The Sunday Currently/ 21


Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your weekend so far? The days gone so fast right? Have you thought of we’re almost done with the half of the first month of 2017? I also spent my weekends at home and did nothing. I needed to relax my brain for I know the coming days will be hectic again at work. But my brain is also telling me to do something worthwhile that’s why here I am again writing. I don’t religiously update or publish much these past few days but I am trying my best to once in awhile visit here. I truly miss writing and I am happy to have purchased some stuffs that would help me rekindle my writing skills.(Naks! Parang totoo and pro) I am also starting my 2017 with making a journal. (This would be my first ever official journal and I am excited about it.)





As you can see, I am still into my Lang Leav book. I haven’t read all of it but with what I have read already, so far so good. I am enjoying every piece and I am also inspired to do the same in the future. I hope my writing skills will love me the way I love reading especially poetry books. 

my 21st edition of Sunday Currently


I am enjoying the newly released singles of Ed Sheeran. I am digging the lyrics and tunes especially the Castle in the Hill


of what to write in my journal. What is the first step in doing such. (Any suggestions people?)

my MS lavender lotion. Super soothing and relaxing smell

I could fill my journal with good memories and writings.


Despite the stress that my work gives me, I hope I could endure them and with God’s guidance, all of it will fall into place.


my spaghetti strap mini dress topped with black fitted sando.


my new Journal notebook


a new *toot! I will divulge everything when I already have it on my hand.


enough sleep. I think I may be in bed all day but I still lack sleep. How was that batugan? 

happy because of life. confused with work and the things my colleague have been doing lately. Sleepy (buona notte!)

Have a great weekdays ahead everyone! Let’s welcome the new week with full of enthusiasm and positive perspective and perception in life. This kind of attitude makes me endure those days that sometimes make you feel dull and weary. And of course God’s guidance too. (Always seek for His guidance and protection) Good night again! Ciao!

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The Sunday Currently/ 19


It’s Christmas day! Merry Christmas everyone! Happy birthday Papa Jesus. Thank you God for bringing Jesus Christ in our lives. Spend this day with the people you love like your family and friends!


The Christmas greetings from families and friends plus some twitter updates of mi loves. (you already who they are)

aside from my 19th edition of the Sunday Currently, I hope I could finish the ones in my draft. Lately, I was so lazy witing or my mojo feels is somewhat lost over these past few days. My previously published posts were somewhat shallow. I hope I can recuperate from it. (hahaha like a disease)


I’m into Bruno Mars nowadays. I just love his voice. But the Versace on the Floor is consistently popping in my head coz it’s the music from our mini reunion trip with friends

of my duty this New Year’s break. I will be alone spending the New Years day but no biggie.

the mango peach pie I bought from the fastfood chain we went to. Love anything that is mango flavored.

for a better and peaceful remaining days of 2016.

I could buy the best *toot! I have been wanting this for more than half decade already. That’s how important this to me.

my blue spaghetti strap mini dress


how I spent Christmas today. I may have slept on the actual salubong or the Christmas Eve Noche Buena (it’s already two years in a row. Huhuhu! Here’s the link of my post when I slept from last year but this day is still worthwhile. I am loving the mini reunion with my friends. Thanks to Richie and Mark Lester for initiating the trip.

to go somewhere and thanks to my friends for the short trip. We get to bond even if it’s for a short period of time and unplanned. Those unexpected moments are oftentimes the most worthwhile and most memorable.

a new camera pls…. who’s a Good Samaritan here. I am saving my money for it. Hope I could buy the soonest. I still need this…hahaha (this is my previous need entry)

Happy and contented. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year because of families and friends. I am happy and grateful today.

Have a great remaining days of 2016 guys! Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year! May this day serve as a reminder of how God loves us that He gave His only Begotten Son.

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The Sunday Currently/ 17


I am so overwhelmed today due to the piled up paper works that I need to do. My mind wants to burst and my mother is somewhat annoying today for the so many favors she is asking but as they say, a good daughter always follows her parents. So I need to oblige. But earlier this day, I was able to produce a new video in my YT channel with my new loved song entitled Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur.


