It started as complete strangers By a twist of fate You found each other Your heart opened its gate. Those perfect moments may not be always perfect,  But being with you seems everything makes it perfect.  Save your heart for him For he cares about you the way you care about him A diamond in … More 75


Closer Stronger A love We strive Close to you Out of the blue You’re the reason that I’m happy Even at times when everything is silly      Whenever Thursdays is coming, it excites me, it gives me another energy and inspiration that we should always show kindness and love everyday of our lives. But … More 74

Love Rhyme

A love that is immature But thinks about the future A love that is corny But makes the other person happy A love that is simple Yet it still feels magical A love that accept flaws And understand what he/she saw A love that is silly With you are worthy A love so young But … More Love Rhyme

Poet kuno

I’m willing to be lost just to be with you.  I just love. It’s an undefined reason but I just felt it.  Home… 


    My life is full of filter In which my optimism falter I can’t recognize myself Where’s the depth? It exudes perfection And conceal imperfections I can see them airbrushing your life But the unhappiness is so wide I didn’t care about the future My life is in black and white Then you came into … More Picture


  https://vimeo.com/191628464 So I woke up early morning today feeling a little bit vigorous and having the urge to write a poem so here it is…   I used to dance on my own I am alone when I walk home When I lost her I neglected how to care I am crippled I was … More 71