangers

Two people meet unexpectedly There’s an intertwined connection suddenly As if they have met before To make them feel their hearts beat faster To this one hella perfect stranger Two friends who they thought have known each other They are partners in crime When one of them felt different When one of them felt the … More Perfect Strangers

Wasted Weekend

  I have plans for this weekend. The likes of going out and pamper myself to a spa to breath some fresh air or make updates on my social media sites or finish some work-related reports or anything productive. But  because of the lazy me, all I did was stay in my bedroom, did nothing (nothing means … More Wasted Weekend


A dream that came to reality A feeling that you can’t contain  The happiness inside is bursting That tears of surrealism  It was magical What you’re seeing is dreamlike You’ve yearned it a long time ago Now you’re breathing the same air to that dream You’re on an adventure of a lifetime To be carefree … More 58

9:22 PM

I’m a little bit on high spirit. Many things are popping in my mind. It’s like bursting with so much emotions. I feel elated whenever I remember watching a live stream concert. I had a change of heart towards them after that show. The passion, the stay in power, and the love for music is … More 9:22 PM

9:11 PM

It’s been awhile since I voice out something inside my mind. I’m scared of failing and failures. I know it’s somewhat wrong that I need to front perfection at all times. But despite the need to be on point, I tend to rattle, commit mistakes and make my world a complete disaster. But my other brain is telling … More 9:11 PM