The Sunday Currently/ 20


So, one week has passed for the year 2017 and so far so good for this new year! I’m optimistic for a better or best version of myself. I’m motivated to find genuine happiness in which it’s a decision that depends only to me. 


The Universe of Us by Lang Leave (which I purchased via online and just delivered on me literally today. It’s freshly handed and being read.)

20th edition of my Sunday Currentlies


The commentaries of A&M in IYAM. (It’s a multitasking Sunday for me. I am super excited reading my Lang book then writing this one plus I am carefully listening to every commentaries in the said DVD. Trivia, my IYAM DVD was at the same time just handed to me today which means, my late Christmas gift to myself came at the same time today. It’s better late than never right?)

Of my goals this year in which I want to fulfill and I am praying hard for it.

Nothing. Clogged nose or there’s none really.

That all my aspirations and dreams in life will come true or fulfilled. Let’s also wish good to everyone.

That my thoughts of buying this super mahal thing will push through or worth my money.

Army green spaghetti strap mini dress. Super comfy.


My new purchases. The Lang Leav book and IYAM DVD.

To go for a vacation and write poems more.

Some cough medicine. My mama is already worried on the extent of my cough.

Happy, contented and grateful


Have a great week ahead. Let’s welcome the coming weeks and months of 2017 with a motive to be genuinely happy, carefree, full of positivism and live in realm.

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Ann’s Holidaze

It’s been so long since I publish a blog and my last post is very shallow (sabaw. mema lang. mema-lagay). I still haven’t found my mojo. But I will try my best to tell how was my holiday because I definitely ended the season with genuine happiness.

I will start my  story on December 19, 2016. It is the scheduled Christmas party in the office and I was tasked to be the host again. The introvert me of course is pulling me down and I know I need also to hone my speaking skills because I am still a novice at this. What can I do? I need to comply with what my superiors want. And being one of the youngest in the group, I can’t complain. I just need to say yes even if I am not comfortable at this. There’s nothing I can do. Even though that’s the case, I was able to speak decently there. My bravery prevailed yohoo! I may have been the host but I was able to snap some videos and pictures so the link below were some of it. I enjoyed despite my nervousness of actually hosting the party.

I am scheduled to have a Christmas break so, my Christmas vacation came early. After the Christmas party, I was able to take a rest and pull back the energy I consumed from hosting. I may not show it but I don’t know, whenever I am speaking publicly, after it is like my energy just went off. I am thankful that I was given the chance to rest and have my me time. As I was enjoying my vacation, I received a text from my boss informing me of a meeting or conference at Tuguegarao in which nothing I can do but comply.

December 23, 2016 – I was at Tuguegarao for a conference oversight meeting. It may be for compliance purposes but I still enjoyed it. I gained another experience and learning from it. In everything that happened in my life be it happy or sad, in what I want or not, I see things in a brighter and lighter side. I believe that as I exist longer in this world or as I mature, I learned how to appreciate life despite it goes the opposite of what I want.

December 24, 2016 – a day before the Christmas day. I intended to just relax and not prepare anything grandiose this day. It’s been a tradition in the family to just celebrate Christmas day the simplest way. Anyway, this is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ so, we must dedicate this day living the way he planned and the way He can be proud for us and that is loving the ones He loves and appreciating life and love. As the night came by, I went to my Aunt Cora’s house to visit and greet them and with a little chit chat, I went home immediately too. As what I have said in my previous post, I slept again in the Christmas salubong but the day was not wasted because…

December 25, 2016 – I was watching the television when my phone notified about meeting with my high school classmates/friends. It was the right decision to go because I really missed them so much and I had the chance to update myself about their lives and how we have changed in terms of maturity but we’re still the same. That feeling of just like the old times. Here’s some of the snaps from our unplanned get together which is all worth it.

December 30, 2016 – my parents went to Ilocos and I was left alone in the house because of work-related circumstances. I am on duty for New Year week so, I need to be intact in the municipality. My first night alone in the house felt like sad but not really because I am able to reflect on what happened to me this year. And I need to look forward to a great coming year being independent and a braver self.

