Two hearts that beat as one

Even if we’re two worlds apart

There’s something that is missing

And it’s you who fills the emptiness 
I chose to be happy

And I choose you

Now I’m happy and contented

With you by my side
This would be my most sabaw post but never will I forget the day that made me happy and believe in forever even though that forever is not for me, I know it exists for A&M. Oh my it’s 76 weeks now and we’re still hanging in there. We’re not making promises here on how far this journey can reach but as long as I can still feel the fire and spark in my heart then, I will continue supporting. No one can tarnish my support and love coz that’s how strong my fate in this team is. 

Happy celebration of the #ALDUB76thWeeksary let’s make the remaining days of 2016 worthwhile and meaningful. Stop the hate now and support and be happy with what you love. Let’s welcome 2017 with a happy and peaceful heart, team kampante and prayerful for the benefit of others. Let’s not forget to spread love and show kindness to all the we meet. 



From a complete strangers ➡ then there came an unexpected encounter that rocked the whole nation ➡ the Tamang Panahon came ➡ a friendship was built ➡ it became closer & deeper relationship ➡ she said yes and he was the happiest ➡ after five years of relationship came the proposal ➡ the Wedding of the century happened ➡ after a year the wedding dance was relived and the best news in this budding family came ➡ then the family is completed with the birth of the twins.

What a turn out of events it is. We riding in a very memorable and happy journey of Alden and Maine. We are very lucky to have witnessed this love story that will only come once in a lifetime. The above timeline is a rough draft of what happened to this journey and we are not finished yet because the best is still coming. This is how a phenomenon will live forever at least in my heart for I am enjoying the ride of what happened or will happen in this love story. From my realization, I know I need to step back and give them enough time for each other so that their relationship is just between them only and no one can butt-in in this relationship even though it’s impossible nowadays because of their phenomenal status in which I still brag about it coz they are still on top. I know that it is hard to maintain it but because of the uniqueness of how this team was made, it will remain in our hearts always.

Happy #ALDUB17thMonthsary A&M and the whole ADN. Let’s continue the reason of why this happened and that is spreading love and good vibes. It’s the Christmas season so let this be a reminder to all of us not to mind those bashers, trolls, negativities whatever you call it. Instead let’s show them kindness even if they’re not.


So many questions 
And the answers always point towards you

So many hesitations

But everything is clear with you 

You may say that nothing has changed 

But when you go in silence 

When you cherish your private moments

That’s what change is all about

And the way you treasure each other 

Is another range

To a deeper feelings

That we hope and pray that will last a lifetime, a forever. 

Seems like everyone is interested 

But you never bragged

You held back into what you want to share

For you want everything to be just between you

That’s your magic

You need not to share everything

You need not to show to the public

And people still feel the real you. 

This equates to love

It started with love 

Then spreading of love

And let’s hope it will be an infinite loop of love. 

Happy #ALDUB73rdWeeksary A&M and the whole ADN. Now that we’re this far, I realized something very important. Yes I am a fan of AlDub/MaiChard. As much as I want some updates of their whereabouts all the time, I think I need to step back now and just be contented with what they want to share. I know that their off cam moments are what they cherished the most and of course who doesn’t want to see them the way they are without the camera but because my love for them is immeasurable now, I’ll just be behind to the things that will make them happy. I realized that they needed some time alone to cultivate their feelings into deeper one and they can just do that by being away with them or stepping back to all the craziness of fans. At first, I didn’t understand why they are as silent as they are when they’re together until I realized that whenever they are with each other, they are the person they are and not the character they portray so, they need not to broadcast such to the public. From that way I know how they value each others feelings and not allowing others to come by their budding relationship. Happy celebration to the reminder of why this phenomenon happened – LOVE. Let’s spread love to all the people we meet. 

Those I LOVE YOUs are so real and kilig to the ear. 



