We are looking forward to your newest teleserye A&M. I am super excited for “Destined to Be Yours” despite my missing of the KS. I am missing you both too but I know that this little sacrifices of not seeing you both in the TV everyday, will still be worth the wait. I just knew it and I claim it now for the success of it.

Like this day is a reminder to how this started – and that is about love and good vibes that happened unexpectedly.

I know even if you don’t show or does not come in your mouth that you’re feeling the pressure of being together but I also know that you want to nurture what you feel inside, that’s why I am stepping behind now of knowing your whereabouts and your updates because I am letting your relationship grow deeper, mature to forever and just love.

I just want to greet you both and remind you of the day that started it all. I love you both A&M. I just realized today that you need not to know someone personally to love him/her. Love is a feeling and I felt that to you. I felt your genuine hearts that’s why it has also touched my heart. I know that there were news that give bad light unto the both of you but in my personal circumstances, I don’t bother or doesn’t mind them for I have stronger faith on you both and your fate is to be together. That it doesn’t dampen or tarnished my feelings towards you despite the various bad news that try to slow your phenomenon status as of the moment. I just pray that you both have a stronger bond to face these bumps and trials.

Happy #ALDUB77thWeeksary A&M and the whole ADN! Continue the happy vibes within you that radiate within us



So I woke up early morning today feeling a little bit vigorous and having the urge to write a poem so here it is…


I used to dance on my own

I am alone when I walk home

When I lost her

I neglected how to care

I am crippled

I was drained

But somehow I need to get back again

I know I’m trying to be blithe back then

I am picking the pieces of me

Choosing now to be happy

And then you came into my life

When I am already alive

You’re a big surprise

An angel sent from above

I am better with you

You taught me to be true

You showed me love once more 

You taught my heart to beat again

If you ask me your importance

Without you, my life makes no sense

My life has changed without even trying

When I found you, I am saved from dying

You taught me to keep it real

You helped me to keep going


I know how to laugh

I know how love

I know how to live again

You’re indispensable

You made my imperfect life perfect

My love for you I cherish the most

You’re my treasure

Loving you is the easiest thing to do

I love you as you are

Happy #ALDUB71stWeeksary Mr&Missus A&M and the whole ADN! I am always looking forward to this day for it’s a reminder for us on how this all started.








Sixteen months on the sixteenth day of November for the year 2016. So many sixteen. It may be so long yet we do not notice how long it is coz of the outpouring happiness, love and inspirations it encapsulate in this fanmily. There may have been bumps and trials and challenges along the way but it’s just  part of us growing, learning and being better  version of us. Because it’s the 16th Monthsary, I will list down my sixteen most favorite of AlDub/Maichard. (I will not tell the things that happened on 2015 anymore coz I already made mention about it from my previous posts. There may have the same on the previous list, it’s because my feelings towards them is still unchangeable or still the same. Just go check it out. Here are the links. https://annjerusalem.wordpress.com/2016/07/21/from-aldub-to-maichard-i-love-them-both/  or https://annjerusalem.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/god-gave-me-aldubmaichard/ )

