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It’s the last day of the month and having a conflict with a colleague should have been unnecessary but because of her being so hard headed this happened. Not that I am right because I may also be wrong in my approach on the way I tell her. What a way to end the month.

Having a dispute or conflict with someone is my most hated thing in the world (Who would want any conflict with someone anyway?) because I don’t like the feeling of having a burden to think that someone is not comfortable with my presence or I have an awkwardness towards someone. I have had a fair share of experiences in terms of having conflicts especially when you cannot settle your differences. In the past, I really hold grudges to people I am having a conflict with. Luckily, one at a time, I am learning to tone it down and I realized that having an unforgiving heart can cause no good towards others and especially yourself. If you know what I mean? 

Before this day end, I will be the first one to make a move and efface oneself so that the conflict will be settled. I want things to be peaceful especially in our workplace and I want to start my month with a happy heart. I am doing this for myself and not for the others.



63rd and 4th

A year has past

So many things have changed

But we never felt this kind of happiness 

Yes we are happy then

But we’re happier now

We were allowed only to see each other by a rule

A somewhat Romeo and Juliet inspired

Then we gain the trust of the elder 

We were granted to see, feel, breath, hear and talk to each other

After that is so much different, we were stronger 

We were better 

We are each other’s source of strength. 

Whenever I see your face

It’s like a sun have risen 

You always brighten up my day

I always felt your care

You gave me the importance of like your own life

From the friendship we built 

Into something more than this

From a lot like love

It became unconditional love

I hope you’re happy in my company

Because I too is happy when I’m with you. 

I feel safe even in diving into the ocean

Because I know I can trust you with my life. 

We share our secrets together 

We sometimes act like kids and we don’t care

We give each other’s advice

And then we follow without hesitation 

You bring out the best in me

You vanished all my insecurities

I wish as the day will past

When there come a time that we’re unsure of our feelings, 

We resort to these experiences 

To realize that I’m happy with you

And my life will be gone wasted being away from you. 

It may have started as reel

But my feelings for you is real. 

I’ll respect your decision if you want me to wait

I can patiently wait even until forever… 

Happy 98th Birthday Nanang Maria!

I grew up having two grandparents and one of them is my Nanang Maria. But she was the only parent of my parents that is alive now. Eventhough she was the only one that is constant as a grandparent, I never felt that I was so left out of having a grandparent or I am incomplete because I don’t have grandfather. She makes it a point to make me feel that she is enough. She always makes me the happiest granddaughter whenever I hear her stories and I am the proudest and I highly commend her untiring faith in God. She’s the only person I know who enjoys going to church, hourly reads the Bible and of course her untiring prayers na walang mintis. Nakakamangha at dapat tularan ang pananampalataya at paniniwala niya sa ating Maykapal. Here’s my previous post about Grandparents and how they are one of the most important constant people in my life NATIONAL GRANDPARENTS DAY 2016. Grandparents are know to be the spoiler to their grandchildren and I too have a fair share of being treated like that. HAHAHA…


Me and my Nanang Maria during her celebration of her 98th Birthday.

Nanang Maria Lorenzo Jerusalem was born on September 23, 1918. She has lots of children and grandchildren that I cannot name already but with her sharp memory, she can recite who are they and when is their birthday. That is what’s so amazing about her. She maybe 98 years old but she can remember all of us. What’s so admirable is that she often include us in her prayers. She prays so hard for herself, then her children and us her grandchildren. Prayer is her best weapon to everything. I can remember, when I was about to take my nursing board exam, I visited her and she held my hands and head and immediately recited her prayers that God will guide me and bring all the right answer in me and luckily, in my first take of the board exam, I was able to pass it.

Here are some of the pictures I have during our celebration of the 98th birthday of Nanang Maria:

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It may be a simple celebration but we made it a point that everyone enjoyed and that my Nanang Maria is happy. Before I end this post, I want to share the Bible verse I first learned and Nanang Maria thought me. It is from John 3:16 “For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life”  That’s how unconditional out God loves us that we should all emulate. And with me growing up in the presence of Nanang Maria made me realize how unconditional her love for God, her children and us her grandchildren. I know that Nanang reached 98 years of existence in this world because her weapon amidst the trials and triumphs she faced is her faith and prayers.

