It’s the last day of the month and having a conflict with a colleague should have been unnecessary but because of her being so hard headed this happened. Not that I am right because I may also be wrong in my approach on the way I tell her. What a way to end the month. Having … More CONFLICT

63rd and 4th

A year has past So many things have changed But we never felt this kind of happiness  Yes we are happy then But we’re happier now We were allowed only to see each other by a rule A somewhat Romeo and Juliet inspired Then we gain the trust of the elder  We were granted to … More 63rd and 4th

62nd & 3rd

For the king and queen Of the whole nation A light that shines brightly A bright smile of love and generosity People may try to dim them Or will blow the fire of their candle  But their hearts will always find their way To bring spark in our hearts always  They know how to make … More 62nd & 3rd


I am always fascinated with being lost, unaware, blank or anything that is categorized as being in a state of thinking nothing or being in a situation but not there or being alone Most especially when I’m in my bedroom, I always wallow with silence and being alone.  Well in fact I am writing this … More Hmmmm?


Excited to tell a story  Talking so surely  From those happy noise  Then a moment of silent voice I was unaware  I don’t understand why you care I fell into abyss  I am on a state of oblivion 

(Excerpt to the) 5-DAY US TRIP – PART 1 (ADELE & COLDPLAY) of Maine Mendoza

Speechless. You really love Coldplay not just because they are a performer but more on how their song could touch your life. And seeing them personally and actually watching them perform your favorite songs is like heaven. The same feeling we have towards you and Alden. You may not know it but you both also … More (Excerpt to the) 5-DAY US TRIP – PART 1 (ADELE & COLDPLAY) of Maine Mendoza


Worthy to republish and I quote from I do not care if people get so repulsed by you. I see you–the real you–even if the world does not. #TangongGrasa  As long as you know in your heart who the real you, then you can ignore those who consistently repulsing you, let them be, but just … More I SEE THE REAL YOU