December 31, 2016 – because I am alone in the house, I intended to spend my New Year’s Eve at my Aunt Cora’s house. But before that, I went to supermarket to buy fruits especially the round sweet fruits because it is believed that it is lucky for the upcoming year. Of course, we need to prepare foods so, me and my cousin Ate Rebecca experimented to bake a cake in a turbo broiler. It was an epic fail but I enjoyed our bonding more than anything else. My social life is back again with the people close to my heart and that’s what more important. And the bread we prepared is not bad because the kids loved the taste. The New Year Eve came and I spent it with the people close to my heart – my family. I know that it is happier if my parents and brother were around but I still did enjoyed it. I am with the company of happy people.


Group photo with the gang.

Here’s my message to the upcoming year…. – “Happy New Year! Spread love, happiness and light in the world. Let’s look forward to a great 2017.”

January 1, 2017 – Happy first day! Happy monthly reports day! Despite being late to sleep, I still need to wake up early. Thankfully, this day in terms of work related came smooth sailing. I finished my report early then I went back to my Aunt’s house to bond more with my cousins but I slept the whole afternoon of it. I just went out of bed at about 4 in the afternoon already. Then after I ate my late lunch, I went back at home to prepare my parents coming home too. I cooked dinner for them though it’s just a fry food, it was made with love. Naks! I am already asleep when they came back so I just saw then the next day,

January 2, 2016 – It’s the birthday of my Aunt Cora. We usually end the holiday on this day. It is the day wherein all of us in the family gets together. We were the ones who prepares the food to eat for the actual celebration. Of course I was the one who is in-charge of the cake so my father went to buy it. I am also touched coz she used my gift or the dress I gave her eventhough it’s a little bit loose on her, she still went for it and used it. This day is the happiest day in my whole holiday vacation. I get to spent this day with my parents, cousins, nieces, nephews and many more. I genuinely felt the happiness this day.

These are some of the snap pics of the 69th birthday of Auntie Cora.


Here’s my message to Auntie Cora’s birthday, “The holidaze will never be complete without this day being celebrated. Happy birthday to the person who is tagged as masungit but we always look up to and always care for us. Happy natal day to the one who acts as the second mother not only to her siblings but also to all of us her nieces and nephews and extended to her apos. Thank you for all the things that you always do in our family. May God continue to bless you with all the desires of your heart. Wishing you good health always. Happy birthday AUNTIE CORA!!!

There you have it, ANN’s HOLIDAZE! I truly enjoyed it and I hope that 2017 will be great to all of us! Happy New Year everyone! Let’s this new year be our motive to find genuine happiness, spread kindness, share love to the people close to our hearts and serve as a blessing to everyone! Spend this year the way you want it in God’s guidance and plan and not the other way around. Let us all claim that this year is our year to be a better of our selves.


Past, Present, Future 

Time to live in the present. Let the past be your lesson & the future be a moment to look forward to. 

The weekend before November – How you doing y’all? It’s the weekend again. After being struck by a devastating super typhoon Lawin, here we are, trying to pick up the pieces and moving on again and believing to a brighter future. Our power supply got back last Wednesday night whoohoo! (Coz I stayed during the time the current is off at my Aunt’s house who has a generator, we were unaware that the current is back and been just informed through a phone call). We were all still ecstatic even though it’s a delayed reaction but then after an hour, the power supply was cut off and we were furious coz it just got back and they were cutting it off again. But that fury didn’t last, (it was just an initial reaction though) and we said to ourselves that we can still endure the no current thing, all importantly is that our family is safe and little damage were incurred in our own houses. Luckily, it came back again. Now, we’re more appreciative on the efforts of the authority who managed to get back the power supply the soonest possible. 