  1. Genuine heart– who would not want someone who is genuine and organic? And I think both of them imbibe such trait. The people they meet are testament of how they treat people so warmly.
  2. Charitable – not only A&M who give when they have many blessings. So many people were influenced with doing charitable events in different institutions, groups from all ages. Even I was influenced to do charitable activities such as Blood Letting Program, Tree Planting Activities and the most recent is the repacking of relief goods for the victims of supertyphoon Lawin.
  3. Being real – aside from having a genuine heart, they too are very real. They may be living in a world full of reel, but they teach us to just do the things that makes you happy and do not mind what others will tell. That leads to my fourth favorite about them:
  4. Being yourself/themselves – their wacky antics is still the best but during their tough days and being still noticeable or recognized is what I like about them. They tell us that they too are human and they do not shadow what’s inside them.
  5. Travels abroad (Como, Morocco and Europe trip) – I think in these trips, helped them deepen their feelings, strengthen their relationship and a chance for them to know each other better. I love how lie low the news about them during these trips so, I know that they will treasure them a lifetime.
  6. The anniversary message of M to A – “Meeting you was fate; it was wonderful, it was miraculous, it was extraordinary; and indeed sweet serendipity” this tells it all right?
  7. The AlDub Wedding – the line between reel and real has been very blur during this day. That’s the magic of A&M. We cannot identify the difference of true and not because what you see is what you get.
  8. The Wedding Vow/ Message of A – Gusto kong malaman mo Meng, na nagpapasalamat ako dahil nakilala kita. At simula sa araw na ito, ipinapangako ko sayo na sa lahat ng mangyayari sa buhay mo na kasama ako, sisiguraduhin ko, ‘yon ang mga pinakamagagandang pangyayari sa buhay nating dalawa. I think this part was the most real part
  9. The Wedding Vow/ Message of M – Salamat Alden dahil tinuruan mo akong magmahal, nang wagas at nang walang takot. Salamat dahil pinaglaban mo ang pagmamahal natin, pinaglaban mo yung pagmamahal mo para sa akin. Asahan mo, na ipaglalaban ko din ang pagmamahal ko para sayo. Hanggang sa dulo, pangakong aalagaan kita, hanggang tayo ay tumanda. Pangakong hindi kita papabayaan. Pangakong palagi kitang sasamahan. Pangakong hinding-hindi kita iiwan. Mamahalin kita nang buong-buo, mamahalin kita nang walang kapantay habang-buhay.  When A’s tears pour, I know that he felt M’s message and very heartfelt.
  10. The Wedding Kiss – I will nominate this kiss as the Kiss of the Year (a very delicate and sweet kiss) I love how M responded to the kiss of A. Do the rewind to witness it.
  11. Married Life of A&M – eventhough it’s only for TV, I can see that they will be good husband and wife  and even better parents in the future. (I/We pray each day that in the near future, they will end up together)
  12. The intelligence of M- I am still in awe and amazement on how witty M is – from her crazy, funny antics to the serious life discussions. By the way, check out her poems, you will feel different levels of emotions reading them. I fell in love with them that I was inspired to make a narration video of them.
  13. A protecting M from crowds – yes, A&M draw humongous crowd that sometimes lead to, them being hurt and I can sense that “I will keep you safe and I can even risk myself just to protect you” is A’s mantra for this.
  14. Humility – they stay grounded despite the success they have been achieving.
  15. Gratitude – being very accommodating to their fans, attending AD/MC events and honing their crafts are examples or their way of thanking us. In these simple ways, I feel like they are very grateful to everything they have been receiving.
  16. LOVE – the most important ingredient into this phenomenon is the love between A&M; and between A&M and their fans. Their love towards each other is very evident and transparent now. There were moments that we wanted to know their whereabouts but I will give their off cam moments for them for I want their feelings towards each other to grow and us stepping behind to those moments will somewhat prove our love towards them too.  (I have received an inside news about them and I hope it is true but no pressure. They just need to savor every moment with each other and we will be contented)

That’s it! My somewhat lists of why I like love them so much. Pahabol how they check each other’s happiness is also one of the reason why I love them. Happy 16th Monthsary AD/MC and ADN! Let’s spread love and kindness always! By the way,  below are the links of my videos related to ADMC


I am binge reading the old posts in mainemendoza.com. I fell in love with her poems. How she writes them makes you travel to different levels of emotions. It is also relatable because at one point in your life, you too have experienced it. Even though every experience is unique to every single person, how she put those words in her poems give so much feels. Lately, I am very eager to learn and trying my hardest on how to edit videos and her poems ignited my creativity. Below are some of the edits I produced recently through the use of my smartphone. Imagine how a very small gadget can transform a beautiful poem into another medium.

The best subject for my video edits is of course mi loves AlDub/Maichard. I super enjoyed making the videos even if I end up awake in the middle of the night or ’til early dawn because I love what I am doing and I am inspired to my own subject and that is the love that is encapsulated between A&M that radiates to all of us.

