The SUNDAY Currently /15


Happy Halloween guys! (If you’re thinking why is it that my first greeting unto you is about Halloween and my photo above is by far and unconnected. It’s just that I was looking at the photos on my gallery and these what popped-up first. I think these photos are more relevant to us in the North because of the devastation we had to go through to ST Lawin. I took  these photos earlier today when I went south and I saw in my very own eyes how terrible the damage incurred in these places and we’re luckier to have a minor damage in our town. Thank you God. But on a brighter note, the sky is blue and the sun is shining again and the beauty of nature is more appreciated and given importance nowadays. We learned our lesson, “I hope so” to conserve energy, love thy mother earth, significance of planting more trees and making sure that you’re always ready in times of  disaster) Anyway, How was your celebration of the Halloween so far? Well, as for our family, we do not really celebrate it like we had to do costume or attend into a Halloween party or do Trick or Treat. hindi po uso sa amin yan. 


About the history of Halloween. (By the way, tomorrow October 31 is the real celebration of it)

my 15th edition of The Sunday Currently


To different horror stories

of how I could easily assemble my newly purchased stand fan. I can’t unscrew the locks.

nothing. I have a clogged nose because of the change of weather

that I could be of help to the people struck by ST Lawin.

to a more productive weekdays and less stressful workload

my colorful duster.


my braided hair and how it naturally curls my hair when I  untie it

to buy a new camera. (may Santa Claus ba dyan?)

an exercise. My mama is already worried that I’m getting fatter everyday. (E, masarap kumain e. Excuse! Excuse! Excuse!)

happy coz I got a copy of the Mega and Garage Magazine with A&M on the cover. (Next target is the Preview and Style Weekend hehehe)


Have a meaningful observance of the All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day everyone. Dalawin po natin ang mga mahal natin sa buhay na namayapa na. Baka tayo ang dalawin nila. hahaha!!! On a serious note, have a safe visit to the grave of our beloved departed and don’t forget to say a prayer for them.


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It’s OKAY Not to Be okay 

Earlier this day before I go up from bed, I was scrolling for updates and watching videos. When I am looking for some interesting to watch in YouTube, I came across into a seventeen year old girl doing vlog about the seventeen things she learned for existing in this world for seventeen years.

What caught be is her learning about BEING OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY. By the way have you listen into Jessie J’s song entitled Who You Are? It basically telling us it’s okay not to be okay and we just be through to ourselves. Below will be the lyrics and link of the song. 

“Who You Are”

I stare at my reflection in the mirror:
“Why am I doing this to myself?”
Losing my mind on a tiny error,
I nearly left the real me on the shelf.
No, no, no, no, no…

Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars!
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It’s okay not to be okay.
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.
Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising,
Just be true to who you are!
(who you are [11x])

Brushing my hair—do I look perfect?
I forgot what to do to fit the mould, yeah!
The more I try the less it’s working, yeah
‘Cause everything inside me screams
No, no, no, no, no…

Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars!
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It’s okay not to be okay.
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.
But tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising,
There’s nothing wrong with who you are!

Yes, no, egos, fake shows, like whoa!
Just go and leave me alone!
Real talk, real life, good love, goodnight,
With a smile that’s my home!
That’s my home, no…

No, no, no, no, no…

Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars!
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It’s okay not to be okay…
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.
Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising,
Just be true to who you are!
Yeah yeah yeah

My thoughts on it’s okay not to be okay? Well, you must first know yourself more than the people surrounding you know about you. It’s you who is running your own life so you must follow what your heart desires, do the things that make you happy without worrying of what other people will say. Then, when you came to know yourself, you will also know how to embrace your imperfections. Everyone has flaws, weaknesses, scars and challenges that we go through our lives. The mere fact that you were able to embrace and accept those imperfections in life then, you could say to yourself it’s okay not to be okay. When you are going through hardship in your life right now, don’t hesitate to cry about it, you are free to wallow from that pain, it’s also alright to get angry, it’s okay not to be okay, just know how to get back/up. It is you who can decide when to move on or move forward with the situation you’re facing. If many people were making fun of you like your physical appearance, I think it’s a very lame attitude or reason especially to the people who accepted their own flaws and imperfections and they are just wasting their time.

As the song says, It’s okay not to be okay. Everybody bruises, we just have know who we are.

Past, Present, Future 

Time to live in the present. Let the past be your lesson & the future be a moment to look forward to. 

