The Sunday Currently/ 21


Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your weekend so far? The days gone so fast right? Have you thought of we’re almost done with the half of the first month of 2017? I also spent my weekends at home and did nothing. I needed to relax my brain for I know the coming days will be hectic again at work. But my brain is also telling me to do something worthwhile that’s why here I am again writing. I don’t religiously update or publish much these past few days but I am trying my best to once in awhile visit here. I truly miss writing and I am happy to have purchased some stuffs that would help me rekindle my writing skills.(Naks! Parang totoo and pro) I am also starting my 2017 with making a journal. (This would be my first ever official journal and I am excited about it.)





As you can see, I am still into my Lang Leav book. I haven’t read all of it but with what I have read already, so far so good. I am enjoying every piece and I am also inspired to do the same in the future. I hope my writing skills will love me the way I love reading especially poetry books. 

my 21st edition of Sunday Currently


I am enjoying the newly released singles of Ed Sheeran. I am digging the lyrics and tunes especially the Castle in the Hill


of what to write in my journal. What is the first step in doing such. (Any suggestions people?)

my MS lavender lotion. Super soothing and relaxing smell

I could fill my journal with good memories and writings.


Despite the stress that my work gives me, I hope I could endure them and with God’s guidance, all of it will fall into place.


my spaghetti strap mini dress topped with black fitted sando.


my new Journal notebook


a new *toot! I will divulge everything when I already have it on my hand.


enough sleep. I think I may be in bed all day but I still lack sleep. How was that batugan? 

happy because of life. confused with work and the things my colleague have been doing lately. Sleepy (buona notte!)

Have a great weekdays ahead everyone! Let’s welcome the new week with full of enthusiasm and positive perspective and perception in life. This kind of attitude makes me endure those days that sometimes make you feel dull and weary. And of course God’s guidance too. (Always seek for His guidance and protection) Good night again! Ciao!

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The Sunday Currently/ 19


It’s Christmas day! Merry Christmas everyone! Happy birthday Papa Jesus. Thank you God for bringing Jesus Christ in our lives. Spend this day with the people you love like your family and friends!


The Christmas greetings from families and friends plus some twitter updates of mi loves. (you already who they are)

aside from my 19th edition of the Sunday Currently, I hope I could finish the ones in my draft. Lately, I was so lazy witing or my mojo feels is somewhat lost over these past few days. My previously published posts were somewhat shallow. I hope I can recuperate from it. (hahaha like a disease)


I’m into Bruno Mars nowadays. I just love his voice. But the Versace on the Floor is consistently popping in my head coz it’s the music from our mini reunion trip with friends

of my duty this New Year’s break. I will be alone spending the New Years day but no biggie.

the mango peach pie I bought from the fastfood chain we went to. Love anything that is mango flavored.

for a better and peaceful remaining days of 2016.

I could buy the best *toot! I have been wanting this for more than half decade already. That’s how important this to me.

my blue spaghetti strap mini dress


how I spent Christmas today. I may have slept on the actual salubong or the Christmas Eve Noche Buena (it’s already two years in a row. Huhuhu! Here’s the link of my post when I slept from last year but this day is still worthwhile. I am loving the mini reunion with my friends. Thanks to Richie and Mark Lester for initiating the trip.

to go somewhere and thanks to my friends for the short trip. We get to bond even if it’s for a short period of time and unplanned. Those unexpected moments are oftentimes the most worthwhile and most memorable.

a new camera pls…. who’s a Good Samaritan here. I am saving my money for it. Hope I could buy the soonest. I still need this…hahaha (this is my previous need entry)

Happy and contented. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year because of families and friends. I am happy and grateful today.

Have a great remaining days of 2016 guys! Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year! May this day serve as a reminder of how God loves us that He gave His only Begotten Son.

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The Sunday Currently/ 17


I am so overwhelmed today due to the piled up paper works that I need to do. My mind wants to burst and my mother is somewhat annoying today for the so many favors she is asking but as they say, a good daughter always follows her parents. So I need to oblige. But earlier this day, I was able to produce a new video in my YT channel with my new loved song entitled Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur.


The PREVIEW magazine with M in the cover. I am looking for a different cover of her with the same issue but as a Team Province, we are again left out and maybe that issue is already sold out so I need to settle to what’s available. I still love it though.

my 17th edition of the Sunday Currently. Aside from it, I am planning to publish another poem if I could finish it.


Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

of how I can collate my crazy thoughts tonight. I need to finish these paper works. Cramming time again for me.

the viand that my mama is cooking. Home made foods are the best.

that I could finish all these things on time.

to a better and relaxing week ahead. Today is somewhat crazy.

my super comfy red spaghetti dress.


the new cover of M in the Preview Mag.

a super cold orange fruit juice. Tonight is kinda hot.

a new conduction oven and video cam. Santa Claus I need you! Please grant my request please! hehehe!

burned out. I need some update from you A&M to better my feelings please!

Have a great week ahead guys! I hope your weekend is better that mine coz as you can tell above I am ranting about me in a not so good mood. I really do hope that this chaos will end the soonest and I will have a better day tomorrow.

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The Sunday Currently/ 16

So I was feeling under the weather today. The morning breeze is getting colder and is very good for bed weather so, I stayed most of the hours today in bed. I started my day today publishing a video of M’s poem she posted on May 5, 2014. As I have said in my previous posts, I was binged reading her blog most especially her poetry entries. And I was inspired to make them or turn them into a lyric video and one sample is above.  I also did a short trip up north to buy a cake in celebration to the birthday of my Mama. (I will post a separate blog to this one). It’s been a long time since I updated my Sunday Currently entry and I intended to not really post anything of it this time but since I changed my mind, so, here are my currently things…


My newly purchased Michael Crichton book entitled Congo. I know that it’s already an old book but I have been collecting novels authored by Michael Crichton. Aside from he’s one of my favorite author, I now have eight books of him and I hope I get to finish this book the soonest possible.

my 16th edition of The Sunday Currently and my blog about my feelings towards my beloved mother dearest who will be having her birthday tomorrow.


The noise coming from my brother’s room. He is, I think currently watching his newly downloaded movies and watching it to his DIY projector. He’s very clever when it comes to butingting and everything.


of a new business to venture with. I have a vacant lot nearby the public market and I am thinking of what my interests are so that the business I am planning will be the ones that I really love.

the perfume that my brother sprayed on. I really love the perfume’s chocolatey/vanilla-like smell

to meet A&M before this year ends. (finger’s crossed)

that my wish will all come true. Many will be saying I’m mababaw with my wish but simple things in life that money can buy, hands can’t hold and can only be felt is what makes me the happiest. To be able to take pictures, make my magazine/book collections signed and just be in contact with A&M will make my life complete (as per today because we’ll never know what will happen tomorrow) finger’s crossed again!

a blue floral super comfy pambahay dress


the new Preview magazine – November ish (which is I am aiming to get one. Team Province is always left out) with you know it already who’s in the cover!

to have a new video camera (Santa Claus where are you? Hahaha!!!)

a rebreather from work but I think it will not come soon because of the so many compliance that the HHQs has been demanding

a bit burn out from work but because of my everyday updates on A&M, every stress and tiring day suddenly vanish. They really make a huge impact in my life especially towards happiness and inspiration.

Have a great weekdays ahead y’all! Start the week right with positive mind and right attitude. Spread love and happiness to all the people you meet everyday! *wink and flying kiss to all

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The SUNDAY Currently /15


Happy Halloween guys! (If you’re thinking why is it that my first greeting unto you is about Halloween and my photo above is by far and unconnected. It’s just that I was looking at the photos on my gallery and these what popped-up first. I think these photos are more relevant to us in the North because of the devastation we had to go through to ST Lawin. I took  these photos earlier today when I went south and I saw in my very own eyes how terrible the damage incurred in these places and we’re luckier to have a minor damage in our town. Thank you God. But on a brighter note, the sky is blue and the sun is shining again and the beauty of nature is more appreciated and given importance nowadays. We learned our lesson, “I hope so” to conserve energy, love thy mother earth, significance of planting more trees and making sure that you’re always ready in times of  disaster) Anyway, How was your celebration of the Halloween so far? Well, as for our family, we do not really celebrate it like we had to do costume or attend into a Halloween party or do Trick or Treat. hindi po uso sa amin yan. 


About the history of Halloween. (By the way, tomorrow October 31 is the real celebration of it)

my 15th edition of The Sunday Currently


To different horror stories

of how I could easily assemble my newly purchased stand fan. I can’t unscrew the locks.

nothing. I have a clogged nose because of the change of weather

that I could be of help to the people struck by ST Lawin.

to a more productive weekdays and less stressful workload

my colorful duster.


my braided hair and how it naturally curls my hair when I  untie it

to buy a new camera. (may Santa Claus ba dyan?)

an exercise. My mama is already worried that I’m getting fatter everyday. (E, masarap kumain e. Excuse! Excuse! Excuse!)

happy coz I got a copy of the Mega and Garage Magazine with A&M on the cover. (Next target is the Preview and Style Weekend hehehe)


Have a meaningful observance of the All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day everyone. Dalawin po natin ang mga mahal natin sa buhay na namayapa na. Baka tayo ang dalawin nila. hahaha!!! On a serious note, have a safe visit to the grave of our beloved departed and don’t forget to say a prayer for them.


