The Sunday Currently/ 21


Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your weekend so far? The days gone so fast right? Have you thought of we’re almost done with the half of the first month of 2017? I also spent my weekends at home and did nothing. I needed to relax my brain for I know the coming days will be hectic again at work. But my brain is also telling me to do something worthwhile that’s why here I am again writing. I don’t religiously update or publish much these past few days but I am trying my best to once in awhile visit here. I truly miss writing and I am happy to have purchased some stuffs that would help me rekindle my writing skills.(Naks! Parang totoo and pro) I am also starting my 2017 with making a journal. (This would be my first ever official journal and I am excited about it.)





As you can see, I am still into my Lang Leav book. I haven’t read all of it but with what I have read already, so far so good. I am enjoying every piece and I am also inspired to do the same in the future. I hope my writing skills will love me the way I love reading especially poetry books. 

my 21st edition of Sunday Currently


I am enjoying the newly released singles of Ed Sheeran. I am digging the lyrics and tunes especially the Castle in the Hill


of what to write in my journal. What is the first step in doing such. (Any suggestions people?)

my MS lavender lotion. Super soothing and relaxing smell

I could fill my journal with good memories and writings.


Despite the stress that my work gives me, I hope I could endure them and with God’s guidance, all of it will fall into place.


my spaghetti strap mini dress topped with black fitted sando.


my new Journal notebook


a new *toot! I will divulge everything when I already have it on my hand.


enough sleep. I think I may be in bed all day but I still lack sleep. How was that batugan? 

happy because of life. confused with work and the things my colleague have been doing lately. Sleepy (buona notte!)

Have a great weekdays ahead everyone! Let’s welcome the new week with full of enthusiasm and positive perspective and perception in life. This kind of attitude makes me endure those days that sometimes make you feel dull and weary. And of course God’s guidance too. (Always seek for His guidance and protection) Good night again! Ciao!

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The Sunday Currently/ 20


So, one week has passed for the year 2017 and so far so good for this new year! I’m optimistic for a better or best version of myself. I’m motivated to find genuine happiness in which it’s a decision that depends only to me. 


The Universe of Us by Lang Leave (which I purchased via online and just delivered on me literally today. It’s freshly handed and being read.)

20th edition of my Sunday Currentlies


The commentaries of A&M in IYAM. (It’s a multitasking Sunday for me. I am super excited reading my Lang book then writing this one plus I am carefully listening to every commentaries in the said DVD. Trivia, my IYAM DVD was at the same time just handed to me today which means, my late Christmas gift to myself came at the same time today. It’s better late than never right?)

Of my goals this year in which I want to fulfill and I am praying hard for it.

Nothing. Clogged nose or there’s none really.

That all my aspirations and dreams in life will come true or fulfilled. Let’s also wish good to everyone.

That my thoughts of buying this super mahal thing will push through or worth my money.

Army green spaghetti strap mini dress. Super comfy.


My new purchases. The Lang Leav book and IYAM DVD.

To go for a vacation and write poems more.

Some cough medicine. My mama is already worried on the extent of my cough.

Happy, contented and grateful


Have a great week ahead. Let’s welcome the coming weeks and months of 2017 with a motive to be genuinely happy, carefree, full of positivism and live in realm.

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Ann’s Holidaze

It’s been so long since I publish a blog and my last post is very shallow (sabaw. mema lang. mema-lagay). I still haven’t found my mojo. But I will try my best to tell how was my holiday because I definitely ended the season with genuine happiness.

I will start my  story on December 19, 2016. It is the scheduled Christmas party in the office and I was tasked to be the host again. The introvert me of course is pulling me down and I know I need also to hone my speaking skills because I am still a novice at this. What can I do? I need to comply with what my superiors want. And being one of the youngest in the group, I can’t complain. I just need to say yes even if I am not comfortable at this. There’s nothing I can do. Even though that’s the case, I was able to speak decently there. My bravery prevailed yohoo! I may have been the host but I was able to snap some videos and pictures so the link below were some of it. I enjoyed despite my nervousness of actually hosting the party.

I am scheduled to have a Christmas break so, my Christmas vacation came early. After the Christmas party, I was able to take a rest and pull back the energy I consumed from hosting. I may not show it but I don’t know, whenever I am speaking publicly, after it is like my energy just went off. I am thankful that I was given the chance to rest and have my me time. As I was enjoying my vacation, I received a text from my boss informing me of a meeting or conference at Tuguegarao in which nothing I can do but comply.

