Sir Bunagan

  Leaders become great, not because of their power but because of their ability to empower – John Maxwell Last Monday, who would have thought that I will receive so many text messages from you (paminsan-minsan lang magrequest ang Hepe namin ah) about tarpaulin for Drug Clearing of Barangays, about different directives from s7 and … More Sir Bunagan

Back & Broken

What a day it is today… BACK Hey, hey, hey! I’m back blogging! It’s been really a long time since my last entry. I was a bit busy these past few days. There were things that I need to prioritize. I know that if you love something, like me, writing, reasons are only reasons. You … More Back & Broken


We are looking forward to your newest teleserye A&M. I am super excited for “Destined to Be Yours” despite my missing of the KS. I am missing you both too but I know that this little sacrifices of not seeing you both in the TV everyday, will still be worth the wait. I just knew … More 77

Ann’s Holidaze

It’s been so long since I publish a blog and my last post is very shallow (sabaw. mema lang. mema-lagay). I still haven’t found my mojo. But I will try my best to tell how was my holiday because I definitely ended the season with genuine happiness. I will start my  story on December 19, … More Ann’s Holidaze


Two hearts that beat as one Even if we’re two worlds apart There’s something that is missing And it’s you who fills the emptiness  I chose to be happy And I choose you Now I’m happy and contented With you by my side This would be my most sabaw post but never will I forget … More 76


  Just a few more hours left and we will be celebrating the day of birth of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. Most of us I think are already preparing foods and gifts in time for Christmas. In our family, what we traditionally do is preparing a simple dinner and after dinner, we will be … More CHRISTMAS 2016


It started as complete strangers By a twist of fate You found each other Your heart opened its gate. Those perfect moments may not be always perfect,  But being with you seems everything makes it perfect.  Save your heart for him For he cares about you the way you care about him A diamond in … More 75