The Sunday Currently/ 21


Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your weekend so far? The days gone so fast right? Have you thought of we’re almost done with the half of the first month of 2017? I also spent my weekends at home and did nothing. I needed to relax my brain for I know the coming days will be hectic again at work. But my brain is also telling me to do something worthwhile that’s why here I am again writing. I don’t religiously update or publish much these past few days but I am trying my best to once in awhile visit here. I truly miss writing and I am happy to have purchased some stuffs that would help me rekindle my writing skills.(Naks! Parang totoo and pro) I am also starting my 2017 with making a journal. (This would be my first ever official journal and I am excited about it.)





As you can see, I am still into my Lang Leav book. I haven’t read all of it but with what I have read already, so far so good. I am enjoying every piece and I am also inspired to do the same in the future. I hope my writing skills will love me the way I love reading especially poetry books. 

my 21st edition of Sunday Currently


I am enjoying the newly released singles of Ed Sheeran. I am digging the lyrics and tunes especially the Castle in the Hill


of what to write in my journal. What is the first step in doing such. (Any suggestions people?)

my MS lavender lotion. Super soothing and relaxing smell

I could fill my journal with good memories and writings.


Despite the stress that my work gives me, I hope I could endure them and with God’s guidance, all of it will fall into place.


my spaghetti strap mini dress topped with black fitted sando.


my new Journal notebook


a new *toot! I will divulge everything when I already have it on my hand.


enough sleep. I think I may be in bed all day but I still lack sleep. How was that batugan? 

happy because of life. confused with work and the things my colleague have been doing lately. Sleepy (buona notte!)

Have a great weekdays ahead everyone! Let’s welcome the new week with full of enthusiasm and positive perspective and perception in life. This kind of attitude makes me endure those days that sometimes make you feel dull and weary. And of course God’s guidance too. (Always seek for His guidance and protection) Good night again! Ciao!

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The celebration for the 16th Monthsary and the 70th Weeksary may be overshadowed with Missus being pregnant or the story in KS now equates to A&M’s married life but for the love, I will still continue this for it’s a reminder of how a phenomenon occurred, how this phenomenon captivated a nation’s heart and made us/me happy whenever I see them even from afar.


I imagined myself walking with you

To the center of the dancing room

We will play our favorite song

And slowly step forward towards each other

In which our hands will perfectly fit together

I imagined us dancing underneath the moonlight

Witnessed by the stars aligned in us

Your hands will hold my waist

As I wrap my arms around your neck

I can feel your every deep breath

And the touch of your hand to my skin

I can smell your favorite perfume

That put a spell on me to love you more

I can hear your heart beat

That rhythmically plays to our favorite tune

Our eyes that sparkle will meet

I  can see all the love you have for me.

As we sway our hips in the same direction

That travels to a united emotion

Our love song will play forever

And we will dance to that music together.


Ann’s Trip (vol. 2)

Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m back with Ann’s trip and I just want to share some of the songs I have been listening lately. I am BINGE listening to covers of various artist and it just lifts me in different level of emotions. Below are the list of some of my favorites:

  1. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic (SING OFF vs. Alex Aiono) published by Conor Maynard

Alex Aiono and Conor Maynard is very clever of using Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic song as their base of various songs they covered from the past. I enjoyed every song they included in it.


2. Ignition x Don’t Mind – R. Kelly & Kent Jones (William Singe Mashup Cover)

I love the mash-up of songs with RNB flavah. There’s a certain sexiness when they sing such kind of songs. There’s a different flow that tingles your body

3. The Great Movie Medley – Voctave

These song compilation just brings back good memory from childhood. By the way, I got teary-eyed to the Home Alone theme song. The memory of being away from your family and when you meet again, that got me.

4. The Scientist – Coldplay (INSTRUMENTAL Fingerstyle guitar cover) [+ TABS] and Magic – Coldplay – Violin and Guitar Cover – Daniel Jang

The Scientist and Magic by Coldplay song for me is sort of my alone time song and being done an instrumental version just bring so much feels.

5. Yellow (Coldplay) – violin cover by Daniel Jang

When I heard this instrumental version of Yellow by Coldplay, I immediately fell in love with it. I am actually emotional as I write this one. How I love this song is beyond words.

That’s it. Whenever I am away from work, I am busy with these songs. I just love music/ songs in general (nothing in particular genre). They put in words and sounds the feeling you actually feel at the moment. Hope you enjoy my list as much as I enjoy listing them. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment in the comment box. Any music you want me to hear is highly recognized and appreciated.