Yes,  you’ve been hurt before

Yes, your heart was broken

Yes, your life have been a mess

Yes, you were crippled and wounded

But thanks for being hurt

For you are happy now. 

Thanks for being heart broken

For you have found someone that will make you whole 

Thanks for experiencing a messy life

For now everything is better and falling into place

Thanks for causing so much pain

Cause you found the guy that gives you happiness

You found the guy that will love you in his lifetime. -AMLJ

The number of celebrating weeksary is increasing but our love for them is unchanged and unfaded and even escalating. I hope you enjoy the videos I made. It’s very hard to do it but I made it all for love and passion. Happy weeksary to all of us . Enjoy the rest of the day. Spread love and good vibes to all the people you meet. Always make it a point to make people happy as how A&M make us happy too.


The photos above are reminder of how far we’ve come and become as a fandom. And we’re still a force to be reckoned with, a team to beat, and still on top. It’s been a year already of the #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon wherein unity in a nation was shown at its best. 

I still remember that day when I was so frustrated because I wasn’t able to purchase a ticket (I cried a little). I still remember before that day as I planned to sleep early to wake up at midnight but due to excitement, my plan didn’t prosper, instead, I stayed awake and just waited for the 12 midnight to join our so-called twitter party. I remember this day that I stayed awake for more than 24 hours just to check the number of tweets for the OHT. I remember this day how our family were very soaked up in our television that everyone is at their seat, very eager of what will happen to this day. I remember this day how our family put in actions the lessons learned from the wise words of Lola N and that is valuing patience and how things fall into place by just knowing how to work hard of it and wait for the right time and circumstance. I remember this day that it’s still fresh in my heart and in my mind my personal experience of the #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon. 

Here are my top choices of the moments in #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon as my heart and mind could remember. 

1. The ADNs unity – the mere fact that the biggest indoor arena with 55K capacity was filled with lots of ADNs is already amazing isn’t? I also love the human wave when the themesong of EB was actually played. 

2. The flashback stories and the individual performances of the three Lolas. – I enjoyed all of it. But if I will choose one performance from the JoWaPao, I’ll choose the costume changes done with Wally. He’s at his prime when he did that. 

3. The individual performances of Alden and Maine. – it shows how talented they are and how powerful are them even individually. Even though I felt a little bit awkward to Alden’s sexy dance but damn he’s one hot guy there. And of course the dubsmash skills of Maine is unparalleled. She’s really a queen of dubsmash. 

4. The kiss of Maine and Baste. – even though it’s a BTS moment, I find it cute though of how Maine is so fond of children. She’s a good mother in the making… Hahaha! 

5. The Frankie Production number. – the one who thought of it is a clever one. That’s how advertising mind should think. 

6. The teary eyed A&M – you can see and feel how genuine their hearts are, how grateful they are to us and how they savor the moment. 

7. The first dance of A&M  and the putting of the shoe – it’s a Cinderella moment wherein you’re dancing with your prince charming and the shoes chose the right girl for you because you and her are destined to be together. 

8. The moment wherein Maine is watching their AlDub videos and there came Alden at her back wherein Maine looked at Alden – that glance and then, they started to walk towards each other, then you see those teary but glowing eyes, this moment is something. 

9. The moment wherein Alden sang GGMY with Maine beside her. That’s a proud moment for Alden. 

10. The first hug of A&M – that moment is so magical and ethereal at the same time. That’s it pancit moment. Seeing that scene makes you believe in destiny and serendipity. It’s a start of something new for them. It’s a brewing relationship that we all hope for a forever. 

11. The message of Alden to Maine and vise versa Maine to Alden. No words to describe it. Just understand what they meant and feel how that message wants it to be felt. 

12. The main purpose of #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon – a worthy cause that brings not only entertainment but mostly doing charity. The proceeds of this event is the construction of libraries which our youth, the future of this nation will use. What a worthy cause indeed. 

Now that A&M are married in Kalyeserye – From the pabebe wave, a simple hand gesture to putting of ring in each other’s hand and saying a promise to love and cherish what they have in front of their millions of fans and most especially in front of our Lord is a testament of valuing each other’s relationship and treasuring the friendship that was built. And wherever this relationship could take place, we should always remember these days, the #ALDUBEBSaTamangPanahon and  #ALDUBWedding that made a nation united. 