The PREVIEW magazine with M in the cover. I am looking for a different cover of her with the same issue but as a Team Province, we are again left out and maybe that issue is already sold out so I need to settle to what’s available. I still love it though.

my 17th edition of the Sunday Currently. Aside from it, I am planning to publish another poem if I could finish it.


Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

of how I can collate my crazy thoughts tonight. I need to finish these paper works. Cramming time again for me.

the viand that my mama is cooking. Home made foods are the best.

that I could finish all these things on time.

to a better and relaxing week ahead. Today is somewhat crazy.

my super comfy red spaghetti dress.


the new cover of M in the Preview Mag.

a super cold orange fruit juice. Tonight is kinda hot.

a new conduction oven and video cam. Santa Claus I need you! Please grant my request please! hehehe!

burned out. I need some update from you A&M to better my feelings please!

Have a great week ahead guys! I hope your weekend is better that mine coz as you can tell above I am ranting about me in a not so good mood. I really do hope that this chaos will end the soonest and I will have a better day tomorrow.

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The Sunday Currently/ 16

So I was feeling under the weather today. The morning breeze is getting colder and is very good for bed weather so, I stayed most of the hours today in bed. I started my day today publishing a video of M’s poem she posted on May 5, 2014. As I have said in my previous posts, I was binged reading her blog most especially her poetry entries. And I was inspired to make them or turn them into a lyric video and one sample is above.  I also did a short trip up north to buy a cake in celebration to the birthday of my Mama. (I will post a separate blog to this one). It’s been a long time since I updated my Sunday Currently entry and I intended to not really post anything of it this time but since I changed my mind, so, here are my currently things…


My newly purchased Michael Crichton book entitled Congo. I know that it’s already an old book but I have been collecting novels authored by Michael Crichton. Aside from he’s one of my favorite author, I now have eight books of him and I hope I get to finish this book the soonest possible.

my 16th edition of The Sunday Currently and my blog about my feelings towards my beloved mother dearest who will be having her birthday tomorrow.


The noise coming from my brother’s room. He is, I think currently watching his newly downloaded movies and watching it to his DIY projector. He’s very clever when it comes to butingting and everything.


of a new business to venture with. I have a vacant lot nearby the public market and I am thinking of what my interests are so that the business I am planning will be the ones that I really love.

the perfume that my brother sprayed on. I really love the perfume’s chocolatey/vanilla-like smell

to meet A&M before this year ends. (finger’s crossed)

that my wish will all come true. Many will be saying I’m mababaw with my wish but simple things in life that money can buy, hands can’t hold and can only be felt is what makes me the happiest. To be able to take pictures, make my magazine/book collections signed and just be in contact with A&M will make my life complete (as per today because we’ll never know what will happen tomorrow) finger’s crossed again!

a blue floral super comfy pambahay dress


the new Preview magazine – November ish (which is I am aiming to get one. Team Province is always left out) with you know it already who’s in the cover!

to have a new video camera (Santa Claus where are you? Hahaha!!!)

a rebreather from work but I think it will not come soon because of the so many compliance that the HHQs has been demanding

a bit burn out from work but because of my everyday updates on A&M, every stress and tiring day suddenly vanish. They really make a huge impact in my life especially towards happiness and inspiration.

Have a great weekdays ahead y’all! Start the week right with positive mind and right attitude. Spread love and happiness to all the people you meet everyday! *wink and flying kiss to all

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The SUNDAY Currently /15


Happy Halloween guys! (If you’re thinking why is it that my first greeting unto you is about Halloween and my photo above is by far and unconnected. It’s just that I was looking at the photos on my gallery and these what popped-up first. I think these photos are more relevant to us in the North because of the devastation we had to go through to ST Lawin. I took  these photos earlier today when I went south and I saw in my very own eyes how terrible the damage incurred in these places and we’re luckier to have a minor damage in our town. Thank you God. But on a brighter note, the sky is blue and the sun is shining again and the beauty of nature is more appreciated and given importance nowadays. We learned our lesson, “I hope so” to conserve energy, love thy mother earth, significance of planting more trees and making sure that you’re always ready in times of  disaster) Anyway, How was your celebration of the Halloween so far? Well, as for our family, we do not really celebrate it like we had to do costume or attend into a Halloween party or do Trick or Treat. hindi po uso sa amin yan. 