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The Sunday Currently/ 14


Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Sunday again and we still don’t have current (power lines are still on the process of repair and they are saying that the estimated date is until the 29th)  and our communication lines were still unstable (one of the cellular sites just got back after two days after being interrupted) but I made myself very productive today because I was able to update my blog despite our situation. I am actually updating this one in the middle of the dark night because our generator ran out of gasoline. We need to wait until there’s available to fill the tank of  the generator. These were some of the aftermath of supertyphoon Lawin. Before I do my currentlies, I just want to state what happened to me after the storm. There’s a positive turnout from the catastrophe that we just experienced. I was away from work and was able to bond with my families in mother side. I was able to travel different municipalities and enjoy myself chatting with my cousins, having a movie marathon with them and more chikas. There’s a positive outcome from the challenge that we faced. Literally, as the song says, “there’s always a rainbow after the rain.”


The #ALDUBWedding write-ups. It makes you feel how love is despite being loveless.

aside from my 14th edition of the Sunday currently, I was able to write my experience from the Super-typhoon Lawin and of course the #ALDUBWedding that happened just yesterday (by the way I didn’t write much on it because I want the videos to speak for itself)


to She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles. I felt like this song just describes me. So much feels. Just listen unto it to know what I mean. Aside from it, my ears were irritated to the sound of the generator

of when will the power lines be fixed. I am already a refuge to my aunt’s house and I am thinking of what was their feelings towards it.

awful smell of the gasoline from our generator.

all is well that ends well from the people devastated by Lawin.

that all the challenges that the people who were struck by the typhoon could overcome it and this will serve as a vehicle to move on/ move forward and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

my checkered shorts and pink shirt.


my aunt’s generosity of letting me stay in their house and charge all the gadgets I have. I was able to do these updating staffs because I have enough batteries and power supply to back it up.

a fresh new start for everyone.

my wi-fi so that I could do the staff I was doing everyday.

a bit sad because of what happened to us. I am also happy despite the calamity we faced because we are still alive.

Have a great weekday ahead! I hope our power supply will be back the soonest and stay safe wherever you may be. I will be going to work again tomorrow and good luck to me.

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66th and 7th

Credit to the owners of the photos and the music used. No copyright infringement intended.

I’ll take care of you
You and me in an exchange of promise
To love you for the rest of my life
I get to love you,
Is the best thing that I’ll ever do
In this crazy life, you’re everything
You’re my celestial, my everglow
If you love someone
You should let her know
You call it magic,
I call it ethereal
You shine like a star,
It was all yellow when I’m with you
God gave me you
I’ll treasure my love for you
Imagine you and me
United with God’s blessings
Together eternally
I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you
My happiness
My love

My boss texted me Tuesday night telling me that I should not come to work on Wednesday because of the upcoming Super Typhoon LAWIN in which, the PAGASA forecasted that it will hit our place on this day. (Imagine how concern my new boss is. He’s very considerate to the needs of his subordinates. Two thumbs up to you sir!) By the way, to the people living in Cagayan and Isabela like us, keep yourself safe and dry guys! We are now under SIGNAL number 5 (pls. do click the link for the latest forecast of the weather) and NDRRMC is conducting text brigade on the updates of this super-typhoon as stated, STY #LawinPH catastrophic danger over Southern Cagayan and Isabela in 12 hours. Very heavy to widespread damage, brace for catastrophic event. Immediate evacuation to safe areas is advised. Nakakatakot guys! First time that I get to hear or read this kind of news. We experience typhoons frequently but not as catastrophic as this. (Have I sounded as a weather reporter there? But seriously this is a no joke news. Let us ask for the guidance and mercy from our God Almighty through prayers that He will spare us from any danger)

As I was saying, my boss made sure that we’re safe in our own houses which means that I have a day off from work. I wasn’t doing anything so I made myself busy trying hard to video edit and the link above is the outcome. I really love the pre-nuptial photos of A&M which make us all wonder if it’s for real  or reel. Let’s just be surprised to the super fast turnout of events of our loves.