I love you Nanang Maria! May God bless you more and give you good health. Sabi nga namin, endure 50 years more years…




Who would have thought that we were so pump up when September started because AlDub are already official. And this month also is the end of a well loved Kalyeserye. A bittersweet start and ending it is. And now we are down on the last weekend of the month. How time flies so fast when you’re having fun at the same time very busy with life at work, with family and friends. Well that’s the adversity in life that no one can control except for the person looking and guiding us -GOD.

I will make this entry short. I just want to tell a story of what happened to me this weekend. Yesterday, Saturday, we were scheduled to attend a unity walk as part of our campaign against illegal drugs and we joined the opening of the Latter Day Saints Family Week celebration through the parade. So I need to wake up early on a weekend because the schedule of the unity walk is seven o’clock in the morning and because of I’m being a hard-headed one, I slept the night before it at about 2:30 in the morning. So, which means that I woke-up late. It was already 30 minutes past 6 o’clock when I realized that I have a scheduled thing to do this day. I was at the office ten minutes after seven. I was late and my colleagues were already on their post when I arrived. Luckily, our boss didn’t required us to attend the said walk and he instructed my other co-worker that instead of participating into the said unity walk, we do our reports na lang. But I don’t have any reports to do so, I managed to take videos of the event that happened. Here is the output:

After doing this 15 minute video in the office, I planned to go to my Kuya Robert’s house. I didn’t see him for a very long time so I wanted to spend some time with him, have a catch up of each other’s life and chit chat with them in that house. I missed these people. When I didn’t have work, I used to stay in their house and everytime I am there, I always feel at home. I always feel that I am their bunso. They take care of me there.

Sunday – I was supposedly going to Aparri but because I was so lazy going up from bed and the rain is falling heavily, I resorted to staying at home. All I did today was having a bonding with my bed and our television and my cellular phone. We really have a good bonding experience with these..hahaha. But later this afternoon, I was craving for something sweet and I searched in our refrigerator and I found nothing. To satisfy my palate, I immediately went to the public market and bought ingredients. I am planning to make some Graham cake so I went straight to grocery store and buy the ingredients I needed. And I only started making my version of refrigerated cake at about 7 in the evening. I am really lazy lady today. But at least I finished it and I already started munching it some. I forgot to take a picture of my creation that’s why, I can’t post any sumptuous dessert here now. hehehe (at least for me, its already sumptuous)

There it is my short but sweet spending of the last weekend of September! Enjoy the rest of the days of this month. Work mode again later!

62nd & 3rd

For the king and queen

Of the whole nation

A light that shines brightly

A bright smile of love and generosity

People may try to dim them

Or will blow the fire of their candle 

But their hearts will always find their way

To bring spark in our hearts always 

They know how to make us calm

By touching us with a grateful palm

You’re a king and queen in disguise, 

Into Richard and Nicomaine Dei

Your good heart makes you royal

Your genuineness put you in a throne

Worthy to make us all loyal

To emulate all the kind things you have done

And trust this life’s rhythm. 


Two strangers pulled by one string

They crossed a different path

But in an instance and circumstance

They often manage to bump into each others road

A divine intervention

How you reacted towards each other

A feeling of abyss

A feeling of surrealism

A merge of oblivion and magical realism

In that beautiful encounter

I hear a different sound

An audible lub dub sound

Of yours and mine

It causes a hullabaloo to my heart and mind.

Despite that kind of noise inside me

You manage to calm me within your silence

No words may be coming out

But you understand, I understand

You can see how I feel

By merely staring at my eyes

Breathing the same air together

Believe in what I say

Feel the love I give

But in our silence

That moment that you say I love you

Not in words and more on action

And I understand

Because you and I becomes united

When you hear each other’s heart.




I am always fascinated with being lost, unaware, blank or anything that is categorized as being in a state of thinking nothing or being in a situation but not there or being alone

Most especially when I’m in my bedroom, I always wallow with silence and being alone. 

