“Love is patient.  Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast.” -1st Corinthians 13: 4-7

Love is patient

A virtue

You endure

You wait

That doesn’t cost a thing

But your most priced possession

Love is kind

Being selfless

A benevolence

You understand

You give but does not wait for anything in return

Letting you fly beyond your horizon

Love does not envy 

No anger nor hatred

You are grateful

You appreciate

And never jealous
Love does not boast

You are proud

But never bragging

You savor the moment

Without letting it go to mind

You get what you want

So be a deserving to that love

AlDub este MaiChard rather, demonstrate a love that is patient, kind, not envy, not boast. They teaches us that patience and the journey while waiting matters most. It’s alright to hesitate sometimes but never lose what’s inside your heart. You’re both kind towards each other and even kinder to your supporters. You are forever grateful and thank God that this phenomenon happened. Despite your being on top,  your feet is always parralel to the ground

Perfect Strangers

Two people meet unexpectedly

There’s an intertwined connection suddenly

As if they have met before

To make them feel their hearts beat faster

To this one hella perfect stranger

Two friends who they thought have known each other

They are partners in crime

When one of them felt different

When one of them felt the love in different dimensions

They became perfect stranger

Two different people who for so long have been seeing each other

But never introduced themselves

Then suddenly one of them braved to know the other

The perfect strangers are stranger no more

The irony of life

We may know one another but in just an instant

We become perfect strangers

On the other hand

We meet strangers

Then the perfect strangers become the perfect partners



A little bit of her Coldplay feel

Because she updated her blog, here’s an excerpt to her newly published via mainemendoza.com


Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.04.40 PM

Waaaaah!!! I am back! I am back after a week away from work; I got back from the States last Friday and I went right back to work the next day. It was a short break but it was woooooorth it. I was there for five days but I can say that the enjoyment that I had during those days equate with the level of delight that I normally get in a month. Kidding aside. Anyway, I cannot wait to write about my 5-day mini vacation and let you guys know how fun it was; I am torn between writing about it and creating a video about it.. I don’t know what must I do first. (Yeah I know, I still owe you guys two more videos–Italy and Morocco trip– the thing with these two is that I don’t think I have enough materials/videos to create a 3-min long compilation) For now, let me just leave you with my Sunday Currently entry since it’s the last Sunday of August.


my previous Sunday Currently posts; just wondering about the stuff that I did the past weeks.

hmm… now I feel like I must write about my 5-day US trip. I want to tell you guys how AMAZING Coldplay is!!!! How spectacular their show was! Although no words can fairly express how great they were during their concert so I guess I’ll be posting just a blank entry about it– for they left me speechless as well.

Up&Up by Coldplay– on loop since this afternoon. This song is giving me all the right feels in the world. After hearing them perform this song live, I always find myself getting all sorts of emotions every time I listen to it. It kind of makes me sad and kind of happy at the same time (but I guess more on the sad side)(??) perhaps because it was their last act that evening– and the fact that the show was about to end made me really sad. Listening to it now brings me back to my emotional state during that moment;

Sad.. and happy.. but more on the sad side. *sniffs*

You’re welcome.


about what September has in store for me. And what caused the rashes on my cheeks.

the cherry scent of the candle I have in my room plus the smell of coffee from my mouth (gross) I hate coffee breath.

for Coldplay to perform here in the Philippines. Said I won’t be rejoicing about any “confirmation” that Coldplay will be coming here; unless I see a legit poster with legit information, ha! But I think #ColdplayLiveInManila will happen sometime next year, not to jinx anything or what but let’s just wish and wait for it to happen.

for a great September. Ahhh, Ber months! Bilis! How did time go by that quick? I can still remember tweeting about July-na Magdangal and cracking August 2,3,4 jokes with Bossing. (#PAANO) and oh, Marvin August10!

my pambahay; an Aldub shirt given by a certain fans club and shorts. I spent the whole day at home resting since I am still feeling a bit under the weather since Tuesday.. but I am glad my colds are gone now! For some reason I find having colds worse than having a fever.

the Coldplay concert. Kulit eh, bakit ba I’m still on a high!

to eat something really hot and really spicy. Ramen sounds good right now but I think I had ramen three times already this week which is….. not good…. still, I am craving. Or Laksa naman! It’s been a while since the last time I had Laksa!

nothing; right now I don’t feel like I need anything. Basta happy ako sa Coldplay, haha! Kulit.

happy nga! Happy talaga ako sa Coldplay. Haha! It’s not something you can get over so easily! If you only knew how much I love them, you’d understand. And if you only knew how wonderful their songs are and how stunning Chris Martin’s voice is, ugggh you’d understand even more. Ganito kasi yan eh.. there are only 4 major things that I look forward to in this life;
1. See Coldplay perform live
2. Get married
3. Have kids
4. Be lost
Simple lang. I am not even kidding with number 1. Number 2 and 3 comes with living a happy and fruitful life– I hope. Number 4? Nevermind, but I know some of you are looking forward to it as well. *evil laugh?* Hihi! Anyway I am also feeling hungry. Food, anybody?