The weekend before November – How you doing y’all? It’s the weekend again. After being struck by a devastating super typhoon Lawin, here we are, trying to pick up the pieces and moving on again and believing to a brighter future. Our power supply got back last Wednesday night whoohoo! (Coz I stayed during the time the current is off at my Aunt’s house who has a generator, we were unaware that the current is back and been just informed through a phone call). We were all still ecstatic even though it’s a delayed reaction but then after an hour, the power supply was cut off and we were furious coz it just got back and they were cutting it off again. But that fury didn’t last, (it was just an initial reaction though) and we said to ourselves that we can still endure the no current thing, all importantly is that our family is safe and little damage were incurred in our own houses. Luckily, it came back again. Now, we’re more appreciative on the efforts of the authority who managed to get back the power supply the soonest possible. 

From that experience of being out of current for almost 8 days, I realized that in the past, I was unaware to the significance of it and now, I am more appreciative and thinking of how I can be of help that our reservoir for current will be enough to us in the future. I’m thinking of ways to how we can save more energy even in our own little way. (Any suggestions anyone? You can comment down below)

 I know that it will be a long time to fully recover from the devastation that we encountered but as they always say, let the past be your guide to live in the present and look forward for a brighter future. 
Have a great and very looooong weekend… To the people who will be going home for a vacation for Undas, keep safe everyone! Those who will join the trick or treat keep safe too. Happy Halloween guys and have a meaningful celebration of All Saints’ & All Souls’ Day. 

Making Mega in Morocco (excerpt)

So there’s an update on the blog of and I was elated coz it’s her experiences in making the Mega magazine in Morocco. (Morocco has been one of my dream destination to work since child. I got interested of it when I watched Made in Chelsea. I can’t remember what season. I just fell in love of their sceneries and you don’t need a visa to go there if I can remember it right)

So there’s an update on the blog of and I was elated coz it’s her experiences in making the Mega magazine in Morocco. (Morocco has been one of my dream destination to work since child. I got interested of it when I watched Made in Chelsea. I can’t remember what season. I just fell in love of their sceneries and you don’t need a visa to go there if I can remember it right)

My thoughts  on her blog? 

Hey hey hey menggay! It’s really nice and we’re very estatic whenever you update your blog coz we get to experience your experiences as well. I got scared to how the camel smacked you. But at least as you’d said, you now had the worst kisser ever.. Hahaha. (You should’ve described how A kissed you.. Hehehe jk) I’m still waiting for your entry of Como and the AlDub Wedding (so much demand am I?) Take care always menggay and I’m excited for your personal trip with Alden to London. Pls don’t forget to take lots of pictures & videos again and tell the story here. At least even though I still don’t see you and Alden personally, I get a firsthand getting to know my loves through your blogs. Love you & A. (I will never get tired loving the both of you and will never fail to dedicate all my entries in my personal blog too for you. You are the one who inspired me to open myself and my thoughts in the blog world. I know I still have much to learn but I hope I’m getting there. You’re really a good storyteller and I wish I could emulate at least a bit portion of that too.) Take care of yourself and take care each other (you & Alden)

The blog:

Hi y’all! So I just got back from a Iligan and Cebu; and yesterday (technically) was the AlDub MEGA cover launch that I was not able to attend to. I reached Manila at around 10:30 in the evening and I was actually planning (believe it or not) to run to SM Aura to catch the second screening (that started at 9pm) but then it would take me 40 minutes to reach the venue according to Waze. So, ano pa ang aabutan ko? I decided to go home and just take a rest! But! There’s a good news!

Okay before you start reading this blog post, I want you to know that I wrote this entry on the first week of October, and the video you’ll see below was made on the last week of September– everything was pretty much all set to publish. But! On October 5th (the day the cover was released), just when I was about to post the entry, my blog decided to malfunction. I wasn’t able to access my blog for two weeks due to some layout issues. I reported the problem to my web host and gladly they were able to fix the logging-in issue. It was reported that the problem started with my blog theme so they had to put everything back to default, as you can see, for me to gain access to my dashboard. Anyway, when I finally got to access my blog, I noticed some posts went missing, including this Making Mega in Morocco draft. I got so pissed and decided not to post an entry about our Morocco shoot anymore. The next day, I reported the problem to my web host again just to check if they could do something about it. And just this evening, before I hop in the plane to Manila, I got an email from them saying they were able to retrieve my missing drafts! Woo hooo! Talk about perfect timing.

And that’s the good news– well, for me.