Well in fact I am writing this and I think I am going around the bush or just writing this piece of a s*** and without any thought at all. 
Oh well that’s life! There will be moments of just being careless of how you perform your life but how you manage to live with it is strength. How you are able to embrace your weakness is admirable. 

And I am ending this just that. Hmmmm? 

(Excerpt to the) 5-DAY US TRIP – PART 1 (ADELE & COLDPLAY) of Maine Mendoza

Speechless. You really love Coldplay not just because they are a performer but more on how their song could touch your life. And seeing them personally and actually watching them perform your favorite songs is like heaven. The same feeling we have towards you and Alden. You may not know it but you both also have a fair share of touching our lives. We wish you happiness and endless love with Alden. May you always bring joy and love towards each other. Thanks for being so generous of your life experiences through this snippets. You really love us that you always update us with your astonishing and amusing way of story telling. We love you and may all your endeavors make you happy forever. 
Here’s an excerpt to the recently published blog of Maine Mendoza with regards to seeing her favorite COLDPLAY in flesh through their concert in Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California via

So… this entry was supposed to be up two weeks ago but due to my incredible carelessness and stupidity, I accidentally clicked something that wiped out everything that I wrote. (I was too close to finishing it, Diyos ko!) So this, what you’re currently reading, is a brand new US trip entry. (Just the first part! To follow na yung second!) It is sad because I cannot construct the same content that I wrote in this first– which is more comprehensive. I could still feel the exasperation on what happened–damang dama ko pa hanggang ngayon! Buhos na buhos yung emosyon ko doon tapos ganon nalang?!?! Talagang may mga bagay talaga sa buhay natin na kahit ibigay natin lahat, sa huli mapupunta lang din sa wala. Life is never fair. (Hugot!) Oh well, I blame myself for it. I did the same mistake in some of my previous posts and I guess I never really learn(ed) my lesson. Hindi lang isang beses ito!


Actually thrice na nga eh… Anyway, I am here to recount about my 5-day US trip few weeks ago (August 20-26). I hope I can still recall and write about everything that we did in full detail. I suppose you all know the reason why I went to America (the main objective, rather) but for some of you who does not have an idea as to why I went there. Ayun na nga..

I went there to see Coldplay. It was a gift from Mr. Tuviera because I was planning to watch them in Spain when we were still in Italy (shooting for IYAM) but traveling would cause such inconvenience since there’s not much time left; getting the concert tickets, plane/train tickets wouldn’t be easy. Here’s how the story goes.. we were having dinner when I decided to check Coldplay’s tour schedule. I knew they were in Europe during that time so I was hoping they’d have their show in Italy. But! Unfortunately Italy wasn’t included in A Head Full of Dreams tour but hey they will be having a concert in Spain on the 26th and 27th and I was like “Hindi kalayuan ang Spain dito” I checked Google maps to see how far is Como from Spain and figured that I am just 2-hour plane ride away from Barcelona where the concert will be held! I thought it would be possible to attend the concert on the 26th; I got stoked so I immediately checked for plane tickets because I wanted to make it happen. But then I thought IYAM wrap party would be on the evening of 25th, and the production crew will be going back to the Philippines on the 26th, and I will be leaving for Germany on the 27th. Hmm… #medyohassle From then I knew that pushing with the concert would be impractical, and a struggle! I got sad, of course! I thought my “tamang panahon” with Coldplay was going to happen but I was wrong.

I knew there had been rumours about the band coming to Manila this November, and although there were “confimartions” already, I know that it won’t push through– not this year. April 2017, let us cross our fingers. Anyway perhaps that’s where Mr. Tuviera had the idea of giving me tickets; because he saw and he knew how badly I wanted to see them when we were in Italy. So no, it wasn’t a gift for a successful movie. He just wanted to make me happy for that is what he does best– making people happy. And I am one lucky girl.

Going back, do you guys remember the abduction of Lola Nidora recently? Oh, the abduction of Divina, rather? The day when I successfully ran away from the kidnappers was the day Mr. Tuviera handed me the tickets. We were in Broadway Centrum, I was roaming around the backstage when he invited me for a talk. I got nervous as to why he wanted to talk to me out of the blue–in private! First question I asked myself was “May ginawa ba akong masama?”, but I cannot think of anything which made me mentally freak out more. So.. first thing he asked was “May US Visa ka ba?” and I answered with a yes. I blew a sigh of relief, and got excited as well. Thoughts:

Are we (Eat Bulaga) having a show in the States?
Will there be a special screening of IYAM in the States? Will Mr. Tuviera send Alden and I to America?
A trip to New York?
Random question lang ba yung “May US Visa ka ba?” Pang tanggal kaba, ganoin? 