So I woke up early morning today feeling a little bit vigorous and having the urge to write a poem so here it is…


I used to dance on my own

I am alone when I walk home

When I lost her

I neglected how to care

I am crippled

I was drained

But somehow I need to get back again

I know I’m trying to be blithe back then

I am picking the pieces of me

Choosing now to be happy

And then you came into my life

When I am already alive

You’re a big surprise

An angel sent from above

I am better with you

You taught me to be true

You showed me love once more 

You taught my heart to beat again

If you ask me your importance

Without you, my life makes no sense

My life has changed without even trying

When I found you, I am saved from dying

You taught me to keep it real

You helped me to keep going


I know how to laugh

I know how love

I know how to live again

You’re indispensable

You made my imperfect life perfect

My love for you I cherish the most

You’re my treasure

Loving you is the easiest thing to do

I love you as you are

Happy #ALDUB71stWeeksary Mr&Missus A&M and the whole ADN! I am always looking forward to this day for it’s a reminder for us on how this all started.








The celebration for the 16th Monthsary and the 70th Weeksary may be overshadowed with Missus being pregnant or the story in KS now equates to A&M’s married life but for the love, I will still continue this for it’s a reminder of how a phenomenon occurred, how this phenomenon captivated a nation’s heart and made us/me happy whenever I see them even from afar.


I imagined myself walking with you

To the center of the dancing room

We will play our favorite song

And slowly step forward towards each other

In which our hands will perfectly fit together

I imagined us dancing underneath the moonlight

Witnessed by the stars aligned in us

Your hands will hold my waist

As I wrap my arms around your neck

I can feel your every deep breath

And the touch of your hand to my skin

I can smell your favorite perfume

That put a spell on me to love you more

I can hear your heart beat

That rhythmically plays to our favorite tune

Our eyes that sparkle will meet

I  can see all the love you have for me.

As we sway our hips in the same direction

That travels to a united emotion

Our love song will play forever

And we will dance to that music together.



Sixteen months on the sixteenth day of November for the year 2016. So many sixteen. It may be so long yet we do not notice how long it is coz of the outpouring happiness, love and inspirations it encapsulate in this fanmily. There may have been bumps and trials and challenges along the way but it’s just  part of us growing, learning and being better  version of us. Because it’s the 16th Monthsary, I will list down my sixteen most favorite of AlDub/Maichard. (I will not tell the things that happened on 2015 anymore coz I already made mention about it from my previous posts. There may have the same on the previous list, it’s because my feelings towards them is still unchangeable or still the same. Just go check it out. Here are the links. https://annjerusalem.wordpress.com/2016/07/21/from-aldub-to-maichard-i-love-them-both/  or https://annjerusalem.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/god-gave-me-aldubmaichard/ )