That’s it, basically this post just shows how glad I am for seeing Coldplay. I hope to see them again before the year ends and then next year and then the year after that and in the years to come– I will never get tired. That’s the thing about loving; if you love someone so dearly you won’t ever get tired of them. Right? Sometimes? Yeah, in some cases.

Hope you guys had a great week and I wish you a greater week ahead. Have a happy September, everybody!

MY THOUGHTS on her blog post

Hey Menggay! You just epitomizes the saying dreams do come true. I really hope I can experience what you’ve experienced to the head full of dreams concert! I watched the live stream of their concert last August 20 and I can imagine how humongous and surreal the experience would be. I hope that when the time comes that they will have a concert here in the Philippines, I hope I get to experience that too with you. That would mean a dream come true per se for me. If your dream is to see Coldplay, my dream naman is to see you and Alden personally. That’s the same level of you seeing coldplay personally. My thoughts of Up&Up is more on the happy side. It just lifts your spirit up.

Thanks for the update of your blog Menggay! Hope you feel better with not feeling so well. Let’s pray for your forever with Alden este RJ right? Love you both. Thanks for the inspiration and happiness that you both always bring. 

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19th day of JULY

I was never been the old me since the day I discovered AlDub. I am one of the few fans since the beginning or since July 16, 2015. But the change in me is for the better. I am sort of more open to my feelings because I realized from the story of Maine Mendoza that if you want something, you should brave yourself and conquer your fear towards people. I am still learning how to withstand that shyness in me but I am getting there. I am still consumed with the presence of people but I am trying my best to conquer it and in my pre-assessment, I am getting better about it. I am socializing sometimes now. At least I am trying, right? But not wallowing much on how I feel because this blog entry of mine is sort of my stepped-up fangirling moments.

This day is my most memorable AlDub moment not because of what happened to AlDub but more on what I did for the love of them.

July 19, 2016 is a Tuesday, a weekday, which means that I have work but because I am planning on something for this day, I made an excuse to my boss. I said that I will be doing something very important. Lucky me, my boss is very kind enough to let me excuse in my work.

4:00 AM  – I woke up super early. I also prepared the things I needed in my trip the night before this day. My alarm clock rang and I immediately took a bath. But before it, I prayed for this day to be my most memorable one.

5:00 AM – I am already prepared to go. I checked all the things I needed especially money. So I have enough to spend. I waited for a bus to ride on but there’s none that is passing by.

6:30 AM – I am decided to ride on a bus because it’s the best option to my trip but in an inopportune moment, I have to ride a van as another option. I didn’t hesitate when there was a van that passed by because I have no choice about it, because I am so determined about my plan for this day and I don’t want to miss my chance so I went for it.

8:00 AM – I reached Tuguegarao City. I immediately asked for the best ride to go to Isabela. Yes, you read it. I am heading to Cauayan City, Isabela. Lucky me, there’s a van that’s going to my path but we have to wait for a little longer.

8:46 AM – We are off to go. I am sort of nervous but determined of course. I always ask the conductor about the whereabouts of how to get there and he is generous enough to answer all my queries. He said that we will reach the said place after two hours. Which means that we’re there before 12. But because I am riding a public transportation, that they have to fetch some pasaheros, so the two hours became 3 hours.

12:10 PM – I reached SM Cauayan City, Isabela. I have mixed emotions. OMG. I am actually here already and I am alone, on my own in this journey. I don’t know which way to enter so I kinda got lost. hahaha! I went straight to the cinema area. And I missed my 12:00 noon mark and the next showing of Imagine You and Me is at about 1:30 PM. And you read it right again! I am at Isabela because I want to watch IYAM. So I straightly got a ticket for the said movie. Because I have enough time, and I am already hungry, I went straight to McDonald’s for lunch and you know why there right! (I am having my AlDub moment. Yey!)



Here’s the food I ordered at McDo. Their newest product McDo Chicken Fillet Italiana plus my all time favorite McDo French Fries and McFloat


I have so much enough time to explore SM Cauayan so I tried to look for books and magazines with AlDub on it. So I went to NBS. Unfortunately, the ones I am looking was not there…Here’s some of my AlDub collection.

My signed poster of IYAM and the mini pillows of Maine is from my price to EatBulaga’s pacontest. When I received the package, my feelings is like I’m in cloud nine. I never thought that these simple things will make me the happiest at that moment.

1:30 PM – I still cannot believe it. I am having a strange and unexpected feeling. I also have to pinch myself to confirm that I am not dreaming and this is reality. After so many years of not seeing a movie in a cinema, now, I am here actually breathing the excitement in my lungs. My heartbeat went fast and I can’t wait to watch my most anticipated movie. I have been wanting to watch it since July 13 and this day is the day I have been waiting. I am having mixed emotions. I feel like I want to cry but this are tears of joy. This is my OMG moment.