Basing to the sort of KS’ teaser, they will mention who will be the lucky ones in their entourage which means tomorrow the said happening may (or I maybe wrong) overshadow or outshine their weeksary day. I still want to greet A&M and the whole ADN a happy 66th Weeksary that’s why I will still continue doing this.

I also had an opportunity to help in the packing of relief goods as a pre-disaster preparation of our emergency frontliner. It’s a humbling experience to be of help. As Aesop said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Here’s a video link of it…

Please do include us in your prayers as the super-typhoon Lawin is nearing our place (when you read this, I think it has landed already in our place). I hope it will dissolve above and will not cause or spare us in any danger or damage. Have a safe and meaningful celebration of the AD/MC weeksary too! 66 weeks na tayo guys! Ang layo na ng narating natin. Papunta na nga tayo sa simbahan oh…hahaha

The Sunday Currently/ 13


Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Sunday again and it’s already super late. Probably publishing this a Monday already. I need not to be awake late because, eventhough it was announced earlier tonight that all classes were suspended, still it has no bearing for me because of two points: 1) I am not already studying or no student anymore 2) I am working in an organization that prioritizes emergency situation. These mean that I need to wake up early tomorrow (Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love yah Tomorrow! to the tune of Annie. hahaha!) But I want to share the good vibes that happened to me this day. I woke up early morning to go to the north and when I was on my way there, I bump into an old man (my uncle by the way) it was raining hard and I who has an umbrella was able to share it with my uncle. It’s been so long ago since I was able to talk to him and this was my chance to have a catch up to what’s happening in his life. After this unexpected bond with my uncle, I met a woman who was handling a very heavy water dispenser. I helped her carry the dispenser to her car and seeing her smile towards me made my feeling uplifted. This day is a better day than ever….


My previous Sunday Currently posts.

My thirteenth edition of the Sunday currently and at the same time, finishing some stuff that you will learn Sa Tamang Panahon. Naks! Kalyeserye is back and the terms I am using is sort of I got it from KS of course and I’m the happiest


To new version of My Guardian Angel. Thanks for the heart-wrenching and heartwarming rendition of this song A. My favorite line would be…

I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I’ll stand up with you forever
I’ll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

‘Cause you’re my, you’re my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don’t throw that away
‘Cause I’m here for you
Please don’t walk away and
Please tell me you’ll stay, whoa, stay, whoa

So many things right now but my priority is on how I can see them personally. I am having a hard time and somewhat upset/frustrated because I wasn’t able to go to the #AldubNationFest2016. I was able to get an e-ticket to the said occasion but my line of work doesn’t permits me and I also have no courage of doing things all alone. My sense of dependency to my parents always get me and this is the weakness that I cannot control ever since.

the scent of M from bench. I love spraying it on my room.

That the plans I am making in my head will turn into reality *fingers’ crossed.

for a stronger and more independent me in the coming days and months and forever. I am such a weakling and I hope that I can come out to that shell.

my pambahay shorts and an Aldub shirt from the IYAM giveaway that I received

the Livestreaming of the #ALDUBNationFest2016 . Eventhough I wasn’t able to attend the said occasion, I get to watch what is actually happening in the SMX. Seeing A&M attend and being very generous to their fans through having pictures with them and do autograph signing and treating us like their friends or making us feel how important us to them. I am loving, loving, loving it!!! And I love them both.

to sleep early tonight but my sense of eagerness/happiness doesn’t allow me. I am still kilig to A&M especially the beso, mano and hug of M to A’s family and of course how will I forget the statement of A kissing M in their wedding. You’ll understand what I am talking about if you watch the ADNFest2016.

nothing right now. I am still elated on how fast are the turnout of events these past few days. I don’t feel like I need anything as of the moment. (Except enough sleep pala)

Happy talaga as in. My upset/frustrated moment a little while ago is officially gone. Thanks to A&M for always making my bad days into good days, my sad days into happy days and my loveless days into kilig days.

That’s it, pancit! Hope you guys had a great week ahead! Stay safe and dry coz after Ty Karen, the PAGASA is seeing Lawin entering our PAR. have a cozy and sweet night everyone. As for me, I hope I get to sleep …

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The Sunday Currently/ 12

It’s been very long time since I update my Sunday currently. I’m baaaaccckkkk! How time flies right? We were almost half way of October. My weekends for the past weeks have been very laid back. Just like today, I end up staying and chilling at home, appreciating the simplicity of life and enjoying my short weekend staycation. But beforehand this rest day, I went through a very stressful workload, concerning the problems of other. I just hope this will end in a positive note and we can solve in a peaceful way.