  1. Genuine heart– who would not want someone who is genuine and organic? And I think both of them imbibe such trait. The people they meet are testament of how they treat people so warmly.
  2. Charitable – not only A&M who give when they have many blessings. So many people were influenced with doing charitable events in different institutions, groups from all ages. Even I was influenced to do charitable activities such as Blood Letting Program, Tree Planting Activities and the most recent is the repacking of relief goods for the victims of supertyphoon Lawin.
  3. Being real – aside from having a genuine heart, they too are very real. They may be living in a world full of reel, but they teach us to just do the things that makes you happy and do not mind what others will tell. That leads to my fourth favorite about them:
  4. Being yourself/themselves – their wacky antics is still the best but during their tough days and being still noticeable or recognized is what I like about them. They tell us that they too are human and they do not shadow what’s inside them.
  5. Travels abroad (Como, Morocco and Europe trip) – I think in these trips, helped them deepen their feelings, strengthen their relationship and a chance for them to know each other better. I love how lie low the news about them during these trips so, I know that they will treasure them a lifetime.
  6. The anniversary message of M to A – “Meeting you was fate; it was wonderful, it was miraculous, it was extraordinary; and indeed sweet serendipity” this tells it all right?
  7. The AlDub Wedding – the line between reel and real has been very blur during this day. That’s the magic of A&M. We cannot identify the difference of true and not because what you see is what you get.
  8. The Wedding Vow/ Message of A – Gusto kong malaman mo Meng, na nagpapasalamat ako dahil nakilala kita. At simula sa araw na ito, ipinapangako ko sayo na sa lahat ng mangyayari sa buhay mo na kasama ako, sisiguraduhin ko, ‘yon ang mga pinakamagagandang pangyayari sa buhay nating dalawa. I think this part was the most real part
  9. The Wedding Vow/ Message of M – Salamat Alden dahil tinuruan mo akong magmahal, nang wagas at nang walang takot. Salamat dahil pinaglaban mo ang pagmamahal natin, pinaglaban mo yung pagmamahal mo para sa akin. Asahan mo, na ipaglalaban ko din ang pagmamahal ko para sayo. Hanggang sa dulo, pangakong aalagaan kita, hanggang tayo ay tumanda. Pangakong hindi kita papabayaan. Pangakong palagi kitang sasamahan. Pangakong hinding-hindi kita iiwan. Mamahalin kita nang buong-buo, mamahalin kita nang walang kapantay habang-buhay.  When A’s tears pour, I know that he felt M’s message and very heartfelt.
  10. The Wedding Kiss – I will nominate this kiss as the Kiss of the Year (a very delicate and sweet kiss) I love how M responded to the kiss of A. Do the rewind to witness it.
  11. Married Life of A&M – eventhough it’s only for TV, I can see that they will be good husband and wife  and even better parents in the future. (I/We pray each day that in the near future, they will end up together)
  12. The intelligence of M- I am still in awe and amazement on how witty M is – from her crazy, funny antics to the serious life discussions. By the way, check out her poems, you will feel different levels of emotions reading them. I fell in love with them that I was inspired to make a narration video of them.
  13. A protecting M from crowds – yes, A&M draw humongous crowd that sometimes lead to, them being hurt and I can sense that “I will keep you safe and I can even risk myself just to protect you” is A’s mantra for this.
  14. Humility – they stay grounded despite the success they have been achieving.
  15. Gratitude – being very accommodating to their fans, attending AD/MC events and honing their crafts are examples or their way of thanking us. In these simple ways, I feel like they are very grateful to everything they have been receiving.
  16. LOVE – the most important ingredient into this phenomenon is the love between A&M; and between A&M and their fans. Their love towards each other is very evident and transparent now. There were moments that we wanted to know their whereabouts but I will give their off cam moments for them for I want their feelings towards each other to grow and us stepping behind to those moments will somewhat prove our love towards them too.  (I have received an inside news about them and I hope it is true but no pressure. They just need to savor every moment with each other and we will be contented)

That’s it! My somewhat lists of why I like love them so much. Pahabol how they check each other’s happiness is also one of the reason why I love them. Happy 16th Monthsary AD/MC and ADN! Let’s spread love and kindness always! By the way,  below are the links of my videos related to ADMC


I am binge reading the old posts in mainemendoza.com. I fell in love with her poems. How she writes them makes you travel to different levels of emotions. It is also relatable because at one point in your life, you too have experienced it. Even though every experience is unique to every single person, how she put those words in her poems give so much feels. Lately, I am very eager to learn and trying my hardest on how to edit videos and her poems ignited my creativity. Below are some of the edits I produced recently through the use of my smartphone. Imagine how a very small gadget can transform a beautiful poem into another medium.

The best subject for my video edits is of course mi loves AlDub/Maichard. I super enjoyed making the videos even if I end up awake in the middle of the night or ’til early dawn because I love what I am doing and I am inspired to my own subject and that is the love that is encapsulated between A&M that radiates to all of us.

Yes,  you’ve been hurt before

Yes, your heart was broken

Yes, your life have been a mess

Yes, you were crippled and wounded

But thanks for being hurt

For you are happy now. 

Thanks for being heart broken

For you have found someone that will make you whole 

Thanks for experiencing a messy life

For now everything is better and falling into place

Thanks for causing so much pain

Cause you found the guy that gives you happiness

You found the guy that will love you in his lifetime. -AMLJ

The number of celebrating weeksary is increasing but our love for them is unchanged and unfaded and even escalating. I hope you enjoy the videos I made. It’s very hard to do it but I made it all for love and passion. Happy weeksary to all of us . Enjoy the rest of the day. Spread love and good vibes to all the people you meet. Always make it a point to make people happy as how A&M make us happy too.