My head started producing random thoughts… and then he handed me an envelope. “Anu puh itoh?” I asked, but he just responded with a smile. I knew Mr. Tuviera was up for something. I was mentally freaking out! I didn’t expect opening a simple envelope would be that thrilling!



“Coldplay Live in Pasadena”



That was my actual reaction when I saw the wordColdplay. I couldn’t believe it. Totoo ba talaga ito? I have Coldplay tickets in my hands and to me it is as precious as a diamond ring. It somehow felt like a dream. I never expected that someone would give me such kind of gift.
I needed a moment to cry.
I needed a moment to grasp the fact that I am flying to America to see Coldplay.
I needed a moment to breathe.
I have Coldplay tickets in my hands.
I am flying to America to see my favorite band.
My goodness.
Sabi nga ni Jolina, “hindi ako makapaniwala”. I kept on asking Mr. Tuviera if the tickets are legit because I had this funny feeling that he might be pulling some kind of a prank on me (seriously, why would he do that?!?) I even asked him if there are cameras planted around the room. Haha! I couldn’t help but cry in front of him for I was so delighted with what I saw; it was a sudden burst of emotions. Di ko maexplain. That was the second time I cried over a gift (first one was during my 18th birthday; when my friends surprised me with my favorite dog– a Siberian Husky) I wanted to share the oh-so good news to everybody and let them know how happy I am, but for some reason I felt like I needed to keep it to myself to keep hold of the excitement. I tweeted about it but I did not give any hint about the gift, thought some were really good in guessing that it was Coldplay tickets. It was only my closest friends who new about it.


We were nine in the group; Mr. and Mrs. Tuviera, Mr. and Mrs. Barreiro, Ms. Celeste, Ms. Jenny, Direk Poochie, Coleen and me. We were scheduled to fly on the 19th of August and be back on the 26th of March (charot!). Just a week off away from everything; a short time to unwind, to rest and most especially to enjoy– a short break just exactly what I needed.

We had a little adventure en route to America– caused by delayed flights. (One of the worst things ever!) An hour and a half flight from Manila to Hong Kong (that was delayed for almost two hours), 7-hour layover in Hong Kong (we were not able to catch our supposed-to-be-flight-to-US because of the MNL-HK delay), 2-hour flight to Taipei (we looked for the earliest and quickest flight to the States so we ended up transferring to a different airline– Eva Air) and after the 11-hour flight, we finally reached our destination– Los Angeles. We made it just in time for Adele’s concert; we arrived exactly on the day of her show.

We were making our way out of LAX when suddenly wild ADN appeared! (Pokemon? Tyarot!) There were groups of AlDub Nation waiting for me outside the airport! I know some people do track our flights every time we go out of town but since nobody knew what airline I was in, I expected that nobody would be able to track our flight, plus! we transferred to a different airline when we were in Hong Kong, and don’t forget the delayed flights (that we had to endure *rolls eyes*). Apparently, I was right on them not being able to track my flight. But hey! They waited for me for more than 12 hours outside the airport just so they’d see me arrive. PAANO?! Gulat na gulat ako pero maraming salamat sainyo!

First thing I did when we got to the hotel was (of course) get everything settled, took an hour of rest, and a shower (of course) then looked for the nearest Japanese resto for I was having mad cravings for gyoza and edamame, and fortunately, I found a ramen place around the area! You can never say NO to ramen. Ang saya saya! I immediately went out for a walk to stroll around Burbank a bit before heading to the ramen place.

August 20, 2016 (Adele Live in Staples Center)

Since we are already in Los Angeles, why not make the most out of it? Adele had 8 consecutive sold out shows in Staples; and we watched her on her 5th.