Tweets of the launching of A’s Album, their kulitan with M in IG, his having a Diamond Record Award. You’ll understand what I’m saying if you have read my previously published post. Hahaha!


My 12th edition of the Sunday Currently. But aside from that, I’m planning to write my thoughts on the pros & cons of being a millennial or the social media per se.


To the featured rap artist in KMJS now. These kids are really great at singing their hearts out through their rap song. Despite their unfortunate condition, they have their talents to back them up. I hope our country will have programs that will support talented kids that will hone and improve their capabilities. I am also thrilled when I heard the newest version of My Guardian Angel. I need to have a copy of that!


Of what to do tomorrow. It’s workday weekday again tomorrow. As what I have said awhile ago, I’m also collating my thoughts now on my next publish post.


Aside from the perfume that was given to me last week by my cousin, I’m also liking the smell of my hands enjoying my Cheetos Cheddar Jalapenos.. Thanks to M, I got curious to the taste and now I’m enjoying not only the taste but also the smell.


To have a baking appliances, tools and ingredients. I’m planning to bake the cakes I want because I love giving cakes. I know the basic steps of making cakes and I want to improve that skill of mine. I also want to make a personalized cake for my families during special occasions that’s why.


That my decision in life of staying with my family is the right decision. I am having second thoughts of what if I pursue a career abroad, what would life be like for me? But at the back of my mind, my heart is at peace with being beside them and that’s what I’m holding on whenever I am having doubts.


My blue spaghetti strap dress.


The new cover of A & M in Mega magazine. I need to buy the print issue of it.


To go to the ADN fest. I have an FB friend who is currently attending the launching of A’s newest album and I felt a bit of jealousy. I also want to see them (A&M) personally and I don’t know when or how will that happen. Next week will be the fest, I have ticket for one and unfortunately, I can’t go because I don’t have the guts and my family wouldn’t allow too…


Some exercise. My mother is now bothered on how I gain a lot of weight.

Double chin pa more.


Bloated and heavy. Yes I admit it now that I am super big that my clothes are very tight to wear now. I just need more encouragement char. I also feel kilig with the little conversation of A&M in IG post.

Have a great week ahead!!! If you’re going to work or school or just in your house, I hope that all of us have a brighter and positive outlook ahead of us. Have a great week ahead! Let’s exercise or should I say I need to exercise and I have to do it now before I regret in the future.

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(Excerpt to the) 5-DAY US TRIP – PART 1 (ADELE & COLDPLAY) of Maine Mendoza

Speechless. You really love Coldplay not just because they are a performer but more on how their song could touch your life. And seeing them personally and actually watching them perform your favorite songs is like heaven. The same feeling we have towards you and Alden. You may not know it but you both also have a fair share of touching our lives. We wish you happiness and endless love with Alden. May you always bring joy and love towards each other. Thanks for being so generous of your life experiences through this snippets. You really love us that you always update us with your astonishing and amusing way of story telling. We love you and may all your endeavors make you happy forever. 
Here’s an excerpt to the recently published blog of Maine Mendoza with regards to seeing her favorite COLDPLAY in flesh through their concert in Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California via

So… this entry was supposed to be up two weeks ago but due to my incredible carelessness and stupidity, I accidentally clicked something that wiped out everything that I wrote. (I was too close to finishing it, Diyos ko!) So this, what you’re currently reading, is a brand new US trip entry. (Just the first part! To follow na yung second!) It is sad because I cannot construct the same content that I wrote in this first– which is more comprehensive. I could still feel the exasperation on what happened–damang dama ko pa hanggang ngayon! Buhos na buhos yung emosyon ko doon tapos ganon nalang?!?! Talagang may mga bagay talaga sa buhay natin na kahit ibigay natin lahat, sa huli mapupunta lang din sa wala. Life is never fair. (Hugot!) Oh well, I blame myself for it. I did the same mistake in some of my previous posts and I guess I never really learn(ed) my lesson. Hindi lang isang beses ito!


Actually thrice na nga eh… Anyway, I am here to recount about my 5-day US trip few weeks ago (August 20-26). I hope I can still recall and write about everything that we did in full detail. I suppose you all know the reason why I went to America (the main objective, rather) but for some of you who does not have an idea as to why I went there. Ayun na nga..

