Two hearts that beat as one Even if we’re two worlds apart There’s something that is missing And it’s you who fills the emptiness  I chose to be happy And I choose you Now I’m happy and contented With you by my side This would be my most sabaw post but never will I forget … More 76


Sixteen months on the sixteenth day of November for the year 2016. So many sixteen. It may be so long yet we do not notice how long it is coz of the outpouring happiness, love and inspirations it encapsulate in this fanmily. There may have been bumps and trials and challenges along the way but it’s … More 16


I am binge reading the old posts in mainemendoza.com. I fell in love with her poems. How she writes them makes you travel to different levels of emotions. It is also relatable because at one point in your life, you too have experienced it. Even though every experience is unique to every single person, how she … More 69

Making Mega in Morocco (excerpt)

So there’s an update on the blog of mainemendoza.com and I was elated coz it’s her experiences in making the Mega magazine in Morocco. (Morocco has been one of my dream destination to work since child. I got interested of it when I watched Made in Chelsea. I can’t remember what season. I just fell in love of their sceneries and you don’t need a visa to go there if I can remember it right) … More Making Mega in Morocco (excerpt)

67th and 8th

Sinong mag-aakala Ngunit kailanman hindi nagduda Na kayo ay humarap sa dambana  Magsasabihan ng pagmamahal sa isa’t-isa  Sa split screen unang nagkasilayan ang inyong mga mata  Sa tamang panahon nagkayakapan at pinatibay ang pagsasama Malayo man ang narating ninyong dalawa Basta’t hawak niyo sa kamay ang pagtitiwala At ang init ng pagsasama ay damang-dama  Hindi … More 67th and 8th