We are looking forward to your newest teleserye A&M. I am super excited for “Destined to Be Yours” despite my missing of the KS. I am missing you both too but I know that this little sacrifices of not seeing you both in the TV everyday, will still be worth the wait. I just knew … More 77


  https://vimeo.com/191628464 So I woke up early morning today feeling a little bit vigorous and having the urge to write a poem so here it is…   I used to dance on my own I am alone when I walk home When I lost her I neglected how to care I am crippled I was … More 71


Sixteen months on the sixteenth day of November for the year 2016. So many sixteen. It may be so long yet we do not notice how long it is coz of the outpouring happiness, love and inspirations it encapsulate in this fanmily. There may have been bumps and trials and challenges along the way but it’s … More 16


I am binge reading the old posts in mainemendoza.com. I fell in love with her poems. How she writes them makes you travel to different levels of emotions. It is also relatable because at one point in your life, you too have experienced it. Even though every experience is unique to every single person, how she … More 69


Credit to the owners of the photos and the music used. No copyright infringement intended. I’ll take care of you You and me in an exchange of promise To love you for the rest of my life I get to love you, Is the best thing that I’ll ever do In this crazy life, you’re … More Wedding


Masayang balikan ang nakaraan Sa araw na una kang natanaw at nakamayan May kuryenteng dumaloy sa aking katawan  Kuryenteng nagpasaya at nagturong magmahal at pahalagahan ang pag-iibigan Ang hindi maipaliwanag na kadahilanan Ay naging malinaw sa mga araw na nagdaan Sa tuwing ikaw ay nariyan  Araw ko ay nag-iiba, buhay ko ay puno ng kaligayahan … More 15

65th and 6th

“Ito na ang panahon para magbasa.” Simple tag line but creates a big impact to the future of our nation. A&M were visiting different schools this past few days. These schools were the beneficiaries from the proceeds that were collected through the efforts of being united for love and charity.Now, that day is one of … More 65th and 6th