I went there to see Coldplay. It was a gift from Mr. Tuviera because I was planning to watch them in Spain when we were still in Italy (shooting for IYAM) but traveling would cause such inconvenience since there’s not much time left; getting the concert tickets, plane/train tickets wouldn’t be easy. Here’s how the story goes.. we were having dinner when I decided to check Coldplay’s tour schedule. I knew they were in Europe during that time so I was hoping they’d have their show in Italy. But! Unfortunately Italy wasn’t included in A Head Full of Dreams tour but hey they will be having a concert in Spain on the 26th and 27th and I was like “Hindi kalayuan ang Spain dito” I checked Google maps to see how far is Como from Spain and figured that I am just 2-hour plane ride away from Barcelona where the concert will be held! I thought it would be possible to attend the concert on the 26th; I got stoked so I immediately checked for plane tickets because I wanted to make it happen. But then I thought IYAM wrap party would be on the evening of 25th, and the production crew will be going back to the Philippines on the 26th, and I will be leaving for Germany on the 27th. Hmm… #medyohassle From then I knew that pushing with the concert would be impractical, and a struggle! I got sad, of course! I thought my “tamang panahon” with Coldplay was going to happen but I was wrong.

I knew there had been rumours about the band coming to Manila this November, and although there were “confimartions” already, I know that it won’t push through– not this year. April 2017, let us cross our fingers. Anyway perhaps that’s where Mr. Tuviera had the idea of giving me tickets; because he saw and he knew how badly I wanted to see them when we were in Italy. So no, it wasn’t a gift for a successful movie. He just wanted to make me happy for that is what he does best– making people happy. And I am one lucky girl.

Going back, do you guys remember the abduction of Lola Nidora recently? Oh, the abduction of Divina, rather? The day when I successfully ran away from the kidnappers was the day Mr. Tuviera handed me the tickets. We were in Broadway Centrum, I was roaming around the backstage when he invited me for a talk. I got nervous as to why he wanted to talk to me out of the blue–in private! First question I asked myself was “May ginawa ba akong masama?”, but I cannot think of anything which made me mentally freak out more. So.. first thing he asked was “May US Visa ka ba?” and I answered with a yes. I blew a sigh of relief, and got excited as well. Thoughts:

Are we (Eat Bulaga) having a show in the States?
Will there be a special screening of IYAM in the States? Will Mr. Tuviera send Alden and I to America?
A trip to New York?
Random question lang ba yung “May US Visa ka ba?” Pang tanggal kaba, ganoin? 

My head started producing random thoughts… and then he handed me an envelope. “Anu puh itoh?” I asked, but he just responded with a smile. I knew Mr. Tuviera was up for something. I was mentally freaking out! I didn’t expect opening a simple envelope would be that thrilling!



“Coldplay Live in Pasadena”



That was my actual reaction when I saw the wordColdplay. I couldn’t believe it. Totoo ba talaga ito? I have Coldplay tickets in my hands and to me it is as precious as a diamond ring. It somehow felt like a dream. I never expected that someone would give me such kind of gift.
I needed a moment to cry.
I needed a moment to grasp the fact that I am flying to America to see Coldplay.
I needed a moment to breathe.
I have Coldplay tickets in my hands.
I am flying to America to see my favorite band.
My goodness.
Sabi nga ni Jolina, “hindi ako makapaniwala”. I kept on asking Mr. Tuviera if the tickets are legit because I had this funny feeling that he might be pulling some kind of a prank on me (seriously, why would he do that?!?) I even asked him if there are cameras planted around the room. Haha! I couldn’t help but cry in front of him for I was so delighted with what I saw; it was a sudden burst of emotions. Di ko maexplain. That was the second time I cried over a gift (first one was during my 18th birthday; when my friends surprised me with my favorite dog– a Siberian Husky) I wanted to share the oh-so good news to everybody and let them know how happy I am, but for some reason I felt like I needed to keep it to myself to keep hold of the excitement. I tweeted about it but I did not give any hint about the gift, thought some were really good in guessing that it was Coldplay tickets. It was only my closest friends who new about it.


We were nine in the group; Mr. and Mrs. Tuviera, Mr. and Mrs. Barreiro, Ms. Celeste, Ms. Jenny, Direk Poochie, Coleen and me. We were scheduled to fly on the 19th of August and be back on the 26th of March (charot!). Just a week off away from everything; a short time to unwind, to rest and most especially to enjoy– a short break just exactly what I needed.

We had a little adventure en route to America– caused by delayed flights. (One of the worst things ever!) An hour and a half flight from Manila to Hong Kong (that was delayed for almost two hours), 7-hour layover in Hong Kong (we were not able to catch our supposed-to-be-flight-to-US because of the MNL-HK delay), 2-hour flight to Taipei (we looked for the earliest and quickest flight to the States so we ended up transferring to a different airline– Eva Air) and after the 11-hour flight, we finally reached our destination– Los Angeles. We made it just in time for Adele’s concert; we arrived exactly on the day of her show.