So here it is! I did not edit the content anymore so what you are about to read is the original draft. (And it might confuse you a bit!) Just imagine you are reading this on the day the cover was released, which was three weeks ago. Oh and forget what happened this evening at the MEGA launch, just act like you have NO idea about what happened in Morocco–AT ALL.


And since our MEGA Magazine is finally out in the market, I am glad to share with you the video that I made last week –on the last day of September since I thought Mega will be releasing the magazine on the first day of October. (Which means, naka-standby na itong entry na ito 5 days ago pa, ready to publish na!) But due to a minor problem, Mega had to reschedule the launch of the magazine..but the wait is over–it’s finally here!


Oh by the way, happy October y’all! I hope you all had a great September! Going back, I was kind of struggling in making the compilation because I wasn’t able to take lots of videos in Morocco. We went there to work– we were shooting all day– so I didn’t have a chance to go around and document what the city has to offer.

There were three groups who travelled to Morocco for #MakingMegaWithAlDub. The first group/my glam team (Juan Sarte and Celeste Tuviera) along with “the” Mark Nicdao left a day ahead of us. Second group–my group– includes me, my mom, Kuya Michael (my handler) and some from Mega team. Third group was Alden’s group; I think it was just him and Sam (his handler) who flew.

 It took us about 16 hours to reach Morocco(if I am not mistaken) and  I had a really pleasant time inside the plane because I was upgraded from business class to first class–I am a first-class-first-timer! (Thank you Ms. Melanie of Etihad Airways!) Our group arrived at Casa Blanca at around 9 in the morning, while Alden arrived shortly after lunch. We were scheduled to start the shoot in the afternoon so no lakwatsa for us.

We went to Hassan II Mosque first. We weren’t able to take much photos in the area; we also left immediately to respect the Mosque and the people in it. Met some AlDub supporters/ADN in the area, also! Was a bit surprised because I didn’t know there are a lot of Filipinos in Morocco.

Next stop was Rick’s Cafe. Some of you might be familiar with the placeit is a restaurant designed to recreate the bar in the movie classic Casablanca. We stayed there to eat and have some drinks– also to take a couple of shots. (Lol by shots I mean photographs) I’d like to classify those shots as stolen photos in a way.



So much love for Mark *hearts* *hearts everywhere*

We left for Marrakesh the next day. Took us about 4 hours bus ride from Casablanca. We stopped at a Camel desert along the way. Rode a camel for the first time and got smacked by a camel for the first time as well. (Seen in the video below!) Nakakatawa, that has got to be the most memorable thing that happened to me in Morocco. I got whacked by a camel right on the face! Nakakatakot siya, bes. It didn’t actually hurt but at that moment I thought my face was about to get munched. Then the caretaker was like “(It was) just a kiss”. Uhm, okay.. that kiss felt like getting hit by a flying frying pan. Kisses are supposed to be soft and sweet–not horrible. Well, I have to conclude that that camel is the worst kisser ever.


And guess what! My ever-loving dinosaur arrived on our second shooting day. I was so glad he didn’t let the Morocco shoot pass. *note sarcasm* I always have the hardest time working with menstrual cramps (I think everybody knows that) I don’t get to function properly and the best thing to do is to just stay in bed all day and cry myself to sleep. We weren’t able to shoot much that afternoon because of my stupid dysmenorrhea. Though I still forced and managed to get myself to function– I had to– and I tried my best to work stoically. I had to bear the pain while shooting outdoor and release the agony inside the bus. So, before everybody sees and comments about how awful and awkward I look in the photos, uunahan ko na.. Please do not mind my mukhang-najjebs/sakit-na-sakit-na-facein the magazine. You have no idea how much pain I had to endure at that moment!(Uhm wait, I think you have? Haha!) Let me commend Alden though for literally lending a helping hand to lessen the pain. Thank you. 🙂

Alden left first thing in the morning on the third day– along with my dinosaur. Yay! So I was able to function properly already! The shoot went great and smooth; too bad it was already during my solo cover shoot. Oh by the way for everybody’s information, Alden and I had more photos taken separately. (For Mega and Mega Man) And fortunately, the only chance we had to shoot together was the day of dino’s grand arrival. Your timing is always perfect, dino. You never fail to ruin things.




Stealing some shots from the magazine.

Summing it all up, travelling in Morocco is a very different experience from travelling in a Western country. Sadly, we only had a short (4-day) stay so we failed to see the country’s top attractions. Given a chance though, I’d like to go back as a tourist to explore more grandiose places.
Noticed how Morocco is very strict with a lot of things; we had to deal with some issues during our shoot, but gladly we were able to get everything done. We had to do everything quick; we had to move fast and shoot fast. I’d like to describe the experience as adventurous–in a way, but definitely memorable.