December 23, 2016 – I was at Tuguegarao for a conference oversight meeting. It may be for compliance purposes but I still enjoyed it. I gained another experience and learning from it. In everything that happened in my life be it happy or sad, in what I want or not, I see things in a brighter and lighter side. I believe that as I exist longer in this world or as I mature, I learned how to appreciate life despite it goes the opposite of what I want.

December 24, 2016 – a day before the Christmas day. I intended to just relax and not prepare anything grandiose this day. It’s been a tradition in the family to just celebrate Christmas day the simplest way. Anyway, this is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ so, we must dedicate this day living the way he planned and the way He can be proud for us and that is loving the ones He loves and appreciating life and love. As the night came by, I went to my Aunt Cora’s house to visit and greet them and with a little chit chat, I went home immediately too. As what I have said in my previous post, I slept again in the Christmas salubong but the day was not wasted because…

December 25, 2016 – I was watching the television when my phone notified about meeting with my high school classmates/friends. It was the right decision to go because I really missed them so much and I had the chance to update myself about their lives and how we have changed in terms of maturity but we’re still the same. That feeling of just like the old times. Here’s some of the snaps from our unplanned get together which is all worth it.

December 30, 2016 – my parents went to Ilocos and I was left alone in the house because of work-related circumstances. I am on duty for New Year week so, I need to be intact in the municipality. My first night alone in the house felt like sad but not really because I am able to reflect on what happened to me this year. And I need to look forward to a great coming year being independent and a braver self.

December 31, 2016 – because I am alone in the house, I intended to spend my New Year’s Eve at my Aunt Cora’s house. But before that, I went to supermarket to buy fruits especially the round sweet fruits because it is believed that it is lucky for the upcoming year. Of course, we need to prepare foods so, me and my cousin Ate Rebecca experimented to bake a cake in a turbo broiler. It was an epic fail but I enjoyed our bonding more than anything else. My social life is back again with the people close to my heart and that’s what more important. And the bread we prepared is not bad because the kids loved the taste. The New Year Eve came and I spent it with the people close to my heart – my family. I know that it is happier if my parents and brother were around but I still did enjoyed it. I am with the company of happy people.


Group photo with the gang.

Here’s my message to the upcoming year…. – “Happy New Year! Spread love, happiness and light in the world. Let’s look forward to a great 2017.”

January 1, 2017 – Happy first day! Happy monthly reports day! Despite being late to sleep, I still need to wake up early. Thankfully, this day in terms of work related came smooth sailing. I finished my report early then I went back to my Aunt’s house to bond more with my cousins but I slept the whole afternoon of it. I just went out of bed at about 4 in the afternoon already. Then after I ate my late lunch, I went back at home to prepare my parents coming home too. I cooked dinner for them though it’s just a fry food, it was made with love. Naks! I am already asleep when they came back so I just saw then the next day,

January 2, 2016 – It’s the birthday of my Aunt Cora. We usually end the holiday on this day. It is the day wherein all of us in the family gets together. We were the ones who prepares the food to eat for the actual celebration. Of course I was the one who is in-charge of the cake so my father went to buy it. I am also touched coz she used my gift or the dress I gave her eventhough it’s a little bit loose on her, she still went for it and used it. This day is the happiest day in my whole holiday vacation. I get to spent this day with my parents, cousins, nieces, nephews and many more. I genuinely felt the happiness this day.

These are some of the snap pics of the 69th birthday of Auntie Cora.


Here’s my message to Auntie Cora’s birthday, “The holidaze will never be complete without this day being celebrated. Happy birthday to the person who is tagged as masungit but we always look up to and always care for us. Happy natal day to the one who acts as the second mother not only to her siblings but also to all of us her nieces and nephews and extended to her apos. Thank you for all the things that you always do in our family. May God continue to bless you with all the desires of your heart. Wishing you good health always. Happy birthday AUNTIE CORA!!!

There you have it, ANN’s HOLIDAZE! I truly enjoyed it and I hope that 2017 will be great to all of us! Happy New Year everyone! Let’s this new year be our motive to find genuine happiness, spread kindness, share love to the people close to our hearts and serve as a blessing to everyone! Spend this year the way you want it in God’s guidance and plan and not the other way around. Let us all claim that this year is our year to be a better of our selves.




Just a few more hours left and we will be celebrating the day of birth of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. Most of us I think are already preparing foods and gifts in time for Christmas.