#ALDUBWedding (10-22-2016)

I wrote this post with so much happiness in my heart and less of words because I was literally am speechless to the #ALDUBWedding on October 22, 2016. This wedding might have been reel but you feel the genuineness and the real feelings. Just enjoy the videos from top caliber international videographer and you will know what I mean. I will just describe this event of the century in just three words. HAPPINESS, CONTENTMENT and LOVE.









Credit to the owners of the photos and the music used. No copyright infringement intended.

I’ll take care of you
You and me in an exchange of promise
To love you for the rest of my life
I get to love you,
Is the best thing that I’ll ever do
In this crazy life, you’re everything
You’re my celestial, my everglow
If you love someone
You should let her know
You call it magic,
I call it ethereal
You shine like a star,
It was all yellow when I’m with you
God gave me you
I’ll treasure my love for you
Imagine you and me
United with God’s blessings
Together eternally
I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you
My happiness
My love

It’s a new journey

Lucky are those who have found their better half

A brave decision to step up your relation

As long as you’re besides each other

As long as you hold each other’s hand forever

As long as you got each other’s back and support

As long as you maintain that honed friendship

As long as that love doesn’t vanish

As long as God is the center of your relationship

And now that you’re asking for God’s blessings

This is your wedding

A start of the many days to be together

A promise to be with you for a lifetime

A wedding

Of two hearts becoming one.

The Sunday Currently/ 13


Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Sunday again and it’s already super late. Probably publishing this a Monday already. I need not to be awake late because, eventhough it was announced earlier tonight that all classes were suspended, still it has no bearing for me because of two points: 1) I am not already studying or no student anymore 2) I am working in an organization that prioritizes emergency situation. These mean that I need to wake up early tomorrow (Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love yah Tomorrow! to the tune of Annie. hahaha!) But I want to share the good vibes that happened to me this day. I woke up early morning to go to the north and when I was on my way there, I bump into an old man (my uncle by the way) it was raining hard and I who has an umbrella was able to share it with my uncle. It’s been so long ago since I was able to talk to him and this was my chance to have a catch up to what’s happening in his life. After this unexpected bond with my uncle, I met a woman who was handling a very heavy water dispenser. I helped her carry the dispenser to her car and seeing her smile towards me made my feeling uplifted. This day is a better day than ever….


My previous Sunday Currently posts.

My thirteenth edition of the Sunday currently and at the same time, finishing some stuff that you will learn Sa Tamang Panahon. Naks! Kalyeserye is back and the terms I am using is sort of I got it from KS of course and I’m the happiest


To new version of My Guardian Angel. Thanks for the heart-wrenching and heartwarming rendition of this song A. My favorite line would be…

I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I’ll stand up with you forever
I’ll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

‘Cause you’re my, you’re my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don’t throw that away
‘Cause I’m here for you
Please don’t walk away and
Please tell me you’ll stay, whoa, stay, whoa

So many things right now but my priority is on how I can see them personally. I am having a hard time and somewhat upset/frustrated because I wasn’t able to go to the #AldubNationFest2016. I was able to get an e-ticket to the said occasion but my line of work doesn’t permits me and I also have no courage of doing things all alone. My sense of dependency to my parents always get me and this is the weakness that I cannot control ever since.

the scent of M from bench. I love spraying it on my room.