Pasasalamat section (LOL):
Thanks very much Sir Juan and Ms. Celeste for making me look like a Moroccan-ish human being.
To Mark, who never fails to take AMAZING photographs.
To my nanay, who literally never left my side to give assistance and to witness how awkward I am in photoshoots– and for making this shoot even more awkward.
To Alden, for the “helping hand”, as always.
To MEGA, for having AlDub and for the experience.
Lastly, to ADN and to those who bought copies, GRAZIE MILLE. 🙂

67th and 8th

Sinong mag-aakala

Ngunit kailanman hindi nagduda

Na kayo ay humarap sa dambana 

Magsasabihan ng pagmamahal sa isa’t-isa 

Sa split screen unang nagkasilayan ang inyong mga mata 

Sa tamang panahon nagkayakapan at pinatibay ang pagsasama

Malayo man ang narating ninyong dalawa

Basta’t hawak niyo sa kamay ang pagtitiwala

At ang init ng pagsasama ay damang-dama 

Hindi padadaig sa anumang intriga

Isasabuhay ang pangakong habang buhay na magkasama

Lahat dadaigin, kahit anong unos kakayanin 

Ang buhay may asawa ay inyong pagtibayin 

Ang sinasambit ng isa’t-isa ay diringgin

 Ang hindi pagkakaunawaan ay aayusin




Kung magkaroon man ng konting pag-aawayan 

Ang ipinangako sa harap ng Panginoon inyong balikan 

Gawing sentro ang Diyos sa inyong pag-iibigan 

Upang ang buhay may asawa ang lagi niyang babasbasan 

Hiling ng karamihan 

Ang magpatuloy ang matibay na pagsasamahan

At magkaroon ng maliliit ninyong bersyon 

Na aalagaan at magbubuklod pa ng inyong relasyon. 

Happy #ALDUB67thWeeksary A&M and ADN! Salubungin natin ang araw na ito ng may ngiti, kilig at puno ng pagmamahalan. Tularan natin ang mga mahal nating bibis sa kanilang kabutihan ng puso at pagiging mababa ang loob. Ipagdiwang ang araw na ito ng may kabuluhan. 

I was a little productive today at work and even in my blog. I hope it continues this way. 

Opportunity to Help

If you’re given the chance to help even in your own simple way, always, always grab that opportunity. 

October 26, 2016- Whooohooo! I have so many accomplishments today! I feel so elated this day because I felt like I was able to finish whatever I need to accomplish today. 

But before I tell such story, a somewhat bad thing happened to me earlier this day. I went somewhere to print the documents I needed in my reports. When I reached my destination, people were crowding and when I went to see it, they were packing another batch of relief goods for the victims of super typhoon Lawin. I wanted to help but because I’m in uniform so I make it a pass this time. Instead, I called our office to rescue and help in the packing. The ones who I talked to in the other line assured me that someone will come but none went by. So, I didn’t mind or bothered myself in the shortcomings of my colleague but when I was able to tell the story to my other colleague, she reiterated it through to the ones I was talking about. But he denied it. He said that we never in any chance talked, and I never asked him to come over to help in the packing of relief goods. 

I was so down awhile ago and felt like he made me look like I’m a liar to my other colleagues. Yes I felt bad and frustrated about it. Bad coz he made me look like I was making up story and frustrated coz I was not able to help them. 

Anyway, I just continued my work even though I have a heavy heart. I printed the things I needed to print. The personnel who was struck by the typhoon needed their documents to be printed so I helped them draft and print it. I also let them use my laptop too. From those little and simple ways, I am able to show kindness. I believe that even though you are having a hard time in your personal life, you should always show goodness to others, create a good vibes mood that will make other people smile. So even if I have a not so good start of the day, I eventually made the right decision of being a helping hand to others especially to those less fortunate one. 
Because the relief goods that they were packing this morning came short, they needed to pack again in the afternoon so, I said to myself that I shouldn’t miss such this time.

 My day today is still satisfying despite what happened at the start. I have a clean heart coz I know in my conscience that I said the truth. I have a happy heart because I was able to use my strength in helping others (even if it’s only a short time and a scant kind of help). If you’re given a chance to help even in your own simple way, always, always grab that opportunity. I just grabbed mine now. When will be yours? Grab that opportunity to help. NOW… 

Ann’s Trip (vol. 1)

This trip is not just about traveling. It’s also about my journey in this world, my life experiences and learning.

