Two hearts that beat as one Even if we’re two worlds apart There’s something that is missing And it’s you who fills the emptiness  I chose to be happy And I choose you Now I’m happy and contented With you by my side This would be my most sabaw post but never will I forget … More 76


Closer Stronger A love We strive Close to you Out of the blue You’re the reason that I’m happy Even at times when everything is silly      Whenever Thursdays is coming, it excites me, it gives me another energy and inspiration that we should always show kindness and love everyday of our lives. But … More 74


She said, “I’m afraid of being lost.” He said, “I will find you.”                                                                                     … More Random


Right before my eyes I am a witness You transformed  From timid to dauntless  I am a witness You changed And turned into someone I don’t know  I am a witness On how you kill me everyday I am a witness  On how you kill me everyday since you left away I am a witness  … More Witness


Excited to tell a story  Talking so surely  From those happy noise  Then a moment of silent voice I was unaware  I don’t understand why you care I fell into abyss  I am on a state of oblivion 

Just Stay

I want to grab your hands To beg to just stay But I can’t do that You’re confused with your feelings That you’d rather be away Than stay miserable I want to hug you so tightly To beg you to just stay But I can’t do that You are going away to find youself That … More Just Stay

My Star

You once said I pick up my star Go reach that from afar But I realized I wanted to stay Because the person beside me Brightens my life And lighten my path I still try to fly and spread my wings But I can do that by spreading my arms To your delicate body and … More My Star