Two hearts that beat as one

Even if we’re two worlds apart

There’s something that is missing

And it’s you who fills the emptiness 
I chose to be happy

And I choose you

Now I’m happy and contented

With you by my side
This would be my most sabaw post but never will I forget the day that made me happy and believe in forever even though that forever is not for me, I know it exists for A&M. Oh my it’s 76 weeks now and we’re still hanging in there. We’re not making promises here on how far this journey can reach but as long as I can still feel the fire and spark in my heart then, I will continue supporting. No one can tarnish my support and love coz that’s how strong my fate in this team is. 

Happy celebration of the #ALDUB76thWeeksary let’s make the remaining days of 2016 worthwhile and meaningful. Stop the hate now and support and be happy with what you love. Let’s welcome 2017 with a happy and peaceful heart, team kampante and prayerful for the benefit of others. Let’s not forget to spread love and show kindness to all the we meet. 





A love

We strive

Close to you

Out of the blue

You’re the reason that I’m happy

Even at times when everything is silly

     Whenever Thursdays is coming, it excites me, it gives me another energy and inspiration that we should always show kindness and love everyday of our lives. But many people even in this fanmily have forgotten the essence of why this phenomenon happened or where did it start. Some were making commentaries on others that is already irrelevant and sometimes hurtful just to prove them that we’re still on top. I still believe in this quote that, “kung binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng tinapay” If A&M are thrown with different issues and bashing, I hope we prevail tolerance and let us be the one to show that we’re well mannered and respectful even to others that are not. If we really love A&M, then let us emulate their being genuine, respectful and loving persons.

     Happy #ALDUB74thWeeksary everyone. Let this day be a reminder of love in unexpected ways, spreading and teaching of love and just love. I will be busy today because of the conference I am attending so, enjoy the rest of the day ADN!


Right before my eyes

I am a witness

You transformed 

From timid to dauntless 

I am a witness

You changed

And turned into someone I don’t know 

I am a witness

On how you kill me everyday

I am a witness 

On how you kill me everyday since you left away

I am a witness 

On how I go great guns

I am a witness 

Now that I am stronger

I am a witness

On how I withstand those danger

Yes I am a witness

I am a witness to my own life. 

Just Stay

I want to grab your hands

To beg to just stay

But I can’t do that

You’re confused with your feelings

That you’d rather be away

Than stay miserable

I want to hug you so tightly

To beg you to just stay

But I can’t do that

You are going away to find youself

That you’d rather  breath alone

Than hug the problem 

I want to see you in the eye

To beg you to just stay

But I can’t do that

Your eyes are crying

Your heart is aching

Your mind is freezing

I may be in pain

I am a lost star

But I will endure

I will wait patiently

Hoping you’ll find your way

To imagine a life with me

And realize to just stay.

I know I can’t force you to just stay

And you’re choosing to be away

I love you forever and a day

So I am letting you go now, hoping someday

You find your way

And realize that the place is in my heart.

61st REEL & 2nd REAL

She finally said YES! 


It’s a bold move

To promise

To be vulnerable

To the people who know the real her

To her confidant


It’s a brave thing

To be honest

To be vocal of your love

To take care of her for the rest of your life

To commit to a love that will last forever


It’s a feeling of contentment

To be beside her

To feel her love

To be reciprocated with the love you give


The future of being united with love is a promise

The now is more important with you by my side

I can feel your warmth and care

Your my now and my future, ALWAYS…

Photo used ctto/ @EatBulaga

My Star

Photo used is from Yes Mag featuring ALDUB & EB Sa Tamang Panahon

You once said I pick up my star

Go reach that from afar

But I realized

I wanted to stay

Because the person beside me

Brightens my life

And lighten my path

I still try to fly and spread my wings

But I can do that by spreading my arms

To your delicate body and life.

I may be here beside you

But I already caught my star

Because you are my star.