We were making our way out of LAX when suddenly wild ADN appeared! (Pokemon? Tyarot!) There were groups of AlDub Nation waiting for me outside the airport! I know some people do track our flights every time we go out of town but since nobody knew what airline I was in, I expected that nobody would be able to track our flight, plus! we transferred to a different airline when we were in Hong Kong, and don’t forget the delayed flights (that we had to endure *rolls eyes*). Apparently, I was right on them not being able to track my flight. But hey! They waited for me for more than 12 hours outside the airport just so they’d see me arrive. PAANO?! Gulat na gulat ako pero maraming salamat sainyo!

First thing I did when we got to the hotel was (of course) get everything settled, took an hour of rest, and a shower (of course) then looked for the nearest Japanese resto for I was having mad cravings for gyoza and edamame, and fortunately, I found a ramen place around the area! You can never say NO to ramen. Ang saya saya! I immediately went out for a walk to stroll around Burbank a bit before heading to the ramen place.

August 20, 2016 (Adele Live in Staples Center)

Since we are already in Los Angeles, why not make the most out of it? Adele had 8 consecutive sold out shows in Staples; and we watched her on her 5th.



I am not really a fan of Adele but I know some songs of her, and gladly they were all part of the show’s setlist. My favorite’s Chasing Pavements! (For those who do not know, it is a song about doing a fruitless mission. Had to google the reason why she wrote it and found out that she was running after her ex-boyfriend with whom she had just fought, before realizing she was “chasing an empty pavement” as he was no longer there)Hay, buhay. Hindi bale Adele..


Charot! Going back, don’t need to tell how great of a singer Adele is– everybody knows it. I am amazed by how her speaking accent is different from singing. She shared stories about her life a singer, a writer and a mother; the way she deals with things, the struggles and heartbreaks she’d been through, and the way she expresses herself through writing and music. Her funny anecdotes also entertained the crowd. She seems like the kind of person you’ll enjoy conversing with for hours and not get bored for she never runs out of things to say and share! She is an amusing lady and indeed a beautiful one.


The show ended with Rolling in the deep with shempre bonggang pa-confetti. Here’s the catch, each and every confetti had a song lyric printed on it–in Adele’s handwriting! O diba, ang galing! First confetti that landed in my hand had a lyric from Someone like you– “regrets and mistakes they are memories made”– right on, A! It served as a souvenir, too, to those who watched.


August 21, 2016 (Coldplay Live in Pasadena)

For some odd reason, I woke up not feeling the level of excitement I thought I’d get. I woke up feeling groggy and tired (perhaps because I slept late last night). I woke up to the music of Coldplay playing inside the bathroom– my sister prepping up for the concert. I did the same thing too; took a bath while listening to Coldplay in the background to hype myself up.

We spent the first half of the day in The Grove and did a little (window) shopping to kill time. One of the reasons why I hate “killing” time at the mall is I tend to shop and spend money on things that I don’t really need. I am sure some of you go through the same struggle, because seriously what else are you going to do inside the mall? Look for Pokemons? Uhm, nope, no, not me.


We left for Pasadena at around 7; it took us about half an hour to reach the venue. At last, I finally felt the excitement on our way. I was also feeling kind of tensed for some reason, I don’t now why, it’s not like I am coming face to face with Chris Martin. (Hindi ko keri!) We had to ride a shuttle from the parking to Rose bowl. I immediately looked for a Coldplay merchandise booth and got myself a shirt and a cap with their album cover/logo printed on it.



Doors opened at 5:30, we got there few minutes before 8 but unfortunately we didn’t get inside the stadium that quick for the security were very strict with bags. We had to surrender our bags and purses and put them inside the lockers for security reasons, and we were only allowed to bring anything that would fit a 12″ ziplock baggies. We got inside at 8:30. They had 2 supporting acts that we failed to catch; Bishop Briggs (who I am not familiar with) annd Alessia Cara. The band was scheduled to go out at 9– and they did! Show started at exactly 9pm, shempre meron pang kung anong keme. When the xylobands lighted up, everybody started sceaming! ETO NAAAAAAAAA!!!!
(I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera so I do not have any decent photo during the concert, but here’s some that I found online! Credits to the owners)


PASADENA, CA - AUGUST 20: Singer Chris Martin of Coldplay performs at the Rose Bowl on August 20, 2016 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Shet nababasa din yung kili-kili niya. Tao din siya mga bes.