It’s OKAY Not to Be okay 

Earlier this day before I go up from bed, I was scrolling for updates and watching videos. When I am looking for some interesting to watch in YouTube, I came across into a seventeen year old girl doing vlog about the seventeen things she learned for existing in this world for seventeen years.

What caught be is her learning about BEING OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY. By the way have you listen into Jessie J’s song entitled Who You Are? It basically telling us it’s okay not to be okay and we just be through to ourselves. Below will be the lyrics and link of the song. 

“Who You Are”

I stare at my reflection in the mirror:
“Why am I doing this to myself?”
Losing my mind on a tiny error,
I nearly left the real me on the shelf.
No, no, no, no, no…

Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars!
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It’s okay not to be okay.
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.
Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising,
Just be true to who you are!
(who you are [11x])

Brushing my hair—do I look perfect?
I forgot what to do to fit the mould, yeah!
The more I try the less it’s working, yeah
‘Cause everything inside me screams
No, no, no, no, no…

Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars!
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It’s okay not to be okay.
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.
But tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising,
There’s nothing wrong with who you are!

Yes, no, egos, fake shows, like whoa!
Just go and leave me alone!
Real talk, real life, good love, goodnight,
With a smile that’s my home!
That’s my home, no…

No, no, no, no, no…

Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars!
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It’s okay not to be okay…
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.
Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising,
Just be true to who you are!
Yeah yeah yeah

My thoughts on it’s okay not to be okay? Well, you must first know yourself more than the people surrounding you know about you. It’s you who is running your own life so you must follow what your heart desires, do the things that make you happy without worrying of what other people will say. Then, when you came to know yourself, you will also know how to embrace your imperfections. Everyone has flaws, weaknesses, scars and challenges that we go through our lives. The mere fact that you were able to embrace and accept those imperfections in life then, you could say to yourself it’s okay not to be okay. When you are going through hardship in your life right now, don’t hesitate to cry about it, you are free to wallow from that pain, it’s also alright to get angry, it’s okay not to be okay, just know how to get back/up. It is you who can decide when to move on or move forward with the situation you’re facing. If many people were making fun of you like your physical appearance, I think it’s a very lame attitude or reason especially to the people who accepted their own flaws and imperfections and they are just wasting their time.

As the song says, It’s okay not to be okay. Everybody bruises, we just have know who we are.

Making Mega in Morocco (excerpt)

So there’s an update on the blog of mainemendoza.com and I was elated coz it’s her experiences in making the Mega magazine in Morocco. (Morocco has been one of my dream destination to work since child. I got interested of it when I watched Made in Chelsea. I can’t remember what season. I just fell in love of their sceneries and you don’t need a visa to go there if I can remember it right)

So there’s an update on the blog of mainemendoza.com and I was elated coz it’s her experiences in making the Mega magazine in Morocco. (Morocco has been one of my dream destination to work since child. I got interested of it when I watched Made in Chelsea. I can’t remember what season. I just fell in love of their sceneries and you don’t need a visa to go there if I can remember it right)

My thoughts  on her blog? 

Hey hey hey menggay! It’s really nice and we’re very estatic whenever you update your blog coz we get to experience your experiences as well. I got scared to how the camel smacked you. But at least as you’d said, you now had the worst kisser ever.. Hahaha. (You should’ve described how A kissed you.. Hehehe jk) I’m still waiting for your entry of Como and the AlDub Wedding (so much demand am I?) Take care always menggay and I’m excited for your personal trip with Alden to London. Pls don’t forget to take lots of pictures & videos again and tell the story here. At least even though I still don’t see you and Alden personally, I get a firsthand getting to know my loves through your blogs. Love you & A. (I will never get tired loving the both of you and will never fail to dedicate all my entries in my personal blog too for you. You are the one who inspired me to open myself and my thoughts in the blog world. I know I still have much to learn but I hope I’m getting there. You’re really a good storyteller and I wish I could emulate at least a bit portion of that too.) Take care of yourself and take care each other (you & Alden)

The blog:

Hi y’all! So I just got back from a Iligan and Cebu; and yesterday (technically) was the AlDub MEGA cover launch that I was not able to attend to. I reached Manila at around 10:30 in the evening and I was actually planning (believe it or not) to run to SM Aura to catch the second screening (that started at 9pm) but then it would take me 40 minutes to reach the venue according to Waze. So, ano pa ang aabutan ko? I decided to go home and just take a rest! But! There’s a good news!

