Ann’s Holidaze

It’s been so long since I publish a blog and my last post is very shallow (sabaw. mema lang. mema-lagay). I still haven’t found my mojo. But I will try my best to tell how was my holiday because I definitely ended the season with genuine happiness. I will start my  story on December 19, … More Ann’s Holidaze

Strong Young Ladies (Selena Gomez & Maine Mendoza)

Age is just a number to spread inspiration, aspiration and being a role model. Selena Gomez and Maine Mendoza for me are the faces of millennial nowadays that need to be recognized in their own respective ways. Yes, they are young and in different levels of experience in the showbiz world but because of their … More Strong Young Ladies (Selena Gomez & Maine Mendoza)

UNDAS 2016

​I’m in the cemetery. Beneath my feet are the graves of dead people, and with them, dead dreams. Songs not sung, dances not danced, books not written, businesses not built, projects not launched, relationships not repaired, friends not blessed, enemies not forgiven, families not loved, lives not lived. While you have breath in your lungs, … More UNDAS 2016