Back & Broken

What a day it is today…


Hey, hey, hey! I’m back blogging! It’s been really a long time since my last entry. I was a bit busy these past few days. There were things that I need to prioritize. I know that if you love something, like me, writing, reasons are only reasons. You need to find time doing what you enjoy but there were days that you needed to lie low even though it may cause some pain in your heart. I want my welcome blog entry to be a positive one but I can’t. I feel like in my comeback, I’m broken. 


I am broken especially today. I know that I shouldn’t be ranting bitterness here because I want my blog to just be a positive, happy vibe, sunny blog. But when you feel something, it just translates into the things that you do. I know that this is a comeback and here I am telling some sadness in my life but this is me. I just want to voice out what I am feeling even just for now. I am recognizing that I have a problem this time. 

I feel like my life is a mess right now. All the things that I do is against to what I wanted. I know that God gives these kind of challenges in life to make you stronger and to have faith in Him but there are times that I still feel bad, like today. Oftentimes, I show a strong persona to other people. I am known for my calm relax self especially in times of cramming but I dodged a bullet at myself this time. I let my anger and sort of anxiety get in my head that caused bad treatment to other people. I know I shouldn’t have done what I did awhile but it’s already done. What can I do now? The damage has been done. I have said what I have said. I should admit that I mess up this time. That, what I did is wrong and I am initiating my apologies now. It was only now that I realize what I did was wrong. I can’t tell you the detail cause ….


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