The Sunday Currently/ 18

I woke up early this morning for I intended to go out today so, I was able head south. I went there to buy some stuffs for our house and in my course of shopping, I received a text message from my boss informing and instructing me to do something. (I will not tell the details of the instruction for it’s confidential.) Anyways, I was able to buy the things I need to buy and do the things I need to do before doing the said command. I am still happy going home though.



The new Michael Crichton book I bought. It’s already an old book but I love his novels that’s why.

aside from my 18th edition of the Sunday Currently, I am working on something that you will know in the near future or maybe later if I could finish it the soonest possible.



I love this movie of Ashton Kutcher entitled “A Lot Like Love” and I fell in love with the OST.

of how I can collate my thoughts so that I could finish what I have been talking about earlier on writing something.

nothing. I have a clogged nose. The unexplained change of weather is making me sick. One moment it’s sunny and in the other moment it’s rainy and even very cold.

I could go to Manila this coming month. *fingers-crossed

that the monthly compliance will be finished early/ier

my navy green spaghetti dress.


my newly pedicured toe nails. I love nude nail-polish too.

to go to Manila. Somebody sponsor my trip..hihihi!

a new camera pls…. who’s a Good Samaritan here. I am saving my money for it. Hope I could buy the soonest.

happy still despite the unexpected compliance earlier but no biggie. I love my work so, I’m still happy.

Have a great week ahead guys! It’s the monthly compliance week for me! Wish me luck that I could finish them with good remarks.

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For 72 weeks of  following A&M, being in crazy with this phenomenon, it is only now that I noticed how A reacted to M on their first day.

When we say about the first day of AlDub on July 16, 2015 what comes to your mind first? Isn’t it how M got kilig to A when she saw A watching her while doing Dubsmash? That iconic reaction is undeniably made this team the biggest LT amongst this generation and a history already.

But what caught me when I started watching the Pre-Tamang Panahon videos to be specific, the video above, I noticed how A was so amazed watching M. I am a testament of A’s journey of showbizness because I have been secretly fond of him ever since he popped into the television. I was there when he played Joma, Tisoy and many more characters. So I know that glowing smile of his when he watched M. There’s an unexplained admiration and amusement towards her. I think he felt something when he watched her. He may not have known the meaning of what he felt on that day, but I can see in that reaction of his that something strange has happened. A magical moment has happened that touched not only M’s heart but A’s also.

And the rest they say is history. Who would have thought that we are already on our 72 weeks and still rocking a nation and the world. They may say that this phenomenon is dwindling but as for me, they are just only starting. I am still waiting for the greater opportunity to showcase their other side and I know they will again rock a nation. I am patiently waiting and hanging in there for I know that their grateful heart will tell them to show their best for the people that loved, are loving and will love them.

Happy #ALDUB72ndWeeksary A&M, Mr&Missus, king and queen, mi loves and every ADN! Don’t forget in your hearts and minds that this divine intervention was made because of love so, let’s spread love and kindness even to the people who are not. God bless everyone!




My life is full of filter

In which my optimism falter

I can’t recognize myself

Where’s the depth?

It exudes perfection

And conceal imperfections

I can see them airbrushing your life

But the unhappiness is so wide

I didn’t care about the future

My life is in black and white

Then you came into the picture

Turned into colors that I like


Being funny and wacky is okay.





Strong Young Ladies (Selena Gomez & Maine Mendoza)


Age is just a number to spread inspiration, aspiration and being a role model. Selena Gomez and Maine Mendoza for me are the faces of millennial nowadays that need to be recognized in their own respective ways. Yes, they are young and in different levels of experience in the showbiz world but because of their circumstances, and the twist of fate in their lives, many look up to them and because of their good hearts and talent to make people happy, they serve as voices of inspiration. Selena started very young. She literally grew up in front of our eyes. Maine Mendoza on the other hand is like a mushroom that just sprung in unexpected way. These two strong young ladies made a huge impact in my life recently.

The link above is the full video of Maine Mendoza’s speech as a keynote speaker of at the 7th PANAF YOUTH CONGRESS.

I was reading a lot of stuffs about how Maine lived her life. I know for a fact that she was raised in a very well-off family and she has everything in store to her with or without showbizness. I also read her struggles on dealing with a lot of people that until now she’s battling about it. Her blog made me know about her more. So when she was invited as a keynote speaker and was able to deliver her speech excellently, I felt like her older sister that is very proud of her. As somewhat introvert as her, being just in front of many people may be very consuming of energy, as if your energy is being absorbed that makes you very weak and being able to speak to them is very admirable. Enough with how she tends to being timid. Her speech made me feel that if she can then I can and everyone can. She also spoke about being true or being yourself. In a world full of reel, she epitomizes the real word. Doing things that make people happy is one thing but doing things that make yourself happy is a choice and she chooses to be her own self. I felt in her speech that it came from the bottom of her heart. She was not speaking there to impress her crowd but to prove her capabilities and an opportunity to tell her story. She may be a newbie in her new world but she doesn’t stop to improve herself and she tells us that it’s still okay even if others disapprove. The approval you need to live with is yourself and the people that really matters to you.