I’ll start this post on Ann’s trip of music. I love pop, soul & urban songs. (I’m also a silent lover of light metal and alternative rock songs). It depends on the mood that I have. I’m also a sucker for meaningful lyrics that tackles about empowerment, love, being broken and about moving on/forward. I will enumerate at least 5 international and 5 OPM songs that I love. You’ll be the judge of what songs do I really love to listen to.
International songs:

  1. Can’t Take That Away by Mariah Carey.
  2. Viva La Vida by Coldplay
  3. She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles
  4. Mirror by Justin Timberlake
  5. Only Hope by Mandy Moore

OPM songs:

  1. Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka by Regime Velasquez
  2. Ambon by Barbie Almalbis
  3. How Great is Our God by Alden Richards
  4. You and Me Together by Christian Bautista and Julie Ann San Jose
  5. Kahit Kailan by South Border
  6. How Did You Know by Gary V.

The songs I mentioned above are the songs that I know in my heart which seems like have no variation. I appreciate a lot of genres of songs but those personally are my favorite. By the way, you’re wondering that I listed 6 instead of 5 to my OPM song? Because it’s not just the songs, the singers of that songs are my favorites too.

In Times of Darkness

I am about to sleep when suddenly something popped up in my mind. Alone in the room. It feels so empty. There’s a sudden cold that embraced myself. As I turned off the lights, the darkness that filled my room magnified my loneliness. 

Yes, I admit that sometimes, I feel a space in my heart accrued whenever I am alone, whenever I am frustrated and whenever I am in despair. I always feel alone even if I have a complete family. I am frustrated with how my life’s state or condition runs. I sometimes feel in despair of how my life experiences are flowing. I will state a sample of it. When I was about to enter college, I enrolled in a distinguished university and my first choice course is BS Accountancy. In my entrance exam, I passed the first level test which means that I can choose any course in the university so as I have said earlier, I enrolled in an accountancy course. But as the first day of classes is nearing, my Aunt was a little antagonist to my decision and suggested that I will take a nursing course either for a greener pasture. Because I was very obedient back then, I complied to her request. I changed course and took a BS Nursing. I graduated from that course and even took the board exam of it on the same year and luckily, I passed such professional board examination. But during these times, I know I am happy and proud of myself but because it’s not my first choice, my heart has a blank space of sadness and frustration. To cut the long story short, I felt lost in the profession that I finished. Now, I am in a different line of work. I work in an institution that is opposite to the course I graduated with. But it’s my choice. My life is sometimes confusing but because I was the one who chose this kind of life, I don’t regret any of it. The irony of life. You are spoon fed to all kinds of success but if you’re not happy then it’s useless unlike the situation of you’re experiencing a simple life, but you’re happiness is overflowing. Which one will you choose? 

I’m in the verge of experiencing a life traveling a dark time. In this time of darkness, the person I can only call to rescue me is my own self and God. I need to be stronger amidst the trials, insecurities and loneliness that I am facing. When my faith weakens, I pray to God to guide me and always show the right path for me. I know He will say that I have the discernment to choose, but through His guidance, I know I can face any challenges. In times of darkness, as long as your faith is never disintegrated, then you’ll be safe and your life will always in the right way. 


The photos above are reminder of how far we’ve come and become as a fandom. And we’re still a force to be reckoned with, a team to beat, and still on top. It’s been a year already of the #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon wherein unity in a nation was shown at its best. 

I still remember that day when I was so frustrated because I wasn’t able to purchase a ticket (I cried a little). I still remember before that day as I planned to sleep early to wake up at midnight but due to excitement, my plan didn’t prosper, instead, I stayed awake and just waited for the 12 midnight to join our so-called twitter party. I remember this day that I stayed awake for more than 24 hours just to check the number of tweets for the OHT. I remember this day how our family were very soaked up in our television that everyone is at their seat, very eager of what will happen to this day. I remember this day how our family put in actions the lessons learned from the wise words of Lola N and that is valuing patience and how things fall into place by just knowing how to work hard of it and wait for the right time and circumstance. I remember this day that it’s still fresh in my heart and in my mind my personal experience of the #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon. 

Here are my top choices of the moments in #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon as my heart and mind could remember. 

1. The ADNs unity – the mere fact that the biggest indoor arena with 55K capacity was filled with lots of ADNs is already amazing isn’t? I also love the human wave when the themesong of EB was actually played. 