Okay before you start reading this blog post, I want you to know that I wrote this entry on the first week of October, and the video you’ll see below was made on the last week of September– everything was pretty much all set to publish. But! On October 5th (the day the cover was released), just when I was about to post the entry, my blog decided to malfunction. I wasn’t able to access my blog for two weeks due to some layout issues. I reported the problem to my web host and gladly they were able to fix the logging-in issue. It was reported that the problem started with my blog theme so they had to put everything back to default, as you can see, for me to gain access to my dashboard. Anyway, when I finally got to access my blog, I noticed some posts went missing, including this Making Mega in Morocco draft. I got so pissed and decided not to post an entry about our Morocco shoot anymore. The next day, I reported the problem to my web host again just to check if they could do something about it. And just this evening, before I hop in the plane to Manila, I got an email from them saying they were able to retrieve my missing drafts! Woo hooo! Talk about perfect timing.

And that’s the good news– well, for me.

So here it is! I did not edit the content anymore so what you are about to read is the original draft. (And it might confuse you a bit!) Just imagine you are reading this on the day the cover was released, which was three weeks ago. Oh and forget what happened this evening at the MEGA launch, just act like you have NO idea about what happened in Morocco–AT ALL.


And since our MEGA Magazine is finally out in the market, I am glad to share with you the video that I made last week –on the last day of September since I thought Mega will be releasing the magazine on the first day of October. (Which means, naka-standby na itong entry na ito 5 days ago pa, ready to publish na!) But due to a minor problem, Mega had to reschedule the launch of the magazine..but the wait is over–it’s finally here!


Oh by the way, happy October y’all! I hope you all had a great September! Going back, I was kind of struggling in making the compilation because I wasn’t able to take lots of videos in Morocco. We went there to work– we were shooting all day– so I didn’t have a chance to go around and document what the city has to offer.

There were three groups who travelled to Morocco for #MakingMegaWithAlDub. The first group/my glam team (Juan Sarte and Celeste Tuviera) along with “the” Mark Nicdao left a day ahead of us. Second group–my group– includes me, my mom, Kuya Michael (my handler) and some from Mega team. Third group was Alden’s group; I think it was just him and Sam (his handler) who flew.

 It took us about 16 hours to reach Morocco(if I am not mistaken) and  I had a really pleasant time inside the plane because I was upgraded from business class to first class–I am a first-class-first-timer! (Thank you Ms. Melanie of Etihad Airways!) Our group arrived at Casa Blanca at around 9 in the morning, while Alden arrived shortly after lunch. We were scheduled to start the shoot in the afternoon so no lakwatsa for us.

We went to Hassan II Mosque first. We weren’t able to take much photos in the area; we also left immediately to respect the Mosque and the people in it. Met some AlDub supporters/ADN in the area, also! Was a bit surprised because I didn’t know there are a lot of Filipinos in Morocco.

Next stop was Rick’s Cafe. Some of you might be familiar with the placeit is a restaurant designed to recreate the bar in the movie classic Casablanca. We stayed there to eat and have some drinks– also to take a couple of shots. (Lol by shots I mean photographs) I’d like to classify those shots as stolen photos in a way.



So much love for Mark *hearts* *hearts everywhere*

We left for Marrakesh the next day. Took us about 4 hours bus ride from Casablanca. We stopped at a Camel desert along the way. Rode a camel for the first time and got smacked by a camel for the first time as well. (Seen in the video below!) Nakakatawa, that has got to be the most memorable thing that happened to me in Morocco. I got whacked by a camel right on the face! Nakakatakot siya, bes. It didn’t actually hurt but at that moment I thought my face was about to get munched. Then the caretaker was like “(It was) just a kiss”. Uhm, okay.. that kiss felt like getting hit by a flying frying pan. Kisses are supposed to be soft and sweet–not horrible. Well, I have to conclude that that camel is the worst kisser ever.