Here’s a snap of my happy moment with mi loves AlDub

19th day of JULY is my most memorable AlDub fangirl/ moment because I went my way, brave myself and became determined all for the love of them. This is my who would have thought moment. Up to now, I still cannot believe that I can do or would do everything because I love them. There were ups and downs of this day but, I don’t care about the downs because my happiness of this day surpassed all of them. I savor every moment I did in this day. I don’t regret anything about it. If you will ask me if I can do it again? As long as it’s for the love of AlDub/MaiChard, I will not hesitate to do it again. This is the first time that I am able to talk about my journey in watching IYAM. (Even my family and friends don’t know it yet). Up to this day, those moments are still fresh in my mind and my best description would be this day is HAPPINESS.









Wasted Weekend

credits to the owner of the photo


I have plans for this weekend. The likes of going out and pamper myself to a spa to breath some fresh air or make updates on my social media sites or finish some work-related reports or anything productive. But  because of the lazy me, all I did was stay in my bedroom, did nothing (nothing means being in my cellular phone or watch everything I want to watch in the television all day) and like what they always say I am couch potatoing. What a word. HAHAHA umiral ang STAYCATION mood ko

I did not notice that the weekend is already ending and now here I am cramming my monthly reports and sort of updating my novice blog…hehehe.. I am sort of regretting the decision I made to this one and should’ve done the things I planned at the end of the week but I am also sort of sorry not sorry hahaha. The ambivalent thinking me again.

I realized that life should be lived the way you wanted. Just know your limitations and responsibilities. The happiness you get in doing nothing is your choice. If you’re happy with it then there’s nothing to be regretful about. What a reasoning. Don’t imitate my reasoning to this one. Hahaha! Nah! As long as you’re living, you should not stop making your life productive. YOLO! Carpe diem! Don’t let your time go wasted. Don’t let your WEEKEND WASTED…but it’s also nice to be wasted as long as you enjoyed doing it. As I quote John Lennon, “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”

Wrinkled with Smile

The way you stare at me

That gives me tranquility

The way you always think of me

That calm my insanity

The way you breath me

That fragrant smell of yearning

The way you talk to me

That is music to my ear

The way you touch me

That warmth and longing

When you stare

When you think

When you breath

When you talk

When you touch

It makes me smile

I am wrinkled with smile


A dream that came to reality

A feeling that you can’t contain 

The happiness inside is bursting

That tears of surrealism 
It was magical

What you’re seeing is dreamlike

You’ve yearned it a long time ago

Now you’re breathing the same air to that dream
You’re on an adventure of a lifetime

To be carefree and just be happy 

He gave you those space and freedom

Because your happiness is his too. 
He may be feeling lonely 

While you’re away he’s yearning for you

But he also acknowledges your happiness 

All he wants for you is the best. 
You may be from a distant star now 

But you still both shine as the night darkens

Your connection is stronger than ever

You understand each other that’s all that matters. 

9:22 PM

I’m a little bit on high spirit. Many things are popping in my mind. It’s like bursting with so much emotions. I feel elated whenever I remember watching a live stream concert. I had a change of heart towards them after that show. The passion, the stay in power, and the love for music is what amazed me. It was called yellow, that everglow and fix you at some point. A happy weekend indeed. I feel like I also gained different kind of standpoint in life after watching this series called  Doctors. Oh it’s really well written and well-thought off that every episode makes you think of how you can use those words in your own life. How we should live a life now and not wallow so much of what tommorow can bring. 

9:11 PM

It’s been awhile since I voice out something inside my mind. I’m scared of failing and failures. I know it’s somewhat wrong that I need to front perfection at all times. But despite the need to be on point, I tend to rattle, commit mistakes and make my world a complete disaster. But my other brain is telling me to calm down, compose yourself and make that mistake your motivation to move on and make the wrong you’ve done into something right. I am confident of the things I do especially at work because I learned to love my work. I believe that my passion towards work is without a question. Whenever I tend to get lazy towards work,  I always go back to why I need to have this job, why did I choose it or for whom I am doing this for? From that, I go back to being enthusiastic and motivated towards work again. I am a little flustered with what’s happening in my life now. I feel like I don’t have a sense of direction even though, I am trying my best to straighten what’s really my calling but sometimes I settle into wandering. I have a tendency of being uncomfortable with what I do and that is just…the plain, boring and on repeat. I am happy when I am in my safe zone and that is being alone. I don’t know what’s up to myself that I tend to enjoy or I am happy being alone and creating my own world. I am a pessimist sometimes that tend to be optimistic in times of trouble who is trying to be a realist to the world. I am a mixed up of strangeness and I want to embrace this crazy head of mind.