In our family, what we traditionally do is preparing a simple dinner and after dinner, we will be going to our Aunt’s house and mingle with our relatives, my cousins. (More kwento, more fun). Since, I am already working, every Christmas, I was the one in-charge or who gives gifts or presents to my young cousins, nieces and nephews. I have goddaughters and godsons who also come over our house and mostly I give them toys that I bought from previous months because I usually anticipate that many will come and I prepare in advance. But this year, because of my hectic schedule from work like I am already on a Christmas break and I got a message  the other day from our bosses that I need to attend a conference that happened yesterday so, I had no chance to buy gifts for my families and friends. (Whoever decide to come in our house, expect that I cannot give them presents. I am so sorry in advance)

But, aside from the exchanging of gifts because if we say Christmas, what pops out in our head first is always the material things like exchanging of gifts, buying new clothes and many more. We often neglect to remember the true essence of Christmas and that is remembering how God loves us that He made our Lord Jesus Christ human for us and in time save us  from all our sins. Did you know or I already said from my previous posts that my most favorite bible verse is John 3:16 (By the way, this verse was thought by my 98 year old grandmother when I was a child and until now, it is instill in my head) “For God so love the world, that He gave us His only son. That whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life” This verse serves as a reminder of how God loves us and we should always be a loving person always and always believe in His mighty power.

Christmas for me equates in Love. From God’s love to us to loving others the way He loves us. We should always be grateful still for whatever circumstances that we are facing. We should pray to our Lord for His guidance that we are doing the things the way He planned for us.

Have an amazing Holidaze to all of us. Merry Christmas and a Bountiful New Year everyone!


Someone greeted me an anniversary today. Yes the picture above says that I am having an anniversary in blogging my thoughts, crazy antics and being a fan for A&M. It has been  a crazy, whirlwind and happy year indeed. I am who I am here. I get to share pieces of my life and I am loving it because in here I have been more open to myself.

Here’s a link of my very first entry here: Yay!



Me speaking in front of prominent people of our town. Photo credits to the FB of our beloved Board Member of the First District of Cagayan, Ma’am Olive B. Pascual.

Have I written in my previous blog that I have fear of speaking infront of even the smallest group of people? What more if you are tasked to speak to some of the most prominent people of your municipality or even the whole province? What would you feel speaking to people older and wiser than you?

It was already 1:30 in the morning of December 14, 2016 when I was able to come home from a work related report that we needed to rush and finish to pass on that same day. Because of the team effort from our boss and us, we were able to finish it on time. When I arrived home late, sleeping was very hard for me (insomniac moment) so I only got my sleep at around 3:30 in the morning. I intended not to go to work that day but in unexpected circumstance, my phone rang and I got text messages from my boss instructing me on something. Because I’m a diligent and responsible person, I need to do what my boss tell me even though he promised that I need not to go to work to this day.

I was clueless on what will I do this day based from the instruction of my boss plus include my having a lightheadedness and being woozy from the lack of sleep. As per instruction, he said that I’m the only one who knows about the book we are making for each barangays in the municipality (I feel flattered from that kind of compliment. char) so I need to present such infront of the barangay captains who were having a meeting in our Multi-Purpose Hall. My boss asked me if I can do it? Being my own self, I doubted of course so I answered him I don’t know if I can. But he said I can and I know at the back of my head that I needed to brave myself to conquer my fears. I went at the meeting of the Liga ng Mga Barangay late because I needed to read first the presentation I am showing them.  Then came my time to speak when our beloved Board Member entered the room. That added my nervousness of course. What I am worried more is that I will be rattled in stating her name and it will be very embarrassing on my part. Of course, I need to stay calm and not show them how my heart was beating so fast, how my hands are so cold and how I am sweating profusely. I always get that symptoms of nervousness whenever I speak in front of many people and the people I am talking too are the important people of our municipality. Included in my nervousness too is that I need to present them minus the presentation I prepared. This will be an impromptu presentation.

After the presentation, I felt consumed. My energy is as low as you could imagine. But even if that was the case, I still felt proud of myself. I was able to speak to them in my calmest self, I was able to deliver them in the best I could be or in a way they could apprehend what I am saying about, I did not rattle especially the names of these people, and most especially I CONQUERED MY FEAR. I was not to there to impress but to convey the message I want them to understand and I believe that I was able to do it. I am no expert at public speaking but I felt I did well this time. This boosted my confidence a little bit even though it’s already innate in me being timid and still having fears about it. I still am not looking forward on having public engagements or sort of because i am like that but when there come a time that the same will happen, I know I have this kind of experience to back me up.

“It’s alright to have fears because this will remind yourself that you’re also human but there are times that you need to conquer them too so that a better you will come out victorious.”