I am not really a fan of Adele but I know some songs of her, and gladly they were all part of the show’s setlist. My favorite’s Chasing Pavements! (For those who do not know, it is a song about doing a fruitless mission. Had to google the reason why she wrote it and found out that she was running after her ex-boyfriend with whom she had just fought, before realizing she was “chasing an empty pavement” as he was no longer there)Hay, buhay. Hindi bale Adele..


Charot! Going back, don’t need to tell how great of a singer Adele is– everybody knows it. I am amazed by how her speaking accent is different from singing. She shared stories about her life a singer, a writer and a mother; the way she deals with things, the struggles and heartbreaks she’d been through, and the way she expresses herself through writing and music. Her funny anecdotes also entertained the crowd. She seems like the kind of person you’ll enjoy conversing with for hours and not get bored for she never runs out of things to say and share! She is an amusing lady and indeed a beautiful one.


The show ended with Rolling in the deep with shempre bonggang pa-confetti. Here’s the catch, each and every confetti had a song lyric printed on it–in Adele’s handwriting! O diba, ang galing! First confetti that landed in my hand had a lyric from Someone like you– “regrets and mistakes they are memories made”– right on, A! It served as a souvenir, too, to those who watched.


August 21, 2016 (Coldplay Live in Pasadena)

For some odd reason, I woke up not feeling the level of excitement I thought I’d get. I woke up feeling groggy and tired (perhaps because I slept late last night). I woke up to the music of Coldplay playing inside the bathroom– my sister prepping up for the concert. I did the same thing too; took a bath while listening to Coldplay in the background to hype myself up.

We spent the first half of the day in The Grove and did a little (window) shopping to kill time. One of the reasons why I hate “killing” time at the mall is I tend to shop and spend money on things that I don’t really need. I am sure some of you go through the same struggle, because seriously what else are you going to do inside the mall? Look for Pokemons? Uhm, nope, no, not me.


We left for Pasadena at around 7; it took us about half an hour to reach the venue. At last, I finally felt the excitement on our way. I was also feeling kind of tensed for some reason, I don’t now why, it’s not like I am coming face to face with Chris Martin. (Hindi ko keri!) We had to ride a shuttle from the parking to Rose bowl. I immediately looked for a Coldplay merchandise booth and got myself a shirt and a cap with their album cover/logo printed on it.



Doors opened at 5:30, we got there few minutes before 8 but unfortunately we didn’t get inside the stadium that quick for the security were very strict with bags. We had to surrender our bags and purses and put them inside the lockers for security reasons, and we were only allowed to bring anything that would fit a 12″ ziplock baggies. We got inside at 8:30. They had 2 supporting acts that we failed to catch; Bishop Briggs (who I am not familiar with) annd Alessia Cara. The band was scheduled to go out at 9– and they did! Show started at exactly 9pm, shempre meron pang kung anong keme. When the xylobands lighted up, everybody started sceaming! ETO NAAAAAAAAA!!!!
(I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera so I do not have any decent photo during the concert, but here’s some that I found online! Credits to the owners)


PASADENA, CA - AUGUST 20: Singer Chris Martin of Coldplay performs at the Rose Bowl on August 20, 2016 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Shet nababasa din yung kili-kili niya. Tao din siya mga bes.


The band had a special guest too that evening!


James Corden from Carpool Karaoke! Chris introduced James by telling a long (fictional) story about the “Coldplay bandmate who got away”. “You may know him from things like Carpool Karaoke and that kind of shit, but we know him as the guy who turned down being in a band with us” Chris said. And funny ako for a moment, I thought it was actually true before I realized he was kidding. It was also James’ birthday on the day of the concert!


They had 23 songs that evening. The setlist consisted of:
A Head Full of Dreams, Yellow, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, The Scientist, Birds, Paradise, Always in my Head, Magic, Everglow, Clocks, Midnight, Charlie Brown, Hymn for the Weekend, Fix You, Heroes, Viva La Vida, Adventure of a Lifetime, In my Place, Don’t Panic, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, Amazing Day, A Sky Full of Stars and Up&Up.
Every performance was amazing! I was singing along with them all throughout the show! I was supposed to just enjoy every minute and not mind about my phone but I had to video-record some parts for documenting and reminiscing purposes. (I still do watch the videos up to now!)