That the plans I am making in my head will turn into reality *fingers’ crossed.

for a stronger and more independent me in the coming days and months and forever. I am such a weakling and I hope that I can come out to that shell.

my pambahay shorts and an Aldub shirt from the IYAM giveaway that I received

the Livestreaming of the #ALDUBNationFest2016 . Eventhough I wasn’t able to attend the said occasion, I get to watch what is actually happening in the SMX. Seeing A&M attend and being very generous to their fans through having pictures with them and do autograph signing and treating us like their friends or making us feel how important us to them. I am loving, loving, loving it!!! And I love them both.

to sleep early tonight but my sense of eagerness/happiness doesn’t allow me. I am still kilig to A&M especially the beso, mano and hug of M to A’s family and of course how will I forget the statement of A kissing M in their wedding. You’ll understand what I am talking about if you watch the ADNFest2016.

nothing right now. I am still elated on how fast are the turnout of events these past few days. I don’t feel like I need anything as of the moment. (Except enough sleep pala)

Happy talaga as in. My upset/frustrated moment a little while ago is officially gone. Thanks to A&M for always making my bad days into good days, my sad days into happy days and my loveless days into kilig days.

That’s it, pancit! Hope you guys had a great week ahead! Stay safe and dry coz after Ty Karen, the PAGASA is seeing Lawin entering our PAR. have a cozy and sweet night everyone. As for me, I hope I get to sleep …

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Masayang balikan ang nakaraan
Sa araw na una kang natanaw at nakamayan

May kuryenteng dumaloy sa aking katawan 

Kuryenteng nagpasaya at nagturong magmahal at pahalagahan ang pag-iibigan

Ang hindi maipaliwanag na kadahilanan

Ay naging malinaw sa mga araw na nagdaan

Sa tuwing ikaw ay nariyan 

Araw ko ay nag-iiba, buhay ko ay puno ng kaligayahan

Ngayong sigurado na ako sa aking nararamdaman 

Buong puso kong sasabihin at ipapangalandakan 

Nagpapasalamat sa Panginoon dahil ikaw ang binigay at tinuran 

Na makasama sa habang buhay at magpakailanman 

Ang hingin ang kamay at humarap sa pamilya ng iyong irog ng may karangalan

Ang pagrespeto sa tradisyon at kaugalian

At magpapatunay ng iyong mabuting hangarin at tapat na layunin

Sa taong nagbigay kulay sa iyong buhay

Sa taong nagmahal sa’yo ng buong-buo 

At mamahalin mo rin ng buong puso 

Sana sa susunod na landas na tatahakin

Ay  magdala ng walang hanggang kaligayahan 

Walang hanggang pag-iibigan 

At walang hanggang ikaw lamang. 

65th and 6th

“Ito na ang panahon para magbasa.” Simple tag line but creates a big impact to the future of our nation. A&M were visiting different schools this past few days. These schools were the beneficiaries from the proceeds that were collected through the efforts of being united for love and charity.Now, that day is one of the most important days of this enormous fandom called AlDub Nation.

When the people who started this were not making a big buzz about what will happen to that special day and out of nowhere, they declared a different announcement, an outraged somewhat arose. Different opinions, thoughts were expressed. Nowadays, many members of the ADN were expressing their dissatisfaction and impatience because of the unknown direction for A&M. Even I must admit that I’m still holding on but I’m already on the edge of it. Malapit nang mahulog pero nakakapit pa rin. 

We seldom see them on the show that made their name especially now that we’re nearing to one of the most important days for this fandom. At first, of course we understand why things happen for a reason and why they have to rest KS but as the day past by, and we don’t have any clue on the future plan of their management, I feel like I’m lost, we’re lost. We are all suffering from separation anxiety for KS but at the back of my mind maybe they are cooking up for something special to us their viewer.

OCTOBER 24 is very special to every ADN because this is the day that made a lot of history, that only this fandom can pull off. We have no idea on how or what surprise awaits us on that day. We still don’t know what’s next to A&M but I’m still sticking unto them. I am patiently waiting and because this fandom was formed unexpectedly I’m also excited of what is laid or in store for us. I’m waiting guys!!! Tick tock tick tock… 

 My loyalty is still intact I believe so. At least even though they are away from each other, they are making their time very worthwhile and that’s being passionate towards giving back the blessings they have been receiving.

We reached this far and that’s enough reason why AlDub’s 65th Weeksary is worth celebrating. Just be positive always and never allow those trolls to eat your mind. Andito pa rin ako/kami. We’re in this together forever, right?  Have a blast and blissful day ahead! Tara celebrate natin weeksary!!!