Strong Young Ladies (Selena Gomez & Maine Mendoza)


Age is just a number to spread inspiration, aspiration and being a role model. Selena Gomez and Maine Mendoza for me are the faces of millennial nowadays that need to be recognized in their own respective ways. Yes, they are young and in different levels of experience in the showbiz world but because of their circumstances, and the twist of fate in their lives, many look up to them and because of their good hearts and talent to make people happy, they serve as voices of inspiration. Selena started very young. She literally grew up in front of our eyes. Maine Mendoza on the other hand is like a mushroom that just sprung in unexpected way. These two strong young ladies made a huge impact in my life recently.

The link above is the full video of Maine Mendoza’s speech as a keynote speaker of at the 7th PANAF YOUTH CONGRESS.

I was reading a lot of stuffs about how Maine lived her life. I know for a fact that she was raised in a very well-off family and she has everything in store to her with or without showbizness. I also read her struggles on dealing with a lot of people that until now she’s battling about it. Her blog made me know about her more. So when she was invited as a keynote speaker and was able to deliver her speech excellently, I felt like her older sister that is very proud of her. As somewhat introvert as her, being just in front of many people may be very consuming of energy, as if your energy is being absorbed that makes you very weak and being able to speak to them is very admirable. Enough with how she tends to being timid. Her speech made me feel that if she can then I can and everyone can. She also spoke about being true or being yourself. In a world full of reel, she epitomizes the real word. Doing things that make people happy is one thing but doing things that make yourself happy is a choice and she chooses to be her own self. I felt in her speech that it came from the bottom of her heart. She was not speaking there to impress her crowd but to prove her capabilities and an opportunity to tell her story. She may be a newbie in her new world but she doesn’t stop to improve herself and she tells us that it’s still okay even if others disapprove. The approval you need to live with is yourself and the people that really matters to you.


The above link is Selena Gomez’ acceptance speech in her AMA award.

Music savvy like mine is very happy when I saw Selena walking her way to the AMA. I think after her tour in Asia, she enrolled herself in a rehabilitation center that shocked me intensely. I love Selena and her music. She for me in her generation are paragons pf genuineness and artistry. And when she was announced that she won the Rock Female Award in AMA, her speech really got me. She confessed about making people happy but she herself is unhappy. She said that she was broken inside so, she needed some help that when she got out in the rehab, she’s her complete self. It’s so admirable for her to speak the truth about what she went through and to be able to conquer her being broken is a proud moment. She also spoke as I quote, “I don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram, I want to see what’s in here (her hand pointing to her chest)” That moment brought me in tears too. Many millennials’ minds nowadays speak of how they can impress their friends, followers by posting in their social medias about their luxurious trips, their sexy bodies and not what’s really inside their hearts. Their posts are their fake self, so to speak. But in her speech, it’s so powerful because it’s from her own experience and situation and it speaks about being real in this millennial era.

Maine and Selena are two young ladies and they epitomize being a strong willed young ladies for they show us their true self and speak to us about being true and real amidst being in a world of reel. These two ladies serve as aspiration, inspiration and role model especially to the youth.




So I woke up early morning today feeling a little bit vigorous and having the urge to write a poem so here it is…


I used to dance on my own

I am alone when I walk home

When I lost her

I neglected how to care

I am crippled

I was drained

But somehow I need to get back again

I know I’m trying to be blithe back then

I am picking the pieces of me

Choosing now to be happy

And then you came into my life

When I am already alive

You’re a big surprise

An angel sent from above

I am better with you

You taught me to be true

You showed me love once more 

You taught my heart to beat again

If you ask me your importance

Without you, my life makes no sense

My life has changed without even trying

When I found you, I am saved from dying

You taught me to keep it real

You helped me to keep going


I know how to laugh

I know how love

I know how to live again

You’re indispensable

You made my imperfect life perfect

My love for you I cherish the most

You’re my treasure

Loving you is the easiest thing to do

I love you as you are

Happy #ALDUB71stWeeksary Mr&Missus A&M and the whole ADN! I am always looking forward to this day for it’s a reminder for us on how this all started.







New World With You

i am scared

going near to an heir

set foot into a new world

as my heart, you hold


i am feared

you calm me with care

i am adrift

but my spirit you lift


i am afraid

to love you

you reassure

a step further to the leap of faith


i get shivers

don’t know where to start

but when you entered my life

this life now, has direction



i am not scared

i am not feared

i am not afraid

i still get shivers in a positive way

i know i can swim the ocean

in the giant waves and tides

with my greatest journey

my new world with you

my life, my love



Hello there people! It’s been almost three days since my last update here so hello hello! If you can read it, I entitled this blog as TRUST. I was watching a comedy show awhile ago, and the episode is discussing or surrounding into trust.  I will be stating my side regarding trust and my thoughts when that trust is broken – not that I know a lot about trust coz I know in myself that I don’t have any major trust issues, in my life right now (just a little though). I just know that trust is very important in a relationship – be it in your family, your friends, your partner, your colleague etc. When you decided to have a relationship in whatever level, you also entrusted him/her with your trust – an important ingredient so that that relationship will workout.