About the history of Halloween. (By the way, tomorrow October 31 is the real celebration of it)

my 15th edition of The Sunday Currently


To different horror stories

of how I could easily assemble my newly purchased stand fan. I can’t unscrew the locks.

nothing. I have a clogged nose because of the change of weather

that I could be of help to the people struck by ST Lawin.

to a more productive weekdays and less stressful workload

my colorful duster.


my braided hair and how it naturally curls my hair when I  untie it

to buy a new camera. (may Santa Claus ba dyan?)

an exercise. My mama is already worried that I’m getting fatter everyday. (E, masarap kumain e. Excuse! Excuse! Excuse!)

happy coz I got a copy of the Mega and Garage Magazine with A&M on the cover. (Next target is the Preview and Style Weekend hehehe)


Have a meaningful observance of the All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day everyone. Dalawin po natin ang mga mahal natin sa buhay na namayapa na. Baka tayo ang dalawin nila. hahaha!!! On a serious note, have a safe visit to the grave of our beloved departed and don’t forget to say a prayer for them.


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The Sunday Currently/ 14


Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Sunday again and we still don’t have current (power lines are still on the process of repair and they are saying that the estimated date is until the 29th)  and our communication lines were still unstable (one of the cellular sites just got back after two days after being interrupted) but I made myself very productive today because I was able to update my blog despite our situation. I am actually updating this one in the middle of the dark night because our generator ran out of gasoline. We need to wait until there’s available to fill the tank of  the generator. These were some of the aftermath of supertyphoon Lawin. Before I do my currentlies, I just want to state what happened to me after the storm. There’s a positive turnout from the catastrophe that we just experienced. I was away from work and was able to bond with my families in mother side. I was able to travel different municipalities and enjoy myself chatting with my cousins, having a movie marathon with them and more chikas. There’s a positive outcome from the challenge that we faced. Literally, as the song says, “there’s always a rainbow after the rain.”


The #ALDUBWedding write-ups. It makes you feel how love is despite being loveless.

aside from my 14th edition of the Sunday currently, I was able to write my experience from the Super-typhoon Lawin and of course the #ALDUBWedding that happened just yesterday (by the way I didn’t write much on it because I want the videos to speak for itself)


to She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles. I felt like this song just describes me. So much feels. Just listen unto it to know what I mean. Aside from it, my ears were irritated to the sound of the generator

of when will the power lines be fixed. I am already a refuge to my aunt’s house and I am thinking of what was their feelings towards it.

awful smell of the gasoline from our generator.

all is well that ends well from the people devastated by Lawin.

that all the challenges that the people who were struck by the typhoon could overcome it and this will serve as a vehicle to move on/ move forward and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

my checkered shorts and pink shirt.


my aunt’s generosity of letting me stay in their house and charge all the gadgets I have. I was able to do these updating staffs because I have enough batteries and power supply to back it up.

a fresh new start for everyone.

my wi-fi so that I could do the staff I was doing everyday.

a bit sad because of what happened to us. I am also happy despite the calamity we faced because we are still alive.

Have a great weekday ahead! I hope our power supply will be back the soonest and stay safe wherever you may be. I will be going to work again tomorrow and good luck to me.

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The Sunday Currently/ 13


Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Sunday again and it’s already super late. Probably publishing this a Monday already. I need not to be awake late because, eventhough it was announced earlier tonight that all classes were suspended, still it has no bearing for me because of two points: 1) I am not already studying or no student anymore 2) I am working in an organization that prioritizes emergency situation. These mean that I need to wake up early tomorrow (Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love yah Tomorrow! to the tune of Annie. hahaha!) But I want to share the good vibes that happened to me this day. I woke up early morning to go to the north and when I was on my way there, I bump into an old man (my uncle by the way) it was raining hard and I who has an umbrella was able to share it with my uncle. It’s been so long ago since I was able to talk to him and this was my chance to have a catch up to what’s happening in his life. After this unexpected bond with my uncle, I met a woman who was handling a very heavy water dispenser. I helped her carry the dispenser to her car and seeing her smile towards me made my feeling uplifted. This day is a better day than ever….