2. The flashback stories and the individual performances of the three Lolas. – I enjoyed all of it. But if I will choose one performance from the JoWaPao, I’ll choose the costume changes done with Wally. He’s at his prime when he did that. 

3. The individual performances of Alden and Maine. – it shows how talented they are and how powerful are them even individually. Even though I felt a little bit awkward to Alden’s sexy dance but damn he’s one hot guy there. And of course the dubsmash skills of Maine is unparalleled. She’s really a queen of dubsmash. 

4. The kiss of Maine and Baste. – even though it’s a BTS moment, I find it cute though of how Maine is so fond of children. She’s a good mother in the making… Hahaha! 

5. The Frankie Production number. – the one who thought of it is a clever one. That’s how advertising mind should think. 

6. The teary eyed A&M – you can see and feel how genuine their hearts are, how grateful they are to us and how they savor the moment. 

7. The first dance of A&M  and the putting of the shoe – it’s a Cinderella moment wherein you’re dancing with your prince charming and the shoes chose the right girl for you because you and her are destined to be together. 

8. The moment wherein Maine is watching their AlDub videos and there came Alden at her back wherein Maine looked at Alden – that glance and then, they started to walk towards each other, then you see those teary but glowing eyes, this moment is something. 

9. The moment wherein Alden sang GGMY with Maine beside her. That’s a proud moment for Alden. 

10. The first hug of A&M – that moment is so magical and ethereal at the same time. That’s it pancit moment. Seeing that scene makes you believe in destiny and serendipity. It’s a start of something new for them. It’s a brewing relationship that we all hope for a forever. 

11. The message of Alden to Maine and vise versa Maine to Alden. No words to describe it. Just understand what they meant and feel how that message wants it to be felt. 

12. The main purpose of #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon – a worthy cause that brings not only entertainment but mostly doing charity. The proceeds of this event is the construction of libraries which our youth, the future of this nation will use. What a worthy cause indeed. 

Now that A&M are married in Kalyeserye – From the pabebe wave, a simple hand gesture to putting of ring in each other’s hand and saying a promise to love and cherish what they have in front of their millions of fans and most especially in front of our Lord is a testament of valuing each other’s relationship and treasuring the friendship that was built. And wherever this relationship could take place, we should always remember these days, the #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon and  #ALDUBWedding that made a nation united. 

The Sunday Currently/ 14


Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Sunday again and we still don’t have current (power lines are still on the process of repair and they are saying that the estimated date is until the 29th)  and our communication lines were still unstable (one of the cellular sites just got back after two days after being interrupted) but I made myself very productive today because I was able to update my blog despite our situation. I am actually updating this one in the middle of the dark night because our generator ran out of gasoline. We need to wait until there’s available to fill the tank of  the generator. These were some of the aftermath of supertyphoon Lawin. Before I do my currentlies, I just want to state what happened to me after the storm. There’s a positive turnout from the catastrophe that we just experienced. I was away from work and was able to bond with my families in mother side. I was able to travel different municipalities and enjoy myself chatting with my cousins, having a movie marathon with them and more chikas. There’s a positive outcome from the challenge that we faced. Literally, as the song says, “there’s always a rainbow after the rain.”


The #ALDUBWedding write-ups. It makes you feel how love is despite being loveless.

aside from my 14th edition of the Sunday currently, I was able to write my experience from the Super-typhoon Lawin and of course the #ALDUBWedding that happened just yesterday (by the way I didn’t write much on it because I want the videos to speak for itself)


to She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles. I felt like this song just describes me. So much feels. Just listen unto it to know what I mean. Aside from it, my ears were irritated to the sound of the generator

of when will the power lines be fixed. I am already a refuge to my aunt’s house and I am thinking of what was their feelings towards it.

awful smell of the gasoline from our generator.

all is well that ends well from the people devastated by Lawin.

that all the challenges that the people who were struck by the typhoon could overcome it and this will serve as a vehicle to move on/ move forward and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

my checkered shorts and pink shirt.


my aunt’s generosity of letting me stay in their house and charge all the gadgets I have. I was able to do these updating staffs because I have enough batteries and power supply to back it up.

a fresh new start for everyone.

my wi-fi so that I could do the staff I was doing everyday.

a bit sad because of what happened to us. I am also happy despite the calamity we faced because we are still alive.

Have a great weekday ahead! I hope our power supply will be back the soonest and stay safe wherever you may be. I will be going to work again tomorrow and good luck to me.

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