Trust is indispensable in all of us.You cannot not talk into someone or ask someone if you have no trust in that person that maybe he/she can answer your query. Trust do exist , it is given freely to a person but trust is also very hard to earn. You may even need a lifetime to gain the trust of the person important to you. That once it was broken or lost that trust that you worked hard for, for so many years can be lost in just a snap or in just a split.

In what I watched, they compared trust into an eraser that in every mistake you make, the eraser as trust is slowly lost or vanishing too. I am aloof to people especially strangers. Meeting new people is consuming for me because I don’t easily give my trust to a stranger and in that sense I have that little trust issue that I made mention at the beginning of this post. Yes, I am having a hard time opening myself to people that even the constant person in my life do not know a lot of me. And the reason about not opening myself to others is still vague but maybe “trust should be hard earned” is one of the reason. I can remember when I was a child, someone promised something and he was not able to fulfill his promise. Maybe that incident brought me in being aloof in opening myself to the public.(I can only be freely open of myself through writing. But that’s another story) Someone made a mistake unto me when I was a child and because of that it was inculcated  in my mind that not everyone can be trusted. You just have to decipher who to trust and who is true to you.

How to gain trust again? Trust is like a glass, you can repair it again when it is broken but you cannot form that glass into its original form. Like trust, once you broke it, you cannot repair/ regain that trust for it already made a mark or scar in your relationship. As cliche as it may sound, “It is easy to  forgive and it is hard to forget.” You can forgive that someone whom cause you pain, whom broke that promise but you can never forget the pain it caused you, you can never put back what have been broken. Gaining trust again maybe hard but being truthful and showing the person that you broke may/will step-by-step give that trust to you again.

That’s it! My sort of thoughts about trust.

Trust is confidence in ourselves, others, and our sense of the Divine. Trust takes a risk; in the absence of certainty, is assumes that goodness, truth, honor, fairness, or ability will prevail. For another person to place trust in us is a wonderful and delicate gift.

Sometimes people trust us to be or do more than we can. Children often trust their parents in this way. An expectation of perfection can make trust fragile and brittle so that it is crushed by disappointment. But if we honor trust as a gift and if we honor the vulnerability of the giver, trust can grow through and beyond disappointments.

Trust becomes resilient when it is grounded in reality – when it recognizes the imperfections and yet sees the through-line of goodness that lies beneath and beyond them.


Ann’s Trip (vol. 2)

Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m back with Ann’s trip and I just want to share some of the songs I have been listening lately. I am BINGE listening to covers of various artist and it just lifts me in different level of emotions. Below are the list of some of my favorites:

  1. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic (SING OFF vs. Alex Aiono) published by Conor Maynard

Alex Aiono and Conor Maynard is very clever of using Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic song as their base of various songs they covered from the past. I enjoyed every song they included in it.


2. Ignition x Don’t Mind – R. Kelly & Kent Jones (William Singe Mashup Cover)

I love the mash-up of songs with RNB flavah. There’s a certain sexiness when they sing such kind of songs. There’s a different flow that tingles your body

3. The Great Movie Medley – Voctave

These song compilation just brings back good memory from childhood. By the way, I got teary-eyed to the Home Alone theme song. The memory of being away from your family and when you meet again, that got me.

4. The Scientist – Coldplay (INSTRUMENTAL Fingerstyle guitar cover) [+ TABS] and Magic – Coldplay – Violin and Guitar Cover – Daniel Jang

The Scientist and Magic by Coldplay song for me is sort of my alone time song and being done an instrumental version just bring so much feels.

5. Yellow (Coldplay) – violin cover by Daniel Jang

When I heard this instrumental version of Yellow by Coldplay, I immediately fell in love with it. I am actually emotional as I write this one. How I love this song is beyond words.

That’s it. Whenever I am away from work, I am busy with these songs. I just love music/ songs in general (nothing in particular genre). They put in words and sounds the feeling you actually feel at the moment. Hope you enjoy my list as much as I enjoy listing them. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment in the comment box. Any music you want me to hear is highly recognized and appreciated.