Poet kuno

I’m willing to be lost just to be with you.  I just love. It’s an undefined reason but I just felt it.  Home… 


For 72 weeks of  following A&M, being in crazy with this phenomenon, it is only now that I noticed how A reacted to M on their first day. When we say about the first day of AlDub on July 16, 2015 what comes to your mind first? Isn’t it how M got kilig to A … More 72


    My life is full of filter In which my optimism falter I can’t recognize myself Where’s the depth? It exudes perfection And conceal imperfections I can see them airbrushing your life But the unhappiness is so wide I didn’t care about the future My life is in black and white Then you came into … More Picture

Strong Young Ladies (Selena Gomez & Maine Mendoza)

Age is just a number to spread inspiration, aspiration and being a role model. Selena Gomez and Maine Mendoza for me are the faces of millennial nowadays that need to be recognized in their own respective ways. Yes, they are young and in different levels of experience in the showbiz world but because of their … More Strong Young Ladies (Selena Gomez & Maine Mendoza)


  https://vimeo.com/191628464 So I woke up early morning today feeling a little bit vigorous and having the urge to write a poem so here it is…   I used to dance on my own I am alone when I walk home When I lost her I neglected how to care I am crippled I was … More 71


The celebration for the 16th Monthsary and the 70th Weeksary may be overshadowed with Missus being pregnant or the story in KS now equates to A&M’s married life but for the love, I will still continue this for it’s a reminder of how a phenomenon occurred, how this phenomenon captivated a nation’s heart and made … More 70