From that experience of being out of current for almost 8 days, I realized that in the past, I was unaware to the significance of it and now, I am more appreciative and thinking of how I can be of help that our reservoir for current will be enough to us in the future. I’m thinking of ways to how we can save more energy even in our own little way. (Any suggestions anyone? You can comment down below)

 I know that it will be a long time to fully recover from the devastation that we encountered but as they always say, let the past be your guide to live in the present and look forward for a brighter future. 
Have a great and very looooong weekend… To the people who will be going home for a vacation for Undas, keep safe everyone! Those who will join the trick or treat keep safe too. Happy Halloween guys and have a meaningful celebration of All Saints’ & All Souls’ Day. 

Opportunity to Help

If you’re given the chance to help even in your own simple way, always, always grab that opportunity. 

October 26, 2016- Whooohooo! I have so many accomplishments today! I feel so elated this day because I felt like I was able to finish whatever I need to accomplish today. 

But before I tell such story, a somewhat bad thing happened to me earlier this day. I went somewhere to print the documents I needed in my reports. When I reached my destination, people were crowding and when I went to see it, they were packing another batch of relief goods for the victims of super typhoon Lawin. I wanted to help but because I’m in uniform so I make it a pass this time. Instead, I called our office to rescue and help in the packing. The ones who I talked to in the other line assured me that someone will come but none went by. So, I didn’t mind or bothered myself in the shortcomings of my colleague but when I was able to tell the story to my other colleague, she reiterated it through to the ones I was talking about. But he denied it. He said that we never in any chance talked, and I never asked him to come over to help in the packing of relief goods. 

I was so down awhile ago and felt like he made me look like I’m a liar to my other colleagues. Yes I felt bad and frustrated about it. Bad coz he made me look like I was making up story and frustrated coz I was not able to help them. 

Anyway, I just continued my work even though I have a heavy heart. I printed the things I needed to print. The personnel who was struck by the typhoon needed their documents to be printed so I helped them draft and print it. I also let them use my laptop too. From those little and simple ways, I am able to show kindness. I believe that even though you are having a hard time in your personal life, you should always show goodness to others, create a good vibes mood that will make other people smile. So even if I have a not so good start of the day, I eventually made the right decision of being a helping hand to others especially to those less fortunate one. 
Because the relief goods that they were packing this morning came short, they needed to pack again in the afternoon so, I said to myself that I shouldn’t miss such this time.

 My day today is still satisfying despite what happened at the start. I have a clean heart coz I know in my conscience that I said the truth. I have a happy heart because I was able to use my strength in helping others (even if it’s only a short time and a scant kind of help). If you’re given a chance to help even in your own simple way, always, always grab that opportunity. I just grabbed mine now. When will be yours? Grab that opportunity to help. NOW… 

Ann’s Trip (vol. 1)

This trip is not just about traveling. It’s also about my journey in this world, my life experiences and learning.

I’ll start this post on Ann’s trip of music. I love pop, soul & urban songs. (I’m also a silent lover of light metal and alternative rock songs). It depends on the mood that I have. I’m also a sucker for meaningful lyrics that tackles about empowerment, love, being broken and about moving on/forward. I will enumerate at least 5 international and 5 OPM songs that I love. You’ll be the judge of what songs do I really love to listen to.
International songs:

  1. Can’t Take That Away by Mariah Carey.
  2. Viva La Vida by Coldplay
  3. She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles
  4. Mirror by Justin Timberlake
  5. Only Hope by Mandy Moore

OPM songs:

  1. Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka by Regime Velasquez
  2. Ambon by Barbie Almalbis
  3. How Great is Our God by Alden Richards
  4. You and Me Together by Christian Bautista and Julie Ann San Jose
  5. Kahit Kailan by South Border
  6. How Did You Know by Gary V.

The songs I mentioned above are the songs that I know in my heart which seems like have no variation. I appreciate a lot of genres of songs but those personally are my favorite. By the way, you’re wondering that I listed 6 instead of 5 to my OPM song? Because it’s not just the songs, the singers of that songs are my favorites too.