The band had a special guest too that evening!


James Corden from Carpool Karaoke! Chris introduced James by telling a long (fictional) story about the “Coldplay bandmate who got away”. “You may know him from things like Carpool Karaoke and that kind of shit, but we know him as the guy who turned down being in a band with us” Chris said. And funny ako for a moment, I thought it was actually true before I realized he was kidding. It was also James’ birthday on the day of the concert!


They had 23 songs that evening. The setlist consisted of:
A Head Full of Dreams, Yellow, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, The Scientist, Birds, Paradise, Always in my Head, Magic, Everglow, Clocks, Midnight, Charlie Brown, Hymn for the Weekend, Fix You, Heroes, Viva La Vida, Adventure of a Lifetime, In my Place, Don’t Panic, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, Amazing Day, A Sky Full of Stars and Up&Up.
Every performance was amazing! I was singing along with them all throughout the show! I was supposed to just enjoy every minute and not mind about my phone but I had to video-record some parts for documenting and reminiscing purposes. (I still do watch the videos up to now!)

One of the best moments (and the most nostalgic one) was when they played Yellow. It was their second song, and everybody knows that I bawled my eyes out the moment they sang it. I don’t know what got me so emotional, it felt like hearing a song for the first time in 1000 years. (As you could see on how I reacted when I heard the song’s intro) Parang gusto ko nang kunin ng linawag. Perhaps the fact that I am watching them live didn’t sink in the first few moments of the show. Iba kasi talaga eh. Sabi nga ni Abra, “hindi ko maipaliwanag”.

Another thing that amazed me the most that evening was this..


Gee, the show was lit the entire time–literally by xylobands glowing in thousands points of light. Can you imagine how breathtaking those are? It was synced with every song! Oh don’t forget the matinding laser lights and the fireworks! Tinodo nila mga bes. #PAANO


Couldn’t help but cry my heart out during their last performance–Up&Up. At that moment, I realized the show was about to finish. After two hours of pure fun, partying and singing along..the show has come to an end. I was feeling happy and sad at the same time; happy because I got to see and hear them live, sad because it’s all done. Damang damang damang damang dama ko yung kanta. Listening to Up&Up will never be the same again; it never fails to get me feeling out of sorts every time I listen to it. I actually don’t know if someone else inside the stadium felt the same way as I did; parang lahat sila masaya lang, ako parang iniwan ng mahal sa buhay. *sigh* Anyway, I will be seeing them soon here in the Philippines! But I don’t think the feeling would be the same. Iba talaga eh.



IT WAS THE BEST– COLDPLAY IS THE BEST. It didn’t feel like just a simple concert– it was more like a party with 90,000 of people celebrating altogether. It was a night filled with a sea of color-changing wristbands, countless fireworks bursting through, star-shaped confetti showers, giant balloons and laser lights slicing through the night sky. Every single thing was astonishing. I realized it was (by far) the best night of my life–seriously. It was super worth it. I am very glad and very grateful that I had been given the chance to fly to America to see them. The kind of fun that I had in that one night cannot be compared to all the nights of my 21 years of existence. (Exaggerated but true) All bias aside but I think only Coldplay can pull off such kind of concert. (Haha, okay sige biased na!) I just love em so much. No one knows how their songs touch every bit and part of me.

After the concert, while I was basking on my bed, I took my phone to write and sum up the whole experience through a poem comprising of multiple Coldplay titles and lyrics. I came up with this:

Seeing you
Was a dream come true
I call it magic
An adventure of a lifetime.

Your voice
Made me shiver
Your songs
Filled the sky full of stars
And the way you sing
Give nothing but sparks.

Time came a-creepin’
Still it was a beautiful night
Stars were shining down on you
As God put a smile upon my face
As I shed tears like a waterfall
You left me;
The kid who was always in trouble
The girl who is in her little bubble
The lady with a head full of dreams
With nothing but a feeling
A feeling within me
An everglow.

Here’s the video that I made featuring what happened on my first two days in LA; Adele Live in Staples and Coldplay Live in Rose bowl. Sorry for the shaky clips! I was too busy having fun, hehe! At medyo mahaba lang din mga bes, Coldplay eh.

You are beyond amazing, Coldplay.
Words cannot express how much love and admiration I have for you and how sensational you are.
I hope watching the video (at least) made you guys understand how I felt that evening and see how spectacular and wonderful the show was. Most especially, I hope you find them just as amazing as I do.


Pwede ba? *sniffs*