And guess what! My ever-loving dinosaur arrived on our second shooting day. I was so glad he didn’t let the Morocco shoot pass. *note sarcasm* I always have the hardest time working with menstrual cramps (I think everybody knows that) I don’t get to function properly and the best thing to do is to just stay in bed all day and cry myself to sleep. We weren’t able to shoot much that afternoon because of my stupid dysmenorrhea. Though I still forced and managed to get myself to function– I had to– and I tried my best to work stoically. I had to bear the pain while shooting outdoor and release the agony inside the bus. So, before everybody sees and comments about how awful and awkward I look in the photos, uunahan ko na.. Please do not mind my mukhang-najjebs/sakit-na-sakit-na-facein the magazine. You have no idea how much pain I had to endure at that moment!(Uhm wait, I think you have? Haha!) Let me commend Alden though for literally lending a helping hand to lessen the pain. Thank you. 🙂

Alden left first thing in the morning on the third day– along with my dinosaur. Yay! So I was able to function properly already! The shoot went great and smooth; too bad it was already during my solo cover shoot. Oh by the way for everybody’s information, Alden and I had more photos taken separately. (For Mega and Mega Man) And fortunately, the only chance we had to shoot together was the day of dino’s grand arrival. Your timing is always perfect, dino. You never fail to ruin things.




Stealing some shots from the magazine.

Summing it all up, travelling in Morocco is a very different experience from travelling in a Western country. Sadly, we only had a short (4-day) stay so we failed to see the country’s top attractions. Given a chance though, I’d like to go back as a tourist to explore more grandiose places.
Noticed how Morocco is very strict with a lot of things; we had to deal with some issues during our shoot, but gladly we were able to get everything done. We had to do everything quick; we had to move fast and shoot fast. I’d like to describe the experience as adventurous–in a way, but definitely memorable.


Pasasalamat section (LOL):
Thanks very much Sir Juan and Ms. Celeste for making me look like a Moroccan-ish human being.
To Mark, who never fails to take AMAZING photographs.
To my nanay, who literally never left my side to give assistance and to witness how awkward I am in photoshoots– and for making this shoot even more awkward.
To Alden, for the “helping hand”, as always.
To MEGA, for having AlDub and for the experience.
Lastly, to ADN and to those who bought copies, GRAZIE MILLE. 🙂

67th and 8th

Sinong mag-aakala

Ngunit kailanman hindi nagduda

Na kayo ay humarap sa dambana 

Magsasabihan ng pagmamahal sa isa’t-isa 

Sa split screen unang nagkasilayan ang inyong mga mata 

Sa tamang panahon nagkayakapan at pinatibay ang pagsasama

Malayo man ang narating ninyong dalawa

Basta’t hawak niyo sa kamay ang pagtitiwala

At ang init ng pagsasama ay damang-dama 

Hindi padadaig sa anumang intriga

Isasabuhay ang pangakong habang buhay na magkasama

Lahat dadaigin, kahit anong unos kakayanin 

Ang buhay may asawa ay inyong pagtibayin 

Ang sinasambit ng isa’t-isa ay diringgin

 Ang hindi pagkakaunawaan ay aayusin




Kung magkaroon man ng konting pag-aawayan 

Ang ipinangako sa harap ng Panginoon inyong balikan 

Gawing sentro ang Diyos sa inyong pag-iibigan 

Upang ang buhay may asawa ang lagi niyang babasbasan 

Hiling ng karamihan 

Ang magpatuloy ang matibay na pagsasamahan

At magkaroon ng maliliit ninyong bersyon 

Na aalagaan at magbubuklod pa ng inyong relasyon. 

Happy #ALDUB67thWeeksary A&M and ADN! Salubungin natin ang araw na ito ng may ngiti, kilig at puno ng pagmamahalan. Tularan natin ang mga mahal nating bibis sa kanilang kabutihan ng puso at pagiging mababa ang loob. Ipagdiwang ang araw na ito ng may kabuluhan. 

I was a little productive today at work and even in my blog. I hope it continues this way.