My previous Sunday Currently posts.

My thirteenth edition of the Sunday currently and at the same time, finishing some stuff that you will learn Sa Tamang Panahon. Naks! Kalyeserye is back and the terms I am using is sort of I got it from KS of course and I’m the happiest


To new version of My Guardian Angel. Thanks for the heart-wrenching and heartwarming rendition of this song A. My favorite line would be…

I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I’ll stand up with you forever
I’ll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

‘Cause you’re my, you’re my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don’t throw that away
‘Cause I’m here for you
Please don’t walk away and
Please tell me you’ll stay, whoa, stay, whoa

So many things right now but my priority is on how I can see them personally. I am having a hard time and somewhat upset/frustrated because I wasn’t able to go to the #AldubNationFest2016. I was able to get an e-ticket to the said occasion but my line of work doesn’t permits me and I also have no courage of doing things all alone. My sense of dependency to my parents always get me and this is the weakness that I cannot control ever since.

the scent of M from bench. I love spraying it on my room.

That the plans I am making in my head will turn into reality *fingers’ crossed.

for a stronger and more independent me in the coming days and months and forever. I am such a weakling and I hope that I can come out to that shell.

my pambahay shorts and an Aldub shirt from the IYAM giveaway that I received

the Livestreaming of the #ALDUBNationFest2016 . Eventhough I wasn’t able to attend the said occasion, I get to watch what is actually happening in the SMX. Seeing A&M attend and being very generous to their fans through having pictures with them and do autograph signing and treating us like their friends or making us feel how important us to them. I am loving, loving, loving it!!! And I love them both.

to sleep early tonight but my sense of eagerness/happiness doesn’t allow me. I am still kilig to A&M especially the beso, mano and hug of M to A’s family and of course how will I forget the statement of A kissing M in their wedding. You’ll understand what I am talking about if you watch the ADNFest2016.

nothing right now. I am still elated on how fast are the turnout of events these past few days. I don’t feel like I need anything as of the moment. (Except enough sleep pala)

Happy talaga as in. My upset/frustrated moment a little while ago is officially gone. Thanks to A&M for always making my bad days into good days, my sad days into happy days and my loveless days into kilig days.

That’s it, pancit! Hope you guys had a great week ahead! Stay safe and dry coz after Ty Karen, the PAGASA is seeing Lawin entering our PAR. have a cozy and sweet night everyone. As for me, I hope I get to sleep …

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60 and Real 1st


One ordinary afternoon 

In an unplanned situation

The sparkling eyes glow

Different emotions just flow

With your surprised reaction 

That penetrated to a bedimpled smile

You let us ride in your journey 

You took us by surprise and astonishment 

Its been more than a year

A who would have thought moment, 

Whenever you are showered with achievements and accomplishments. 

We are still enjoying the ride, 

We are happy that you’re happy. 

Then suddenly, 

Without a warning

No clue at all

You said your goodbyes. 

Eventhough you’re giving us reassurance, 

To go back with a bang, 

I’m still feeling your silence. 

I’m still longing for your presence.

I’m still yearning for that habit, 

Of making my afternoon laugh out loud and feel the love. 

My optimism is battling heavily with pessimism.

Whenever that situation happens, 

I go back to the day you said to trust you, 

To just believe what you say, 

Then I become okay. 

Now that my favorite show is taking a good rest, 

All I need to endure

And will patiently wait

Is the day you return

And I will become the happiest. 

Today marks the 60th

And the 1st real celebration

Of that day you laid your eyes to that bedimpled angelic face

Of that day you said your love to each other. 

I’m feeling a  bit of nostalgia

And a little bit of surrealism. 

But I’m still hanging in there. 

Yes I am missing

Yes I am a bit sad

But I am also happy with the flow of your voyage

I may be having ambivalent feelings

But your genuineness 

Makes me unwary. 

Your transparency 

Makes me trust you more. 

Your treatment  and care for each other

Persists me to remain loyal. 

We cannot tell what the future brings 

But what’s more important is the now and my love for you both. 