The above link is Selena Gomez’ acceptance speech in her AMA award.

Music savvy like mine is very happy when I saw Selena walking her way to the AMA. I think after her tour in Asia, she enrolled herself in a rehabilitation center that shocked me intensely. I love Selena and her music. She for me in her generation are paragons pf genuineness and artistry. And when she was announced that she won the Rock Female Award in AMA, her speech really got me. She confessed about making people happy but she herself is unhappy. She said that she was broken inside so, she needed some help that when she got out in the rehab, she’s her complete self. It’s so admirable for her to speak the truth about what she went through and to be able to conquer her being broken is a proud moment. She also spoke as I quote, “I don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram, I want to see what’s in here (her hand pointing to her chest)” That moment brought me in tears too. Many millennials’ minds nowadays speak of how they can impress their friends, followers by posting in their social medias about their luxurious trips, their sexy bodies and not what’s really inside their hearts. Their posts are their fake self, so to speak. But in her speech, it’s so powerful because it’s from her own experience and situation and it speaks about being real in this millennial era.

Maine and Selena are two young ladies and they epitomize being a strong willed young ladies for they show us their true self and speak to us about being true and real amidst being in a world of reel. These two ladies serve as aspiration, inspiration and role model especially to the youth.




So I woke up early morning today feeling a little bit vigorous and having the urge to write a poem so here it is…


I used to dance on my own

I am alone when I walk home

When I lost her

I neglected how to care

I am crippled

I was drained

But somehow I need to get back again

I know I’m trying to be blithe back then

I am picking the pieces of me

Choosing now to be happy

And then you came into my life

When I am already alive

You’re a big surprise

An angel sent from above

I am better with you

You taught me to be true

You showed me love once more 

You taught my heart to beat again

If you ask me your importance

Without you, my life makes no sense

My life has changed without even trying

When I found you, I am saved from dying

You taught me to keep it real

You helped me to keep going


I know how to laugh

I know how love

I know how to live again

You’re indispensable

You made my imperfect life perfect

My love for you I cherish the most

You’re my treasure

Loving you is the easiest thing to do

I love you as you are

Happy #ALDUB71stWeeksary Mr&Missus A&M and the whole ADN! I am always looking forward to this day for it’s a reminder for us on how this all started.







New World With You

i am scared

going near to an heir

set foot into a new world

as my heart, you hold


i am feared

you calm me with care

i am adrift

but my spirit you lift


i am afraid

to love you

you reassure

a step further to the leap of faith


i get shivers

don’t know where to start

but when you entered my life

this life now, has direction



i am not scared

i am not feared

i am not afraid

i still get shivers in a positive way

i know i can swim the ocean

in the giant waves and tides

with my greatest journey

my new world with you

my life, my love


The Sunday Currently/ 17


I am so overwhelmed today due to the piled up paper works that I need to do. My mind wants to burst and my mother is somewhat annoying today for the so many favors she is asking but as they say, a good daughter always follows her parents. So I need to oblige. But earlier this day, I was able to produce a new video in my YT channel with my new loved song entitled Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur.


The PREVIEW magazine with M in the cover. I am looking for a different cover of her with the same issue but as a Team Province, we are again left out and maybe that issue is already sold out so I need to settle to what’s available. I still love it though.

my 17th edition of the Sunday Currently. Aside from it, I am planning to publish another poem if I could finish it.


Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

of how I can collate my crazy thoughts tonight. I need to finish these paper works. Cramming time again for me.

the viand that my mama is cooking. Home made foods are the best.

that I could finish all these things on time.

to a better and relaxing week ahead. Today is somewhat crazy.

my super comfy red spaghetti dress.


the new cover of M in the Preview Mag.

a super cold orange fruit juice. Tonight is kinda hot.

a new conduction oven and video cam. Santa Claus I need you! Please grant my request please! hehehe!

burned out. I need some update from you A&M to better my feelings please!

Have a great week ahead guys! I hope your weekend is better that mine coz as you can tell above I am ranting about me in a not so good mood. I really do hope that this chaos will end the soonest and I will have a better day tomorrow.

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The celebration for the 16th Monthsary and the 70th Weeksary may be overshadowed with Missus being pregnant or the story in KS now equates to A&M’s married life but for the love, I will still continue this for it’s a reminder of how a phenomenon occurred, how this phenomenon captivated a nation’s heart and made us/me happy whenever I see them even from afar.


I imagined myself walking with you

To the center of the dancing room

We will play our favorite song

And slowly step forward towards each other

In which our hands will perfectly fit together

I imagined us dancing underneath the moonlight

Witnessed by the stars aligned in us

Your hands will hold my waist

As I wrap my arms around your neck

I can feel your every deep breath

And the touch of your hand to my skin

I can smell your favorite perfume

That put a spell on me to love you more

I can hear your heart beat

That rhythmically plays to our favorite tune

Our eyes that sparkle will meet

I  can see all the love you have for me.

As we sway our hips in the same direction

That travels to a united emotion

Our love song will play forever

And we will dance to that music together.