One of the best moments (and the most nostalgic one) was when they played Yellow. It was their second song, and everybody knows that I bawled my eyes out the moment they sang it. I don’t know what got me so emotional, it felt like hearing a song for the first time in 1000 years. (As you could see on how I reacted when I heard the song’s intro) Parang gusto ko nang kunin ng linawag. Perhaps the fact that I am watching them live didn’t sink in the first few moments of the show. Iba kasi talaga eh. Sabi nga ni Abra, “hindi ko maipaliwanag”.

Another thing that amazed me the most that evening was this..


Gee, the show was lit the entire time–literally by xylobands glowing in thousands points of light. Can you imagine how breathtaking those are? It was synced with every song! Oh don’t forget the matinding laser lights and the fireworks! Tinodo nila mga bes. #PAANO


Couldn’t help but cry my heart out during their last performance–Up&Up. At that moment, I realized the show was about to finish. After two hours of pure fun, partying and singing along..the show has come to an end. I was feeling happy and sad at the same time; happy because I got to see and hear them live, sad because it’s all done. Damang damang damang damang dama ko yung kanta. Listening to Up&Up will never be the same again; it never fails to get me feeling out of sorts every time I listen to it. I actually don’t know if someone else inside the stadium felt the same way as I did; parang lahat sila masaya lang, ako parang iniwan ng mahal sa buhay. *sigh* Anyway, I will be seeing them soon here in the Philippines! But I don’t think the feeling would be the same. Iba talaga eh.



IT WAS THE BEST– COLDPLAY IS THE BEST. It didn’t feel like just a simple concert– it was more like a party with 90,000 of people celebrating altogether. It was a night filled with a sea of color-changing wristbands, countless fireworks bursting through, star-shaped confetti showers, giant balloons and laser lights slicing through the night sky. Every single thing was astonishing. I realized it was (by far) the best night of my life–seriously. It was super worth it. I am very glad and very grateful that I had been given the chance to fly to America to see them. The kind of fun that I had in that one night cannot be compared to all the nights of my 21 years of existence. (Exaggerated but true) All bias aside but I think only Coldplay can pull off such kind of concert. (Haha, okay sige biased na!) I just love em so much. No one knows how their songs touch every bit and part of me.

After the concert, while I was basking on my bed, I took my phone to write and sum up the whole experience through a poem comprising of multiple Coldplay titles and lyrics. I came up with this:

Seeing you
Was a dream come true
I call it magic
An adventure of a lifetime.

Your voice
Made me shiver
Your songs
Filled the sky full of stars
And the way you sing
Give nothing but sparks.

Time came a-creepin’
Still it was a beautiful night
Stars were shining down on you
As God put a smile upon my face
As I shed tears like a waterfall
You left me;
The kid who was always in trouble
The girl who is in her little bubble
The lady with a head full of dreams
With nothing but a feeling
A feeling within me
An everglow.

Here’s the video that I made featuring what happened on my first two days in LA; Adele Live in Staples and Coldplay Live in Rose bowl. Sorry for the shaky clips! I was too busy having fun, hehe! At medyo mahaba lang din mga bes, Coldplay eh.

You are beyond amazing, Coldplay.
Words cannot express how much love and admiration I have for you and how sensational you are.
I hope watching the video (at least) made you guys understand how I felt that evening and see how spectacular and wonderful the show was. Most especially, I hope you find them just as amazing as I do.


Pwede ba? *sniffs*


Worthy to republish and I quote from

I do not care if people get so repulsed by you. I see you–the real you–even if the world does not. #TangongGrasa 

“In a world full of reel, I still see the real me”

As long as you know in your heart who the real you, then you can ignore those who consistently repulsing you, let them be, but just don’t let them get in to you.

The picture says that you are now being idolized, you serve as an inspiration and behind that, or equals that, there are the trolls that want to put you down, there are people that will destroy you. But despite that situation of your life, you remain constant to your own self, you are still you, you are still grounded by your values and you still see the real you.

The picture also depicts that there are two sides of you. One is what the people see about you and the other is how you remain true to yourself despite the notion of other unto you.