I’m praying hard that I am still there on all your journey

Even after the phenomenon will take a bow…


Photos used ctto… 

The way you stare at me

The way you look at me

The way I feel when you stare and look at me

Feels like I’m the most beautiful in your eyes
I often not believe in myself

That beauty is for others and not to myself

But you made me realize

To believe in my own self and be confident
Whenever I catch you making a glimpse of me

As if there’s a sweet air that passed by

That swayed my bedimpled smile

That pierced or penetrated to the soul of my heart
I want to get close to you

But if you’ll ask me if you could fly too

I will grant your wish unto me

Because I’d rather be miserable alone than seeing you more miserable beside me
Future is not so faraway

Because even the next hour is a future

We don’t know what our destiny and fate together

We just hope it will last a lifetime or forever
The awkwardness at the beginning

Suddenly is coming back again

But we know in each other’s heart

That we are stronger as a rock.
I hope that stare will not tarnish

I wish that smile will not vanish

That deep feeling we will treasure

That relationship we will hold dear.

The SUNDAY Currently/ 11


           For the past months, I’ve been very busy and lazy at the same time. BUSY? Yes. There were so many things that I need to finish at work and at home. I was the one researching for the teaching materials of my mother. (Now you know that my mother is a teacher. hahaha) This is my honest opinion and no pun intended. I think that our government’s decision to change the curriculum in our education is unready/unprepared. I know that their intentions were for the betterment of our children but there should have been thorough preparations and not like this that the teachers are still oblivious with the curriculum. Enough of the topic. I have been very LAZY these past days. There were so many things to do but then again I don’t have the drive or energy to do those things. My body clock has changed too. I am sometimes sleepy at daytime and can’t sleep at night. Now here I am making time for the one I love. The start of my month may have been a bumpy road but I know that behind those cloudy skies, is a hiding sun that will shine again after. Just being positive now even though I am facing a personal trouble which I will discuss when I am ready about it. I made myself busy earlier by making some video editing. Here is the link of one vid that I did today.



The latest blog of @mainedcm. She published it at dawn of Monday even though it’s her Sunday Currently entry. This motivated me to write mine just now.


My eleventh entry to The Sunday Currently. I am also collating my brain cells and make new publish. I also miss my fifteen-minute short poems. You read it. I sometimes make my poems in just a snap especially when I am motivated or inspired


To the Imagine You and Me of @mainedcm. The duet with @aldenrichards02 and the Italian version of the chorus part. LSS pa more…


Of going to Manila to watch the block screening of IYAM. I already reserved for a seat but I was still having doubts and hesitations to push through the thought of it.


The lumpianada my brother is cooking. He just opened an online selling business with regards to this. I was the one who gave the starting capital and he is making money from it. I just hope it will continue for a long run.


I was wishing to watch @EatBulaga personally and my wish was just granted because I just won an online contest and there I won a Dabarkads pass to watch in Broadway. I am just waiting for the confirmation from their staff.


That I could go and use the passes that I will be receiving from @EatBulaga. Finger’s cross….


My newly purchased dress. Very comfy.


How my brain is spontaneously functioning and I could easily write my thoughts and the things I want to write


To meet my friends online which we share the same interest – the love for MaiChard. Shout out to OFCAlDub Tugue. Meet up soon please!


Enough money for my trip to watch IYAM and go to Broadway Centrum if it will push through though.


Excited about the idea that my Tamang Panahon to meet them is somewhat happening now. I am having ambivalent feeling about it. I just pray hard to God that He guides me to do the right path and make the right decision.

                My weekend just passed by so quickly especially that I visited my dentist yesterday, pampered myself with a foot spa complete with mani and pedi and went home riding the last trip bus. I almost went home standing inside the bus. Oh my! I almost stayed at Tuguegarao City over night because of the scarcity of transportation because of the Feast of Our Lady of Piat. I hope I get to visit the shrine one of this days too.

             Have a happy week ahead to all of us. Work, work, work, work, work again tomorrow but it’s okay. Let’s look forward to a week full of enthusiasm, positivity and compassion to the people we meet. An anniversary will be celebrated tomorrow and I’m excited about it.

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